November 21, 2022


Top Places for Weekend Getaways from Mumbai for a One-Day Outstation Group Trip

It isn’t surprising if you are itching to get out of the city for a weekend getaway. The season of holidays has begun and the COVID-19 pandemic is at its lowest currently. Given the strategic location of Mumbai, there are several one-day trips you can do with your family and friends or even as an office tour.


While Lonavala and Khandala are the most popular choices, here is a list of a few other options you can consider for a one-day trip:


  1. Karjat


Distance from Mumbai: 65 km


Karjat is known for its scenic beauty and adventurous activities. You can spend the day exploring the town, visiting the Kondeshwar temple, and hiking to Peth or Sondai Fort. One of the main attractions of Karjat is ND Film Studio where several Bollywood films have been shot.


  1. Karnala Bird Sanctuary


Distance from Mumbai: 51 km


Located near Panvel, Karnala Bird Sanctuary is one of the best picnic spots around Mumbai. It boasts more than 150 species of birds. You can go on a nature trail for bird watching. Don’t forget to carry a pair of binoculars!


  1. Kamshet


Distance from Mumbai: 100 km


Kamshet is a weekend getaway paradise for group vacationers. You can try paragliding, trek to Shinde Wadi hills, explore Bedsa caves or enjoy shopping at the local market. You can also hike to Bhairi caves which are situated on high rocks.

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  1. Raigad Fort


Distance from Mumbai: 100 km


Raigad Fort is etched as a prominent monument in the history of Maharashtra. The capital fort of Maratha king Shivaji Maharaj, it was one of the strongest forts of its time. You have to climb around 1700 steps to reach the fort. You can also try the ropeway if you want to give trekking a miss.


  1. Durshet


Distance from Mumbai: 75 km


Durshet is a perfect escapade from the urban chaos of Mumbai. It is a quaint village situated on the banks of the Amba river. A few things to do here are nature walks, rock climbing, river rafting and ziplining. The place is also famous for Uddhar hot springs which have healing properties and people love to dip their legs in its water.


  1. Vasai


Distance from Mumbai:


Many Mumbaikars prefer a day trip to Vasai. The place was the headquarters of the Portuguese and it still reflects their culture and heritage. You can visit Bassein Fort to experience the colonial era in Vasai. There is also Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary where you can spend some time.


Once you shortlist the getaway, the next step is to arrange the transport. You can book tempo traveller or a bus, depending on the group size. For example, if the number of travellers is around 15-20, you can consider a 20 seater bus hire in Mumbai.

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SimplyTrip, a leading bus rental agency in Mumbai can accommodate all your transportation needs for one day outstation group trip with your budget. You have to pay per km rate for bus. You can rest assured that you will get the best-in-class vehicle and high-quality service.


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