December 6, 2021



MATHS OLYMPIAD is a competitive exam held to increase the IQ level of the student. To register for this type of olympiads, one needs to register their names through their institutions or through any other online processes.

This is how the questions are divided.

Each question carries 1 mark.


There are several tips which are given to a student in order to clear the maths olympiad of class 7 :


First of all, for preparing for MATHS OLYMPIAD Or IMO

The student needs to know about the question patterns for IMO.

The question patterns for class 7 IMO previously was divided into three sections

In which the first section included subjective pattern questions, the second section included high order thinking sections and the third section contained logical reasoning.


Secondly, the student must not get a panic attack at the examination Hall. The student must remain calm and composed. This is the main reason most of the students forget which results in bad marks for all those students. Getting panicked at the examination Hall is in no way a solution to any of the problems. The student should keep a copy of their maths subject for class 7

Where all sums were done and all the sums were done correctly.

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So that while solving previous years questions, if the student faces any problem, he/she can take help from that notes copy, where everything is written.

Logical reasoning is just given to test the IQ level of the students consisted of questions like

“Mirror effects” “Symbols” Etc are given.

Everyday mathematics includes the student’s basic syllabus. The same goes for mathematical REASONING too.


Thirdly, online mock tests are very important for the student. The online mock tests done by several institutions help the students to secure great marks in the maths olympiad. To register for the online mock test, registration is done in various institutions. Several institutions provide online classes too for the training purpose in this regard.


Fourthly, the Internet provides several skills and tricks for solving all math questions. All those tricks and skills are required so that the student can finish the given problems within the given period. Several YouTube channels may help the kid for the preparation of IMO.

The student should take care of the problems they did before in mathematics. And the time limit will be provided.

The student must practice solving the IMO Maths Olympiad Sample Question Paper 2 Class 7  at home at a certain time limit. The time limit is to be given in that IMO exam.

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Managing the time limit solves half of the problem for IMO.

Parents should take care of their children in studying Separately for this IMO.

Apart from making tiny mistakes. One should make a scheduled time fixed for doing maths problems every day. But regular practice is required for participating in this IMO.


Fifthly, the student must get accurate information regarding the exam dates and the exam syllabus, and the timings. Hence it will be best for the student to get accurate information from the trustable and the official site. In this case, an unofficial site is not recommended. These days, fraud is common. Hence apart from an official site. No other sites can be trusted on that note.


Sixthly, one should focus on the area in which they are interested in the given topic. Because as someone is applying for these olympiads they have to understand the level of the competition. As it is no longer a school-based exam. Hence thinking with the best level of IQ one got and understanding the theoretical and practical knowledge about the topic is required.


Seventhly, the student must consult teachers for their help. Because they are the only ones who can guide a student in this respect. A teacher, may it be private or for an institutional teacher. A teacher will help the student to know about the topics.

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A teacher will give some suggestions and will provide some simple tricks to complete the sums more efficiently. As in the exam time will be limited. Because the thinking power of a student and a teacher is always different. Hence in that aspect, a teacher can guide the students to a brighter path. And in this case IMO.


Eight – Time can be a powerful instrument if it is utilized properly. Start your preparation early to achieve a higher score. However, if the student is unable to do so, the student must approach the teacher and inquire about the number of hours that will be required to complete a certain course. It is next necessary to divide the time available and devise a schedule for thoroughly practicing all of the Olympiad themes.


On the ninth point, the NCERT problems and solutions are quite beneficial in providing pupils with a substantial quantity of practice. The NCERT SOLUTIONS are extremely beneficial in raising the IQ level of students to a significant degree. Because the NCERT PROBLEMS are written in a difficult tone. As a result, it contributes to the development of the kids’ intelligence.


Tenthly, practice, practice, and practice. All those suggestions from books, teachers, and all other stuff will be effective if the student practices well for the exam. Without any practice, the student won’t gain anything. Mathematics requires a lot of practice. And in this case logical reasoning, achievers section, where these types of sections are differentiated. Practice is required. And not a little amount of practice, but a huge amount of practice is required to enhance the growth of intelligence in a student. Practicing daily and keeping a note of what is to be done tomorrow what is to be done the day after tomorrow. Keep notes of things that the student cannot solve, or is confused about the question so that the student can ask that very question from his/her teacher and clear the doubts. Engaging the student the whole day for these activities is required if one wants to score a huge amount of marks in INTERNATIONAL MATHS OLYMPIAD or IMO.

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