August 9, 2021


Starting a Bakery and Using Pre-Owned Equipment

For the better part of 53 years, I’ve worked in a bakery. And, certainly, there have been occasions when I have tried different forms of work to please my wife and family. Fiberglass side-wall hovercraft have been created by me. I’ve also created fiber-glass automobile parts and worked as a welder, as well as rainwater pipe.

“Did I love that job?”

you might wonder. The answer would unquestionably be a resounding NO! The task was filthy and nasty, and in my opinion, a monkey could do it. It was tedious!

The bakery does not pay a competitive wage, which is regrettable. However, it is a steady job, which is preferable to working in the woods for three months a year in a tough environment or working as a zombie in a car manufacturing plant.


An illiterate person will not be able to survive in the bakery for long. It necessitates meticulous attention to detail, as well as math and reading skills in English or another language. You can’t tell what’s in a recipe if you don’t know how to read. There are health regulations that must be understood, read, and followed.

Aside from being able to read

every employee is required to adhere to particular cleanliness guidelines. This entails not only maintaining a neat and tidy appearance, but also paying attention to personal hygiene.

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Some of the people attempting to persuade you that working in a bakery is difficult or that their e book is the best in your situation are doing a disservice to the business as a whole since they have little or no understanding of how a bakery operates. Because many of these e books are nothing more than a collection of generic information on how to start any business, this is the case. Online bakery is the option nowadays.

As I previously stated, I have worked in the bakery industry since 1955. That’s a total of 53 years. I started preparing Hot X Buns for family members when I was fourteen years old and distributing them on the back of my bicycle on a trailer that I also manufactured. In my mother’s kitchen, I made over a dozen dozen. That was before I had the opportunity to learn how to bake in a professional setting.

I could continue to blast my trumpet and list trade names and positions I’ve held, but where does it get me?

All I have to say is that you should learn how to bake properly. Attend a bakery school at a community college. If they only offer a three-month course, chances are it will only cover a small percentage of the material and will most likely focus on only one topic. As a result, you’ll need to enroll in several of these types of short courses.

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Look for a course

that lasts at least ten to twelve months. That professional baking course should include both hands-on bakery production as well as textual baking processes.

Of course, there are schools that are only interested in your money. There are also schools with inadequate instructors, as well as schools with some of the best pastry skills in the country, that are attempting to train those who are only attempting to maintain their unemployment benefits.

Chefs are those who claim to be chefs. Some of these individuals have no concept how to run a bakery.

Please don’t get me wrong: certain chefs are fantastic cooks, especially when it comes to fillet steak, fondant potatoes, and ice cream desserts, and they can run a kitchen where one or two plates of food must be served quickly.

However, most chefs I’ve met have little to no experience running a bakery, where orders can number in the hundreds and production schedules are tight. I’m not criticising the cook. They can do that work in a kitchen. This isn’t the case for me! Many people in a bakery are up the creek without a paddle.

Now, I began writing this essay

Because I am shocked at how some individuals mislead you into believing that starting a home bakery business is simple and the best way to go into business.

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The reality is…


  • It’s not always easy to start a business from home.


  • It’s even more difficult to open a bakery from your own home!


Sorry for the inconvenience! I didn’t mean to burst your enthusiasm or bubble. I’m simply going to tell it like it is: starting a bakery is a fantastic idea, and you should go ahead and pursue it. It’s one of the best ideas you’ve ever had, and it’s a terrific way to lower your taxes or at the very least be able to deduct some taxes that you can’t deduct right now.

I’m not promising you that starting a bakery from home would be simple, because it won’t be.

If you were to open a brick-and-mortar bakery in your neighborhood supermarket or corner store, you’d find it a lot easier than trying to do so from your house.

The local government has a lot of issues with granting operating permits to home-based businesses. Because of these issues in the past, they have refused permission to practically every type of home-based business in today’s market.

Others exist, and only your local government can solve the challenges you confront when beginning your own home bakery.

I did mention that starting a bakery in a bricks-and-mortar location like a supermarket or corner store is easier, and I mean it. You must, however, operate with the approval of your local government. You must get all necessary licenses and adhere to all applicable construction rules, health regulations, parking permits, and storage requirements. There should be no rodents, bugs, or other health concerns.

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In most food related business here are a few of the concerns you will need to consider…

Again, the best option to resolve these issues is to speak with your local government.

These could be in the country where there are no supermarkets or in a rural community. The only method to determine any of these information is to visit your local government. You’ll be in a better position to proceed with your business strategy once you’ve met with these people, and you’ll know where to locate your bakery.


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