May 3, 2022


Tips for Finding a Bedroom Desk

Desks have become a huge part of our home furnishing needs. Computer usage has helped usher in a need for multiple desks in our homes. Whether it’s a laptop or desktop, we all need a sturdy piece of furniture to work on. We also need the desk to have storage options for all of the supplies we frequently use.

Keeping our tools nearby increases our productivity as we can easily complete tasks without moving away from our workspace. But, it can be difficult to establish a clear distinction between our workspace and living space. It’s important to have that differentiation for balance as we don’t want to overwork ourselves and suffer the effects of burnout.

You want your work area to feel different from your living space. One way to do that is to add a hutch to your desk. This works in small areas, like the bedroom, where you don’t have a lot of floor space you want to give up.

A hutch gives the desk a more intimate feel and establishes that the space is for work. It also accomplishes that feeling by providing storage for all the tools you need to get your job done. Having everything you need nearby means you don’t have to get up and disrupt your workflow to retrieve supplies. You can simply reach up and grab the reports you need for the next Zoom call. Or reach over and get the binder with the statistics you need to finish your project.

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Adding a hutch to your bedroom desk will keep it organized. There are many storage options, from drawers to cubby holes, for all of your needs. If you have loose papers scattered around your desk, get a hutch with plenty of paper slots for your documents. Small cubby holes are perfect for storing post-it notes or pens and highlighters.

Shelving works for binders or books you need to keep on hand. It’s also a great way to free up desktop space by placing electronics like printers and scanners on the shelves. Just be sure they’re deep enough to properly hold the items as you don’t want them to fall while you’re working.

If you despise looking at cords, hutches can hide the unsightly mess from you. The cord cutouts in the back allow you to display the electronics while the cords stay tucked away.

Also, the fact that hutches take up vertical space is ideal for areas like the bedroom. Our vertical space often remains unused, and we clutter the area with the furniture we need, but we lose floor space. The hutch dismisses this problem and makes good use of the wall above the desk.

It’s important to pick a hutch that works for your desk and bedroom. Be aware of your ceiling height and take measurements so you know just how high the hutch should be. Also, make sure you can fully open the doors and that the hutch isn’t blocking any windows.

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