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Starting Android App Development? These Tips Can Help

One of the best methods to generate money online is to start an Android app development business. Android app developers are in high demand these days because everyone needs an app. And guess what? Majority of the users are using iPhones today. So, it makes sense to make Android apps to reach them. 

You may easily design profitable applications that specialize in a certain service. You will download and install the mobile application if you build them. You may quickly convert them via adverts or other in-app monetization methods after the software is downloaded and installed.

But what if you are not sure what are the best practices to create Android apps? That’s what we are going to discuss in this article.

Let’s start learning:

Become a Great Android Developer with These Tips

Here is the complete list of Android top development tips you may apply to your app development. To start with, get to know how to make better mobile applications for your business. You can start it by learning…

Android App Development tips

  • About Reputed Programming Languages 

Above all. Above everything! Use a reputable programming language to create your mobile app. It is tough to fix the application if it isn’t developed with a reputable language and it has a few flaws because most languages don’t have active communities online. Java, Kotlin and Python are a few languages with strong communities in programming development. So, answers to your concerns can readily be found. This may not be the case in other languages with low-key programming. So, when you find programming languages you might quickly become trapped.

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  • Screen Sizes Matter a Lot

You should also bear in mind the size of the screen while your mobile app is being created. Most mobile applications crash because they are not intended for mobile device screen sizes. This is frequently the case with hybrid platforms or PWAs. Mobile apps are designed. These platforms generate mobile apps using HTML, CSS and JS. As such languages are used to style online content, mobile devices and varied screen widths can cause several problems.

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  • Your Client Matters the Most

You have to listen to your consumers since this is the only method to build Android apps. Make sure you follow their guidelines fully if you create apps that please your customers.

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  • Test Your Application Build

The Android app you designed for consumers must be carefully tested. Multiple people will utilize your android app. If it breaks or does not appear correctly on mobile telephones, it is not perfect for people to utilize such a mobile application. Make sure you carefully test it. You can employ several tests to discover how well testing is able to operate for your enterprise.

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  • Agile vs Waterfall Methods: Which is Better?

You need a grasp of Agile and Waterfall approaches to create mobile applications as an Android developer. There are several approaches to build Android apps, with Agile and Waterfall being the most common ways. Therefore, make sure you know the two techniques.


  • What Is Your Desired Platform?

You have to ensure that you are looking for the platform for which the app is created. If you don’t verify the platform correctly, problems may arise that can harm your mobile app directly. You may, for instance, make sure you know what kind of applications Google accepts in the play store. If your app does not meet the Google play guidelines, then your app will be deleted and banned from your store automatically. Make sure that you follow Google, Apple and other app hosting stores in the correct manner. The app store you select will also directly impact the audience and the number of downloads your app will get.

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  • Business Model for Your App?

How is your mobile app going to have a business model? Will it be having a mobile in-app purchase model? Is it a model based on subscription? Will it be a free app with publicity on the screen of the mobile app? These are only some of the problems you need to respond to in designing an Android application for consumers.

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These approaches will not only help you get profit from gorgeous Android apps but will also help you generate value for your consumers.

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Follow the advice above to create a successful mobile app from the beginning. Please let us know in the comments below if you have any queries about this article.