April 9, 2022


Top 15 bathroom accessories ideas for women

Go into the bathroom and take a closer look… It seems that something is clearly missing here. For example, 15 cool things that will make you spend more time in this room by yourself. Stop using the bathroom for brushing your teeth and taking a quick morning shower. We will help turn it into a real SPA area, where there is a place for relaxing rest and effective cosmetic procedures. Royal Craft Wood presents a checklist of 15 essentials that every woman should have in her bathroom. If you don’t have them, be sure to buy them – you won’t regret it!

  1. The main bathroom accessory that should be in the bath is a cute bath caddy! This wonderful device lets you turn your bath into real SPA! Compact, cozy and convenient bath tub caddy are available at Royal Craft Wood store:
  2. Aroma oil or aroma diffuser with sticks. Unlike essential oils, aromatic analogues do not have a therapeutic effect, but they have a strong effect on the emotional state of a woman. They help you relax and transport yourself to a completely different world. Relaxing in a warm bubble bath, close your eyes to find yourself in a lavender field, a flowering garden or an orange grove.
  3. Candles. Every woman should have candles in her bathroom. If you’re in the habit of rushing to take a shower and run to do household chores, stop. Fill the bathroom, install an aroma lamp and light candles. This is the best home psychotherapy that helps to relax, relieve stress and irritability, collect your thoughts, get rid of negativity. Give yourself a SPA hour to your loved one to recover and do great things again.
  4. Quality terry towels. The bathroom should have first-class cotton towels that instantly absorb moisture and give an ultra-pleasant tactile sensation. Take care to buy towels for your head, body and feet. When choosing bath textiles, pay attention to the density of the material. The higher the number, the better the absorbency.
  5. Bubbling bath balls. The main goal of the accessory is to create maximum relaxation and complete relaxation. Once in the water, the ball begins to seethe, creating all the conditions for a SPA holiday.
  6. Soft rug. To the question: “What should every woman have in the bathroom?”, We answer – a warm and soft rug that will warm the legs after water procedures. And in fact: after a relaxing holiday, you are not going to stand barefoot on a cold tile or an unattractive old rug? In the Stores of Permanent Sales, you can buy different types of bathroom rugs – fluffy polyester, soft and super hygroscopic microfiber, chenille, fleece.
  7. Nice polyester curtain. Let’s leave the days of cheap and unattractive curtains that stick to the body and become moldy. It’s time for textile curtains with spectacular prints and first-class properties. Polyester curtains dry quickly, do not become moldy and fungus, do not stick to the body and are machine washable. And most importantly – they reliably protect the space of the room from soap splashes and getting wet.
  8. Quality washcloth and body scrub. A good washcloth scrubber and body scrub are the faithful companions of every woman. They free the skin not only from dirt, but also dead cells. Improve her breathing and blood circulation. Body scrub reduces the risk of ingrown hairs, prevents cellulite and improves overall skin condition.
  9. Shower cap. Sometimes every woman wants to stand under hot water and relax. That’s just hot water negatively affects the condition of the scalp and hair. That’s why every woman’s bathroom should have a shower cap, which will allow you to fully enjoy the water treatments without getting your hair wet. We love the thick Vetta shower caps because they are strong and durable.
  10. Shea Butter. After water procedures, the body needs hydration, which shea butter can give. Perfectly moisturizes, improves skin elasticity, rejuvenates, soothes, strengthens the skin, enhances collagen production, softens.
  11. Fabric face mask. Taking a bath, your skin is steamed, and the active components of the mask penetrate better into the deeper layers of the skin. Therefore, every woman in the bathroom should have a good supply of sheet masks for the face.
  12. Moisturizing bath pearls. What else should be in every woman’s bathroom? If you have hard water or like to take hot baths, use moisturizing pearls. Add a few tablespoons to water and the skin gets the necessary hydration. After water procedures there is no feeling of dryness and tightness.
  13. Aloe vera universal gel for face and body. In recent years, this product has become one of the most popular, and therefore it must be in the bathroom of every girl. Perfectly moisturizes, relieves irritation after depilation, soothes the skin.
  14. Mask-socks for legs and mask-gloves for hands. Many women carefully care for their face, completely forgetting about their arms and legs. Treat yourself to special masks with snail mucus, which help the skin of the hands to recover from the negative impact of external factors, and the skin of the legs after a long stay in shoes.
  15. Corner shelf. Every girl in the bathroom should have cosmetics on hand. Of course, they can be safely placed on the edges of the bathroom, but it is better to buy a corner shelf that securely holds shampoos, gels and conditioners. The beauty of Vetta shelves is that they are fixed on the wall with suction cups. Every woman can do it easily.
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