August 22, 2021


Things you can Tick off on your Bucket List while you are on Andaman Island

Andaman Island is a bewitching tourist destination that hosts zillion of travellers all year round. The place is perfect for the honeymoon vacation, family outing, solo trip and friends’ outing. The picturesque beaches, tranquil vibes and immaculate surroundings of the Andaman never disappoint the visitors.
Every traveller returns with a big smile and beautiful memories from this captivating Island.In recent years, Andaman tour packages from Chennai and other places of India has become a hot selling product of travel agencies.
Considering the popularity of the Andaman, you shouldn’t hesitate while planning a trip to this Island on your upcoming vacations. Has Andaman Island also lured you enough to plan an outing? If yes, then you should prepare a checklist of important things to pack for your Andaman trip. After all, a super duper amazing trip requires special planning!

Checklist of Things to Carry on Andaman Trip:

You can’t miss the fun at any cost on your tour to Andaman Island so; you should pack the essentials before embarking on this beautiful journey.

1. Sunscreen:

Andaman is a tropical destination with beaches and clear sunny skies. The weather in such regions always remains quite hot. The hot sun rays along with salt water can damage your skin. So, you must carry a good sunscreen that can protect you from harmful UV rays.

2. Flip Flops:

Flip flops are essential to roam on the sandy beaches unless you want to spoil your expensive heels with sand. Yes, walking on the beach with normal footwear like shoes, wedges, heels etc. can be difficult and the soil will ruin these items by sticking on them. Hence, carry colourful and light flip flops to conquer the beaches of Andaman!

3. Swim Wears:

You are absolutely going to take a dip in fresh blue sea water at Andaman. Visiting the beach without hot swimwear is a sin. It makes the swimwear an essential item to pack while going to the Andaman. Look for cool and funky designs in swimsuits to make your trip photo album awesome. Pack 1-2 extra swimsuits.

4. Comfortable Dresses:

Ditch your tight jeans, long shoes, heels or formal wears while packing stuff for Andaman trip. You should pack loose clothes, frill one-piece dresses, Bermuda shorts and beach accessories instead. Carrying comfortable clothes will help you in relaxing in the warm climate. After all, it’s your vacation!

5. Flashlight:

Flashlights are important while going to a natural destination like Andaman. You will not like to step on any creepy crawlies while walking on the beach after sunset. Although, many resorts and hotels provide you with these things still, carry your own flashlights in case you don’t get one there.

6. Insect Repellent:

The region of Andaman Island is popular for its diverse flora and fauna. It means that you can encounter with distinct mosquitos and insects here. Don’t worry; the natural inhabitants and humans live harmoniously at Andaman Island. All you need is a good mosquito repellent to save yourself from sand-fly attacks at the beaches. Citronella oil-based repellent is the best for such trips.

7. Beach Mat/Hammock:

You would need a beach mat for taking a sunbath or just chilling at the beach. The mat helps in keeping away the sand, and the hammock will give you the real feel of relaxing at the beach. Buy a folding hammock that you can tie to tree branches at the beach. A short nap on the hammock will refresh your mind and mood.

8. Medication:

Carrying general medicines is very necessary while going on any trip. Along with these, keep special medicines prescribed by your doctor for health-related issues (if any). It’s good to take precautions if you don’t want to ruin your trip due to any particular illness.

9. Cash:

Don’t rely solely on the plastic cash on your Andaman trip. We know it isn’t safe to carry cash while travelling but, keep some of it handy in the Andaman. For instance, there are only two ATMs available at Havelock Island (SBI and Axis Bank). Sometimes one of it spots working, and there are days when both ATMs ran out of service. Obviously, running out of cash on a trip won’t bea good experience. So, keep cash with you as you can’t lend it from anyone while travelling.

10. Other Essentials:

  • Water bottles
  • Pocket diary
  • Sunglasseshat and scarfs
  • Raincoat and umbrella
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Basic toiletries
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Important Things to Keep in Mind while Exploring Andaman Island:

Remember a few points on your Andaman tour to avoid any trouble. Your safety and care are in your own hands on any trip. So, read carefully:
  • Foreign nationals require a special permit from the immigration authority to enter the Island.
  • Do not try to enter in the restricted or tribal areas as it can be risky.
  • You won’t get a good phone network in such secluded land. So, make sure to complete all the online proceedings beforehand. Carry printouts of your IDs, bookings, ferry tickets etc. in hard copy.
  • Plan your vacation at least for a week to explore the main Islands of the Andaman.
  • Try to preserve the beauty of Andaman Island by not littering beaches and public places.
  • Download the offline map of top attractions into your phone to avoid last minute hustle.
  • Pre-book your stays as most of the hotels remain booked due to high tourism rate of Andaman. You can also buy Andaman tour packages from Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and other cities.
  • Always check the weather news before heading out to explore the area in order to avoid trouble due to natural situations.
  • Write your emergency contact number on a few slips and paste them over your phone, money belt etc. it can be helpful in emergency situations.
  • Don’t take your valuables along with you while going to the beach for water sports.
Lastly, enjoy your trip without any worries as you are going to miss these days later!

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