September 22, 2021


PDF to PNG Converter: When Should You Use A PNG File

When it comes to picture file formats, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. With so many options for saving and exporting your photographs, making a choice might be difficult. PNG or Portable Graphics Format is a commonly used uncompressed image format. Hence, the GIF, replaced by this lossless data compression format. The PNG file format, like GIF images, can display transparent backgrounds and store 24-bit RGB color palette and grayscale images.

Today, this article explains PNG files, why people prefer this over other image formats under certain situations, and which programs can open or convert them to other image formats. Then, you will learn how to convert your PDF file to a PNG image in simple and easy steps. Finally, after learning when and how to use the GogoPDF PDF to PNG converter available online, a web-based PDF tool, you may find it beneficial.

When Should You Use a PNG File?

PNG files can be larger than GIF files, but if you need to keep the transparency, PNG is the best option and worth choosing, even if the file is large. If you have a PDF file that needs to be converted into a PNG image, it’s worth checking whether the file format matches the application better. A PDF to PNG converter is required to process this conversion.

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For example, if you have many photographs on your PDF file and still want to preserve its transparency, you need a dependable converter. Unfortunately, some converters may cause the image’s transparency to be lost. A web-based tool that converts your PDF file into a single or set of high-resolution PNG images is now available.

PNG files are an excellent format to use, but they aren’t always suited. For example, a PNG that’s too large can not only occupy storage capacity or make it difficult to transmit, but it can also significantly slow down a web page.

Another thing, when working with an image that significantly changes repeatedly, you might choose to use the PNG format instead of JPEG. For example, because the JPEG format suffers from generation loss, constantly revising and saving the file would result in a lower-quality image over time; with PNG, this isn’t the case which uses lossless compression.

GogoPDF: Your Best PDF to PNG Converter Partner

GogoPDF is a web-based platform that allows users to convert files fast and easily using only their web browsers. It is a very convenient method because you don’t need anything other than an internet connection to use their services. It supports various file types, including Excel, PDF/A, Word, PNG, PPT, and JPG.

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Converting your PDF to PNG with GogoPDF, the font, original layout, and orientation remain constant. As a result, the GogoPDF web-based service delivers the highest-quality PNG files available. Also, with its cutting-edge SSL encryption technology, you can rest assured that it will secure your files. At the same time, they transit over the internet, preventing any hacker from gaining access to them. Furthermore, according to their privacy policy, the platform is not authorized to preserve any information about their customers, including security or passcodes, files, or even your payment card information if you purchase a Pro account subscription.

You can say hello to your newly converted files in a couple of seconds. GogoPDF PDF to PNG conversion is easy to follow and fast in converting. First, you may drop or drag the PDF file you want to convert into PNG in the GogoPDF converter. Then, GogoPDF will start the extraction procedure; all you have to do now is wait. After a few seconds, you may now download your PNG image to your computer. You may also share it on any or all of your social media networks once the conversion is complete!

Another good thing about GogoPDF is because GogoPDF is a web-based service; you don’t need to install or download any software, apps, or third-party programs on your device to use their products and services. Instead, you may easily access their tools whenever you want by using any device, whether it’s a smartphone, PC, or tablet.

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It is agreeable that using a PNG converter is advantageous. Consider its benefits, such as the fact that lossless compression maintains image quality and detail after reduction. It also allows you to produce a variety of digital images, such as photographs and graphics. Transparency support, on the other hand, enables the compression of digital pictures with transparent areas. Lossless compressions make it suitable for storing and altering digital photographs, making it great for image editing. Sharp edges and solid colors help images containing text, line art, and graphics.

It is also recommended to use the reliable GogoPDF for all your PDF requirements. You may find GogoPDF to be the most suited to your PDF documents, and it is good to take advantage of its power and availability. In addition, you can rely on GogoPDF since it works online 24/7; just make sure you have a stable internet connection.


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