August 30, 2021


Top Amazing Tips for Saving Money on Amazon Shopping

When I was shopping on Amazon, after I took a fancy to the treasures of a certain store, as a seller of Tmall/Amazon, I would like to teach you the most practical ways to save money to take photos of treasures. You can use multiple methods together although each method is not necessarily There are a lot of discounts, but it is very practical and there are many combinations

The products that are most easily seen or noticed are often the products that supermarkets strongly recommend to buy, or the products that are about to expire, and are also the most profitable products. It is recommended that you bend down and look up or look up when you are shopping. In many cases, you can buy more high-quality goods at a lower price.

Method 1: Amazon shop gold coin to cash

1, Amazon can receive gold rush coins every day, and you can also get gold rush coins through other ways

2, Most Amazon stores support the service of scouring gold coins for cash

3, Before submitting the order, check “Use gold mining coins”, enter the number of gold mining coins, and then you can see that the actual payment amount has been reduced (the upper limit of gold mining coins will be different in different stores, some stores also have assistance services, some stores Gold mining coins cannot be used, not in Tmall stores)

Method 2: Use Tmall Points in Tmall Store

1, Check your own Tmall points, you can earn points through consumption, etc. (each time you spend about half of the amount spent on Tmall points)

2, Before submitting the order, check the use of Tmall points, enter the number of points used, and you can see that the actual paid amount has been reduced (there is a limit for the use of points, and the points cannot be used without remaining points, 100 points equal 1 yuan)

Method 3: Use the mobile phone to enjoy the discount

1, when we buy things, we can often see that other buyers will display “mobile phone exclusive” instead of the purchase amount.

2, The normal baby can see the actual payment amount before submitting the order using the computer to purchase, as shown in Figure 258 yuan

3, After we add to the shopping cart, we can use the mobile phone to pay and then we can see the mobile phone prompts “mobile phone exclusive price”, there are also prompts for the price reduction amount of goods, the same baby payment amount is reduced to 255 yuan (not every store, baby enjoys Exclusive mobile phone service, there is no exclusive mobile phone price for the huge cost-effective baby).

Method 4: Use Amazon coupons

1, most shops can receive coupons

2, Get the store coupon before purchasing the baby (check whether the coupon has conditions of use)

3, before submitting the order, select the Amazon discount code and Amazon discount code NHS Amazon coupons you want to use, and then we can see the coupon reduction prompt.

Method 5: Purchase through Amazon

1, many shops promote in Amazon. You can become Amazon. You can get the promotion code by yourself, enter the purchase and then you can give yourself a rebate (the rebate for clothing, shoes and bags is about 10%)

Step 1: Register, log in to Alabama membership, join Amazon Alliance

Step 2: Check whether the store/baby has been promoted by Amazon(you can use this method if you find it in the store or single product search)

Step 3: Promote the store or single product immediately

Step 4: Follow the prompts to finally get the code

Step 5: Use the obtained code to enter the store to purchase (after the successful purchase, you can get a certain commission rebate from the Alimama account)

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Method 6: Buy through the rebate website

1, Search the rebate website whether there is a promising baby that you intend to buy

2, If you can search for the corresponding baby/shop, then you can buy it, if you don’t find the baby, then you can’t rebate (a certain amount will be returned to the account after successful purchase)

Method 7: Bargain with the merchant

Chat with merchants, negotiate discounts, give discounts on price changes, free shipping, send shipping insurance, send small gifts, etc

Then let the merchant change the order price (this method may not be successful in Tall stores, Tall stores cannot change the price individually, and generally do not negotiate)

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Method 8: Positive cash back/price difference

Negotiate with merchants for cash back for good reviews: Many shops have cash back for good reviews, and the amount varies. You can negotiate cash back or more cash back. Most Amazon stores will be able to swipe orders, and your praise is equivalent to swiping orders once.

Negotiate with the merchant for the good price return difference: Many shops support 7/15 days for no reason to return, so if the price of the corresponding baby is reduced after the purchase of the baby, you can compensate for the difference, or you can apply for a refund or refund It is even more inappropriate; if the baby event has just increased in price and you just missed the event, you can also negotiate with them to refund the price difference and give you the previous event price. The method may not be successful depending on whether the seller is willing

Method 9: Purchase during the store event

Amazon Store has double 11 and double 12 events every year. During the event, everything will be reduced in price, and the price must be lower than usual. This is the main reason why online shoppers will increase during the event.

Purchase during the great deal (the price is mandatory lower than the usual price)

Purchase during other store events such as store anniversary

Method 10: Store membership discount

Enter “Bought Baby”-“My Preferential Information”

Enter “Shop Membership Card Zone”

Check when you are a member of the store and the discount rate you enjoy. If there is a certain discount, then ask for the discount cash back after purchasing the baby products. If there is any available deal and offers. You will surely get it at best.


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