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Saffron Barker Bio, Net Worth 2022, Age, Birthday, Height, Family, Daughter

Facts of Saffron Barker
Full Name: Saffron Barker
Age: 21 years
Birthday: 24 Jul
Birthplace: Brighton
Nationality: British
Gender: Female
Horoscope: Leo
Dating: Tyler Dixon
Net Worth: $1 million
Height: 5 feet 2 inches (1.57m)
Profession: Youtuber, Singer
Sibling: (Three) Casey, Jed, and Jordan

Saffron Barker is a social media influencer from the United Kingdom who formed Born2Blush with three other girls. Saffron Barker is a YouTube sensation, with over 2.45 million subscribers on her self-titled channel.

How old is Saffron Barker?

Saffron Barker, 20, is a twenty-year-old woman. She was born on July 24, 2000, under the astrological sign of Cancer, in Brighton, England. Similarly, Darren Baker is her father’s name, and Wendy Baker is her mother’s.

She is the middle child, with two other brothers: Casey, her older brother, and Jed, her younger brother. Jordan, her adopted brother, is also a member of her family. Jordan Comolli is a musician who specializes in electronica.

Caption: Saffron Barker posing for photo
Caption: Saffron Barker posing for photo (Photo: Youtube)

Saffron is British, but she hasn’t revealed anything about her nationality. Her educational background is unknown.

How much is Saffron Barker Net Worth?

Saffron Barker is a well-known YouTuber and social media influencer who has amassed a sizable fortune through her work. She also participated in a number of other events. She has earned approximately $625k through her YouTube video. As a result, her net worth is estimated to be in the million dollar range.

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She also leads a healthy and luxurious lifestyle. Her information on other assets, such as cars, houses, and so on, is not available.

Does Saffron Barker have a Boyfriend?

Saffron Barker is straight and is in a romantic relationship, according to her personal life. Tyler Dixon is the man she is currently seeing. She’s even shared lovely duo photos with captions. They appear to be committed to their relationship.

She has also previously dated other men. From 2015 to 2016, she was in a relationship with another internet personality named Jake Mitchell. She’s even tagged him with a boyfriend tag in several YouTube videos.

Caption: Saffron Barker with her mother
Caption: Saffron Barker with her mother (Photo: the mirror)

Following her public split from Mitchell, rumors circulated that she was dating fellow YouTuber Joe Weller. Furthermore, she was suspected of dating a London-based musician named Harvey, but neither has made any public statements on the subject, aside from a few cryptic Twitter exchanges.

Scandals of Saffron Barker

Barker’s personal details are widely publicized as a social media personality. As Barker’s maternal grandfather, Peter Hewlett, stated in the first episode of ‘In My Day,’ the cost of fame is privacy, and she appears to be paying it.

Similarly, when she was dating Jake Mitchell in late 2016, he posted a Snapchat photo of himself sleeping in someone’s bed. Various ideas flooded the internet. Their supporter quickly deduced that it wasn’t his or Barker’s bed. She later discovered that he had cheated on her with Claudia Naya, a student at their secondary school. Despite Mitchell’s vehement denials, and the support of his sister, Eloise, things quickly deteriorated. Rob Mitchell, Mitchell’s father, was even accused of bullying Barker via a bogus Twitter account. Soon after, the pair split up.

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As of now, she is controversy-free and living a healthy, beautiful life, with a good image profile on social media platforms and a large fan base.

How tall is Saffron Barker?

lovely and stunning Saffron Barker, 20, is a charming young woman. Her appealing personality has drawn a large number of followers. Her eyes are a stunning shade of blue. Her hair is blonde, and she wears it in a medium-sized cut.

Caption: Saffron Barker posing for photo
Caption: Saffron Barker posing for photo (Photo: daily express)

Similarly, she has a good height if she is 5 feet 2 inches tall, as stated on Twitter. She stated her height on Twitter, saying, “I’m 5’2” and another time, “it’s weird to think people who are 5ft are only 5 subways long.” She weighs approximately 121 pounds (55 kilograms).

Career line of Saffron Barker

  • Saffron Barker is a British singer, YouTuber, and one of the country’s most well-known social media stars. She formed the band Born2Blush when she was three years old, along with three other girls. Libby Whitehouse, Jazmine Tiley, and Georgia McNamara are the other members of the band. They began performing together in the early 2010s. They also released an original song, “24seven.”
  • In addition, the band has competed in a number of national singing competitions in England. The band launched a YouTube channel in May 2014, where they shared their cover of Bruno Mars’”Uptown Funk.” The band disbanded later in 2015.
  • Barker then launched her own YouTube channel on July 30, 2015. She posts a variety of lifestyle, beauty, and challenge videos on this channel, such as routine videos, boyfriend and girlfriend videos, q&as, makeup & beauty tutorials, clothing and American hauls, and more.
  • “ARRIVING IN FLORIDA!” is her first YouTube video on the channel. She documented her trip to Florida in an August 2015 video. Following her success as a member of the band Born2Blush, she attracted a lot of attention at first. More than 239k people watched the first video.
  • She has 364 million total views and over 2.45 million subscribers since then. One of her most popular videos, ‘Types of Boyfriend,’ starring her then-boyfriend Jake Mitchell, has received 9.8 million views. “I swapped DIETS with a 7 year old for 24hours!!,” “I only ate PINK food for 24 HOURS challenge!!!,” and “I only ate RED food for 24 HOURS challenge!!!” are among her other popular videos. She has gone from unknown to global celebrity in a matter of years.
  • On the same day, she launched her SaffronBarkerVlogs YouTube channel. This channel, which has 1.09 million subscribers, has also grown in popularity with millions of subscribers. Her video vlogs are entertaining to watch.
  • This outgoing adolescent exudes self-assurance and intelligence. To her viewers, she is a long-distance best friend with whom she laughs, shares her joy, and cries with her, being present in her moments of sorrow.
  • “PROM DAY!!,” for example, is a popular vlogging video with millions of views. “It’s okay to cry every now and then.” “I’m telling my family that I’m going to Strictly Come Dancing…” “RANDOM MAN HEAD DUNKED ME IN WATER!!!!”
  • She was one of 25 YouTubers who recorded ‘Christmas Without You,’ a charity Christmas single benefiting the ‘Make-A-Wish Foundation,’ in late 2016. Grammy Award-winning songwriters ‘Jackie Boys’ wrote the song. She has also hosted a six-episode TalkTalk TV original series called ‘In My Day,’ in which she and other members of her family discuss various topics from the perspective of different generations.
  • She has also volunteered for a number of charitable organizations. She has even raised money for ‘Cancer Research UK.’ She is also involved in the ‘Being Me’ Campaign.
  • She is also active on other social media platforms such as Instagram, YouNow, Twitter, and Snapchat. Her unique approach to portraying social media handles has undoubtedly garnered her a sizable fan base on other social media platforms.
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