April 30, 2023


“The Rising Star: Izzy Stannard’s Age, Bio, and 2023 Net Worth Revealed”

Izzy Stannard is a name that has been making waves in Hollywood since the young star first appeared in the Emmy-nominated series “Good Girls.” Born on October 1st, 2004, Izzy is still young, but with an impressive talent, drive, and work ethic, the sky’s the limit for this rising star. This post aims to give you insights into Izzy Stannard’s bio, achievements, and potential net worth.

Early Life
Izzy Stannard grew up in New York City, where they still reside with their family. Izzy’s passion for acting began at a young age, and they started attending acting classes and performing in local plays. Izzy’s parents were supportive of their aspirations from an early age and helped them get cast in several small roles.

Izzy Stannard started their professional acting career in 2018, with a guest appearance in “Good Girls,” the NBC drama series. The young star played the role of Sadie Marks, the gender-non-conforming child of one of the show’s main characters. The performance was widely appreciated, and the character received praise for its authentic portrayal of a child exploring their gender identity.

Izzy’s performance in “Good Girls” opened many doors for them, and they soon bagged the lead role in “Little America,” an Apple TV+ anthology series. Izzy played the role of Kabir, a gay Indian-American teenager struggling with his sexual orientation, which earned them critical acclaim.

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2023 Net Worth
Izzy Stannard is a young actor with immense potential, and their net worth is predicted to grow significantly over the next few years. As per sources, Izzy’s current net worth is around $300,000, but experts predict that it could rise to $1 million by 2023.

Future Projects
Despite their young age, Izzy Stannard has already made a name for themself in Hollywood. And, the actor shows no signs of slowing down. Izzy is expected to have a busy schedule over the next few years, with several exciting projects in the pipeline.

Personal Life
Izzy Stannard is a private person, and they keep their personal life largely under wraps. However, the actor is open about their gender identity as non-binary, and they often speak up about queer rights issues.

Social Media Presence
Izzy Stannard is active on social media and has a considerable following on Instagram, where they share glimpses of their personal and professional life. The actor has over 72k followers on Instagram and uses the platform to share their thoughts on various issues.

In their short career, Izzy Stannard has achieved quite a lot. They have been nominated for several awards, including the Critics Choice Awards and the Young Entertainer Awards, for their performance in “Little America.”

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Izzy Stannard is a young, talented actor who has taken the entertainment world by storm. With their authentic portrayal of complex characters, Izzy has already won hearts and garnered critical acclaim. The world eagerly anticipates what the future holds for this rising star.


1. How old is Izzy Stannard?
Izzy Stannard was born on October 1st, 2004, which makes them 16 years old as of 2021.

2. What is Izzy Stannard’s net worth?
As per sources, Izzy Stannard’s net worth is around $300,000, but it is expected to rise to $1 million by 2023.

3. What is Izzy Stannard’s gender identity?
Izzy Stannard identifies as non-binary and often speaks up about issues faced by the queer community.

4. What are Izzy Stannard’s upcoming projects?
Izzy Stannard is expected to have a busy few years, with several exciting projects in the pipeline.

5. What awards has Izzy Stannard been nominated for?
Izzy Stannard has been nominated for several awards, including the Critics Choice Awards and the Young Entertainer Awards.


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