April 29, 2022


Picking the Most Efficient B2B Sales Tool: The Cornerstone of Business Growth

Best B2B Sales Tools and Softwares


The global eСommerce market share was estimated at $6.92 trillion last year and is expected to expand up to $18.97 trillion by 2028. Approximately one fifth of all sales between businesses (B2B sales) will be carried out using advanced online technologies. To keep up with the times, companies need to use digital sales tools and indulge in workflow automation.


But every business is unique, which means every provider requires different solutions. How to pick the best B2B sales tool among the myriad of offers? At Belkins.io, we have the expertise to share and help you pick solutions that really deliver results.

B2B Toolkit

Simply put, we are talking about software solutions for companies and entrepreneurs that simplify the task of promoting and selling products to partners (other enterprises). B2B audiences require a carefully crafted approach to promotion. Brands are aware of this challenge and offer different ways to tackle it. Fortunately, businesses usually have enough funds in their arsenal to set up an individually efficient toolkit.

Popular B2B Sales Software

The most widely used types of sales tools for B2B include the following:

  • CRM;
  • Marketing automation tools;
  • Analytics tools;
  • Social Media Marketing tools.
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There are businesses that are completely unique, however, regardless of the direction for effective work, the sales department of any company must use all available B2B sales enablement tools, such as:

  • All-in-One Sales Intelligence Tools;
  • Prospecting and Lead Generation Tools;
  • Lead Nurturing Tools;
  • Sales Reporting and Forecasting Tools;
  • B2B Intelligence Tools for Company Information;
  • Contact Information Tools.

How to Boost B2B Sales

The top priority of any sales manager is the attraction of high-quality sales leads. How is it done in practice?

For instance, by communicating in a business setting and using proper B2B sales intelligence tools. Your potential clients attend industry events, conferences, and trade shows. You too should become an active participant in such venues. But keep in mind that targeted leads are more likely to ignore your post-event calls and emails unless you can offer them something truly exclusive.

First, become a speaker, be sure to back up your presentation with interesting data and infographics. Then try to become a leader and lead the professional community. Establish yourself as an influencer. This is a sure way to get more leads. Then you can think about how to manage them. This is where efficient email marketing is important.

In terms of email marketing, specialized email deliverability tools can help you guarantee that your messages make it to their final destination. Keeping corporate email correspondence in check is a great way to build trust and confidence among your targeted clients.

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Best B2B sales tools

To identify and attract good long-term clients, you will have to seriously engage in marketing, researching, and scaling your target audience while also reinforcing your presence on Google. It is important that all tools used for that are of high quality. We recommend the following.

This B2B sales software solution allows you to choose from a list of readymade templates for creating sales offers suitable for any industry. The editor does not require any specialized experience, so you can easily create a vivid sales pitch or offer. You can manage your offers and submit them via a secure landing page link. There is a unique feature that compares your proposal to others and tells you what can be changed to make it look better among the crowd.

Built-in analytics will tell you exactly when your offer was opened, by whom, on what device, and how much time was spent on each of the segments. Offers work as legally binding documents that can be digitally signed, which converts the name you enter into an electronic signature. Finally, clients can transfer payments and investments right in the app using Stripe, PayPal, or GoCardless.

One of the major B2B sales tools for any up-to-date sales department out there. Salesforce is easy to use, provides handy integration of products in the cloud, and allows enabling individual features according to the need. Businesses and project teams can easily start using the platform right away by importing data from the Google Calendar, Gmail, Excel tables, and a range of other compatible sources.

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The dedicated Trailblazer community is the most unique gathering of platform enthusiasts online. This means that you get support in handling any issue – there are full-on guides and instructions, step-by-step manuals, user reports, and documentation available.

Salesforce’s extensive functionality and scalability make it possible to create completely individual systems from start to finish. The solution offers improved email options, delivery options, real-time calls, sales speed settings, data management, sales interaction recording, analytics, and a calendar all in one place.

A cloud-based tool that helps analyze and track customer behavior, user content interactions, emails, and presentations.


This B2B sales software piece also offers:

  • Slides creation;
  • Online conferences;
  • Digital correspondence monitoring;

Add a wide range of B2B offer templates to choose from, personalized newsletter opportunities, convenient trial period, and HTTPS-protected access, and you have yourself a must-have B2B sales management tool.

It was with the help of this solution that Dell significantly increased the number of publications on its website.


You get to increase the volume of B2B material exchange several times by giving your employees the opportunity to share news and content on social networks from one place. You can share relevant content with potential clients, track your competitors, and participate in social discussions. Building high-quality relationships through social networks with the help of this tool completely outruns cold calls in terms of effectiveness.

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One of the best B2B sales prospecting tools ─ an indispensable social media lead search assistant will allow you to manage your sales with premium features. There are three types of subscription: Professional, Team, and Enterprise.

There are also custom recommendations tailored to your requirements that should help you attract more fitting potential clients and quickly gain their trust.

The Importance of Sales Enablement Tools

Sales enablement tools streamline several essential aspects of your B2B performance at once:

  • reach and attraction of potential clients;
  • increase in brand awareness;
  • achievement of long-term relationships;
  • increase in return on investment and more.

We outlined only the top effective best B2B sales tools. Which one you choose depends on your needs and preferences. Sales support reps must identify the shortcomings of client interactions, develop new tactics for lead generation and retention. This requires a high degree of professionalism. So our extensive experience will come in handy.

Contact us to get started with lead research, email delivery setup, B2B appointments, and more. Our experts will provide a proven set of technologies to optimize your efforts in no time.


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