December 17, 2021


The Key Role of Video Marketing in 2022

Video marketing is indispensable in the current times when buyers spend most of their time on the internet watching videos. The exponential growth in the e-commerce business calls for a systematic and consistent marketing strategy that increases your presence digitally. Video marketing is an essential component of the marketing strategy of a firm. Business organizations must undertake video marketing to capture digital buyers and expand their scope.


Nowadays, it has become extremely simple to make compelling videos using a professional online video editor. An online video editor enables business organizations to expand the horizons of their imagination and produce flawless videos that leave everyone mesmerized. Video content has a mass appeal and influences the buyers quickly.


Why Video Marketing?


Too much textual content gives stress to consumers’ eyes. Videos, on the other hand, present the information interestingly and understandably. This is why people spend a billion hours on YouTube watching videos. Video content marketing has become essential to meet the cut-throat competition.


Types of Videos


Business organizations can use several types of videos according to their marketing mix. The plethora of video options available are as follows:



These types of videos aim at explaining the features of the products. They educate the customers about the product. Explainers can also be used to brief the customers about instructions, directions of using the product, technical features, etc.

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Business organizations can record interviews of special guests and use it as a podcast. They stimulate conversation between two parties. Interviews are a powerful way to showcase positive feedback from famous personalities or experts.


Demo Videos

Demo videos are used to demonstrate the working of the products. Business organizations dealing with goods that need demos like electronic products should create demo videos using an online video editor.


Live Videos

Live Videos are also used for establishing two-way communication. Live- streaming garners more interactions from prospective customers and enhances lead conversions. It gives personal attention to the costumes. Business organizations can use live videos on social networking platforms to build their customer base.


Product Reviews

Business enterprises can create videos of brand ambassadors giving a positive review of the product by highlighting the benefits. This would encourage the buyers to purchase the product.


Role of Video Marketing


Educating the Customers


Videos play a vital role in educating the customers about the product. These days, customers research a product online before buying it. They search on the internet about the product. They watch videos related to the product and then decide to buy. Effectively captured video using a good online video editor explains the product well. Business organizations should create intriguing videos that interestingly present all the relevant information. Through innovative videos, business organizations should offer value-based propositions to the customers that influence them to buy the product. Customers can comprehend easily through videos. They can get their doubts solved by watching videos.

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Remaining Competitive


The business environment has become increasingly complex and competitive. Business organizations must do something out-of-the-box to stay ahead of the competition. Video content marketing is the new-age marketing tactic being rampantly used by businesses to conquer the digital market. Thanks to online video editors, engaging videos can be made easily at a low cost.


Around 80% of business organizations use video content marketing to promote their products. So, it becomes imperative to invest in video marketing. Business concerns can use animated videos also to capture the attention of the customers. They can create unique videos that might tell a story related to the product. After watching the video, the customers should relate to the story and be convinced to buy the product.


Personal Touch


Videos give a personal touch to the customers. They feel connected and identify better through well-drafted videos using online video editors. Live videos have proven to increase traffic by 13%. They fill in the communication gap and answer customers’ queries in real-time. Instagram and Facebook stories available only for 24 hours can also be used for the time-sensitive promotion of products. Business organizations can send personalized messages to customers through videos. This would make them feel important. It would build more trust and enhance the product’s brand image in customers’ eyes.

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Videos feature on the top of the search engines. Videos are high-quality content. Immaculately created videos using online video editors must contain keywords at proper places. Business organizations can improve their ranking on search engines by placing search engine optimized videos on the landing page of websites. If videos have a strong title, great meta description, and keywords embedded appropriately, they create magic for organizations.


Boosting Conversions and Increasing Revenues


Video marketing has delivered outstanding results in converting leads into actual sales. They amplify the sales funnel by convincing the customers to buy products. Effective videos made using online video editors help customers comprehend better and decide fast. Videos keep the customers glued to the website for a long time. Customers, who do not want to read much about products, prefer to watch videos related to products. Videos explain products in detail.


Tips for Effective Video Marketing


Length of Videos

The length of videos must differ according to different channels. Varying lengths affect customers more. For Instagram, videos should be of 30 seconds. If an organization is creating a video for YouTube, it should be 2 minutes. For Facebook, videos should be of not more than 1 minute. Videos to be uploaded on Twitter should be of 45 seconds.

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Attractive captions on autoplay should be inserted in videos. Captions generate positive responses and boost conversions as well.


Silent Mode

It is important to note that landing page videos should be on silent mode; otherwise, they will scare the customers.



Organizations must ensure that the videos are easily accessible on different mobile technologies. Mobile-friendly videos can reach more customers.


Video Content as a Part of Marketing Strategy

Organizations should use videos as a part of their overall marketing strategy. They should be used along with other forms of marketing to deliver remarkable results.


Video marketing plays a key role in achieving enhanced customer engagement. Organizations should use video marketing for faster growth and success.




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