September 1, 2021


Top-Most Questions to ask Mobile App Developers

When starting your first mobile app development project, it is crucial that you ask the app developer/agency a set of questions. These questions will help you understand what the agency vision, scope is and how it usually works on client projects.

  1. How much does an app cost?

App cost depends on the number of features the app has. If there are only a few functions and activities the app will have, then the cost will be low. However, if the app is a multi-module app with different users. Let’s say a mobile app marketplace. Then the cost can be somewhere around $50,000 to $100,000. 

Ask your mobile app agency about the cost tariffs they have designed for their services. They should have a pre-determined pricing for mobile app development.

  1. How long does it take to build an app?

It usually takes around three months to completely develop and launch a mobile app. However, for basic mobile apps the time duration can be as low as 10 days. 

Ask the mobile app development company about the total days they will take to build your mobile app. They will provide you with a list of requirements with the project estimates. These are:

  • Writing a project brief: one or two weeks
  • Researching your ideas: four to five weeks
  • Design sprints and prototyping: six to twelve weeks
  • Development process: six to twelve weeks
  • Submission to the app store(s): up to two weeks
  • Continuous improvement plan: any length of time
  • Ongoing support and maintenance: ongoing.
  1. Should I get an Android or iOS app?

Both operating systems have many similarities, but where they differ can have a huge impact on how your app is accepted, as well as the features and functionality you can achieve in Android or iOS app development.

It’s critical for app development companies to examine the two platforms individually and recognise that they can be used to achieve various goals in different ways. Without simply stating that your app should be available on both platforms.

  1. How will the project be managed?

The project will be managed based on a software development approach. There are two major approaches to project development including Agile and Waterfall. Most mobile app development agencies prefer the agile approach because it is iterative, flexible, and allows inculcating new features within the app on an adhoc basis.

The agency will also provide you design sprints in which it will be working on mobile app development. Each sprint consists of around two weeks. Each sprint has a start period, a mid-review period, and an end-of-sprint review meetup. This ensures that the client knows about the app development progress and can share his ideas with the development team.

  1. How should I test my app?

This is another question that you should ask your mobile app developer/company that you plan to hire for your business app. What is the testing method for your app that will ensure that the app has no bugs or issues?

Usually the mobile app development company will test the mobile app thoroughly to make sure that all bugs are resolved before the software is handed over to you.

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However, they also give a quality assurance period of six months in which you can report any bugs related to the app. The company will fix them without any extra charges. All these will be written in the mobile app development contract. 

  1. How will my app be submitted to the Stores?

This one is an important question that you should ask the mobile app development company. The app should be submitted to the Apple app store and Google play store by the mobile app development agency that you are using for that purpose.

However, they will ask you to pay $25 for a Google Play account. This is quite normal. The account will belong to your company and you should create the mobile app account and hand it over to them. 

Similarly, the Apple app store payment is $99 per year. You can create an account on both these app marketing places and then give the credentials to the mobile app development agency so that they can submit the app.

   7. Can you show me some examples of your previous work?

This is not an irrelevant question in any interview. Indeed, mobile app developers should be more than prepared to present samples of their previous experiences. Tests drive the apps built in the past. It gives you a feeling of what they have done and if it is in accordance with what you have asked.

Mobile app developers should readily give you an app tour or link to the applications in the app store or to Google Play. Details on how their experience affects what you’re looking for, should be discussed.

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Not all mobile app developers have developed an app from the start, but have worked on different areas of the app. So relevant questions regarding their relevance in a particular domain should be asked.

8. What size companies have you worked with in the past?

If you’re a huge company, it may be more convenient to know that the person you are hiring has the relevant know-how of the job being offered. The relevant experience should match the work that is needed for the developer to thrive.

The same is true of a mobile app startup company. Companies of different sizes operate differently. There is a possibility of a culture shock for a person coming to a very large company from a modest sized business. If the developer is thoroughly aware of processes, the management of paperwork  protocols and budgets, he/she might be a useful asset for your team.


There are many other questions that you should ask the mobile app development agency. We have only provided you with a handful of them just to get you on the path. 

Make sure to ask these questions from any mobile app developer or development agency that you get on board to work on your project.

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