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Preventing Surgery Using Physical Therapy (PT)

Moreover, according to the Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy (OMPT), physical therapy has proven to significantly alleviate pain and also improve disability in people who suffer from lower back pain, neck pain, hip pain, knee pain, ankle pain, shoulder pain, and other various types of pain.

This article is going to tell you all about how surgery can be prevented using physical therapy Dallas

NOTE: While physical therapy helps prevent surgeries, it is still crucial to seek medical advice before you add/exclude anything from your treatment plan. 

Physical Therapy Can Help Prevent Surgery

Physical therapy is now able to completely reverse some conditions and even stops them from progressing. This totally eliminates the need for surgery. It is also important to note that our bodies are designed in a way that it is able to heal itself. And most people think this is the way it should be. Furthermore, for most patients, even the thought of surgery can be scary and overwhelming, due to numerous reasons, such as comfort, cost, inconvenience, etc.

Moreover, apart from this, there are numerous other reasons how physical therapy is now able to prevent surgery in most cases:

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Less Risky than Surgery and other Invasive Methods

Almost all invasive procedures that are performed on a patient carry numerous risks. This is because whenever a person’s body is cut open, the individual is at risk of possible infections. Which can be deadly in most cases as well. Moreover, during surgery, bleeding problems and blood clots are common. A person may also suffer from the side effects of anesthesia, which can result in more complications as well, such as a highly elevated heart rate and blood pressure. Apart from the side effects of anesthesia itself, aspiration or accidentally breathing food or fluid into the lungs is quite common as well, which can be potentially dangerous.

However, none of this is prevalent in physical therapy. The person heals in a more natural way, rather than exposing the body to the external environment where it is at potential risks. Moreover, as compared to surgery, there are no such drawbacks of physical therapy. Apart from relieving pain and treating injuries and diseases. Physical therapy can also help improve a person’s quality of life, especially if it is an aging individual. It can, moreover, stop a sports injury in the future. improve balance and prevent falls. And can also prevent numerous age-related issues and fatal diseases.

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Provides Pain Relief

Several studies have shown that physical therapy is as effective as surgery when it comes to managing pain and alleviating it. This is especially for individuals suffering from lower back pain, spinal stenosis, etc.

Helps Reduce Inflammation

Because many injuries are accompanied by swelling, inflammation. Or redness of the tissue surrounding the injured areas, it can result in pain and immobility as well. Moreover, such inflammation will also result in tears or several other injuries due to a lack of space in the joint cavity.

A Fairfield Physio and physical therapists, thus, work with the patient in order to reduce the inflammation by using special techniques and equipment, which greatly helps alleviate pain. And improve mobility so that there is no need for surgery.

Treats Strains and Sprains

Early intervention in physical therapy, when suffering from strains or sprains. Can prevent tights from getting worse and can also prevent surgery.

Treats Meniscal Tears and Knee Osteoarthritis

In the past years, only surgery was the solution to treating meniscal tears, as well as knee osteoarthritis. However, physical therapists are now successful in treating this through special techniques and exercises in physical therapy.

Treats and Repairs Rotator Cuff Tears

If an individual is suffering from small to medium-sized tears, it responds pretty well to physical therapy. Therefore, surgery would no longer be required in such cases. However, how well a rotator cuff tear responds well to physical therapy will depend more on the age of the patient. And their medical history, and the tear’s location and level of severity. But, if a person has a large rotator cuff tear or diagnostic imaging has revealed a possible retracted tendon. A person will, in such a case, have to go for surgery.

Treats Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a common disease that causes narrowing of the space between the bones in a person’s back and vertebrae. Which will cause pressure on spinal nerves in the lower back and spinal cord in the neck and upper back.

In such cases, physical therapy is opted for, rather than surgery. Physical therapists will help keep the person’s spine flexible and strong. Moreover, research in 2013 showed that there were no major differences in the outcomes between those who opted for surgery, and those who chose physical therapy. Therefore, this is the reason why most people now opt for physical therapy in such cases.

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Treats Arthritic Knees

Arthritic knees can be managed well by physical therapy, because of which surgery would no longer be needed. During therapy, the physical therapist will place weight and movement through a joint that will help provide nutrients in order to maintain the joint cartilage health of the individual. This is because, without the weight and movement. The joint will tend to become more arthritic and will eventually fall apart at a much faster rate.

Treat Degenerative Disk Disease

A study at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital stated that patients who were suffering from degenerative disk disease responded as well to physical therapy as to surgery.

Helps the Body Treat Itself

Physical therapys helps our bodies to heal themselves naturally, the way they actually should be. Our bodies are designed in a way so that they can heal themselves from various conditions. Thus, surgery should be the last option, if nothing else can treat an injury or other disease.


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