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Roxy Maxine McNeely Bio, Net Worth 2022, Age, Birthday, Height, Parents, & Career

Facts of Roxy Maxine McNeely
Age: 70 years
Birth Date: November 30, 1950
Country: United States
Divorce: Rush Limbaugh (1977-1980)
Ethnicity: White
Eye Color: Brown
Full Name: Roxy Maxine McNeely
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Nationality: American
Net Worth: $100k
Profession: Former Sales Secretary
Status: Single

After marriage to the winner of the National Marconi Radio Award, Rush Limbaugh, Roxy Maxine McNeely was brought to the spotlight. Prior to that, she worked at Kansas City, Missouri as sales secretary of WHB radio.

Early Life of Roxy Maxine McNeely

Roxy Maxine McNeely was born in America on 30 November 1950. Roxy Maxine McNeely is of mixed ethnicity with American citizenship. No details on her early life and education details have been mentioned by her.

Roxy Maxine McNeely’s Married Life with Rush Limbaugh

Sadly, Rush Limbaugh is not married yet by Roxy Maxine McNeely. It’s Limbaugh’s first wife. Roxy and Rush had been dated for a long time before marriage on 24 September 1977. Rush was only 26 years old during her marriage.

Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA was a splendid wedding ceremony for couples. Initially, they share a happy married life, but things did not work well among them. The cause of incompatibility was shown in 1980 by Roxy, which filed for divorce. Their divorce was concluded on 10 July 1980.

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And from their married life, they didn’t share any children. Roxy began living a low-profile life after their separation. So Roxy’s personal life is difficult to determine. But four times in his life was her former husband Rush Limbaugh married. Michelle Sixta is his second wife’s name.

In 1983 they married and in 1990 they divorced. Then he joined the wedding vows in 1994 but was divorced in 2004 with his 3rd wife Marta Fitzgerald. He’s happily now married Kathryn Adams Limbaugh to his fourth wife. The duo lives happily as a wife and husband.

What Wealthy is Roxy Maxine’s Ex-Husband?

Roxy Maxine McNeely has an expected net value of $100,000, even though she keeps her career private. However, she is not popular due to her professional career as a famous ex-wife. But Rush Limbaugh, her ex-husband, has an estimated net worth of 600 million dollars. He also earned $85 million per year according to the source.

Each year in 2001, he had a contract for eight years worth $31.25 million. Rush earned 33 million dollars in 2007. Then, in 2008, he signed a $400 million eight-year contract with Clear Channel. Between June 2018 and June 2019, he collected over $85 million from his radio empire and became the second most paid radio host in the world (behind Howard Stern).

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He also shows his show from West Palm Beach’s $26 million oceanfront home. It has 7 rooms, 12 toilets, and an elevator. Rush has a penthouse on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue.

Who is Ex-Husband Rush Limbaugh?

  • Her ex-husband Rush Limbaugh, who was born on 12 January 1951, was an American radio figure, political conservative commentator, author, and ex-television hoster.
  • He has been famous worldwide for the Rush Limbaugh show on AM and FM radio stations since 1988 in national syndication.
  • He hosted a national TV show between 1992 and 1996. He was also the author of seven of his books.
  • He made The New York Times best-seller list with his first two, The Way Things Ought To Are in 1992 and See: I Told You So in 1993.
  • Rush is one of the most paying radio stations. In the United States, he has been a leading voice since the 1990s in the conservative movement.
  • Then Rush was brought to the Hall of Fame National Radio and Hall of Fame National Broadcasters Association.
  • His views on race, LGBT issues, feminism, and sexual consent were controversial.


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