September 18, 2021


Top 4 Essential Things You Should Know Before Purchasing Canvas Tarps

While purchasing canvas tarps, you need to consider several things. Are you planning to use your canvas tarps for recreational purposes or industrial projects? Do you need waterproof material for your tarp? What will be the basic characteristics of the tarp?

The uses of canvas tarps are undoubtedly limitless. However, you should understand the varieties of canvas tarps. Even though the differences might seem minor, but they will have a large impact. For instance, canvas tarps are extremely effective for the painting of your house. Many people use canvas tarps during the painting process to avoid spilling.

As most of the canvas tarps come with resistant backing, they are perfect for various uses. No matter what type you choose, you need to know some essential things so that you can purchase the perfect canvas tarp.

In this article, we will discuss the top 4 things that you need to remember while investing in high-quality canvas tarps.

They are Available in Different Grades

Just like vinyl truck tarps, canvas tarps are also available in various grades from lightweight to heavy duty tarpsThe heavy-duty canvas tarps are perfect for industrial environments where the loads will be exposed to harsh weather and climate conditions including extreme heat or cold and exposure to certain chemicals. Even though heavy-duty tarps are not crafted for an average trucker, but still people leverage their benefits.

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Know the Difference between Water-Resistant and Waterproof

While purchasing canvas tarps from local or online stores, you’ll notice that most of them are water-resistant. As per Masterclass, the canvas is also sturdy and durable. After done with the manufacturing process, the material of the canvas tarps is coated with hoax so that it can prevent moisture. However, keep in mind that its material is not fully waterproof. The primary reason for using canvas tarps is because they are crafted from breathable material. However, if they are waterproof, their breathability will be reduced. If you think you need 100% waterproof canvas tarps, contact us and we’ll personalize your order.

Canvas is Complementary to Vinyl

This is one of the most important things you should know before purchasing canvas tarps. Remember that canvas complements vinyl, not replace it. In other words, an average trucker requires multiple selections of flatbed truck tarps so that they can cover the necessary amount of load on the truck. Canvas is something that is not suitable for every situation. Hence, it’s suggested to use canvas tarps as per your requirement, but it’s best to use vinyl tarps for most of your job.

Canvas Require Higher Maintenance

Most truck owners don’t choose canvas as their primary choice of material. This is because the maintenance of canvas is higher than the vinyl. Every truck driver knows that they don’t have to clean their vinyl tarps daily to extend their lifespan. Vinyl is capable of withstanding a lot of pressure. However, canvas tarps are vulnerable to extreme tear and wear. Additionally, mildews grow on their surface quickly. Hence, after cleaning your canvas tarp, make sure the material is completely dried out before you fold it.

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Every trucker should have a few canvas tarps on board. As they are extremely versatile and weather-resistant, they will help you to deliver the goods properly even in bad weather conditions. Do you have any other questions? Explain your thoughts on the comment section.



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