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Park Hyung-sik Bio, Net Worth 2022, Age, Birthday, Height, Parents

Facts of Park Hyung-sik
Full Name: Park Hyung-sik
Age: 29 years
Birthday: 16 Nov
Birthplace: Yongin, Gyeonggi Province
Nationality: South Korean
Gender: Male
Eye color: Dark Brown
Girlfriend: N/A
Net Worth: $1 million to $5 million
Height: 6 feet 0 inches (1.83m)
Profession: Singer
Sibling: One brother

Park Hyung Sik is a well-known South Korean singer-dancer and actor. Park Hyung Sik is also a member of the boy band ZE: A. The actor rose to prominence after appearing in Hwarang, Strong Girl Bong-soon, Two Rays of Light, and Suits, among other films.

How old is Park Hyung-sik?

Park Hyung Sik was born on November 16, 1991, and is currently 29 years old. Park was born in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, and his zodiac sign is Scorpio. Hyung Sik’s mother and grandmother are Buddhists, so he was named by a Buddhist monk.

Park Hyung-sik
Caption: Park Hyung-sik, Singer (Photo: Instagram)

His name is written in Korean as and Hanja as. When translated from Korean to English, his name is also spelled Bak Hyeong Sik or Pak Hyngsik. There is no information about Hyung Sik’s parents, siblings, educational journey, or other personal details.

How much is Park Hyung-sik’s Net Worth?

Park Hyung-sik
Caption: Park Hyung-sik, Singer (Photo: Park Hyung-sik)

Aside from this, the singer does not appear to have official accounts on other platforms such as Tiktok, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and so on. Park Hyung Sik’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million US dollars.

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Is Park Hyung-sik dating someone?

Park Hyung Sik is most likely single at the moment. The ZE: A member has not shared any social media posts indicating his current relationship status or love affairs. Furthermore, Hyungsik may be more concerned with advancing his career as a singer and actor rather than engaging in romantic relationships.

How tall is Park Hyung-sik?

Park Hyung Sik is approximately 183 cm or 6 feet tall, and his body weight is approximately 65 kg or 143 lbs. Likewise, the actor’s blood type is AB. Similarly, Hyungsik has dark brown eyes and hair of the same color.

Career line of Park Hyung-sik

  • Park Hyung Sik is a well-known singer, dancer, and actor. Hyungsik debuted as a singer as a member of the boy band ZE: A. The group debuted in 2010 with 9 members: Im Si-wan, Kevin, Kim Tae Heon, Hwang Kwanghee, Jung Hee-chul, Lee Hoo, Ha Min-woo, Kim Dong-jun, and Hyungsik himself. Hyungsik is also a member of the sub-group ZE: A Five.
  • Park Hyung-sik
    Caption: Park Hyung-sik, Singer (Photo: Instagram)

  • Prior to his debut as an actor and singer, Hyungsik appeared in Jewelry S’s music video for Date in February 2009. The male lead in this music video was Hyungsik. During the same year, the singer-actor also worked as a uniform brand model. Hyungsik has also appeared in Jewelry’s other music video for the song Hot & Cold, as well as V.O.S’s 2015 song – Someday.
  • Park Hyung Sik began his career as an actor with the musical Temptation of Wolves. It was 2011, and Hyungsik was a cast member alongside Super Junior’s Ryeowook. Aside from that, Hyungsik’s theatrical projects include Gwanghwamun Love Song, Bonnie & Clyde, The Three Musketeers, and Elisabeth.
  • Furthermore, as an actor, Park Hyung Sik gained notoriety for his roles in The Heirs, High Society, Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, Strong Girl Bong-soon, and Suits. Before all of this, Hyungsik made his acting debut in the 2012 drama I Remember You.
  • Park Hyung Sik also appeared in Dummy Mommy in 2012, playing the vocalist of an indie band. He then portrayed the Sirius, the adolescent version of two twin brothers with diametrically opposed personalities. Park Hyung Sik also played the role of Young Park Sun-woo in Nine in 2013.
  • It’s a time-travel drama in which Hyungsik plays the younger version of Lee Jin Wook’s character.
  • In addition, Hyungsik rose to prominence after appearing on the reality show Real Men in June 2013. The actor was dubbed “Baby Soldier.” This name was given to Park Hyung Sik because of his innocent yet passionate appearance.
  • Park Hyung Sik joined the cast of What’s With This Family in August 2014. In this family drama, Hyungsik played Cha Dal-bong, the youngest child who is struggling to find a stable job. Park Hyung Sik then portrayed a chaebol who falls for a part-timer in High Society in 2015.
  • Similarly, Park Hyung Sik’s portrayal of King Sammaekjong in Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth drew a lot of attention in December 2016. It is a historical drama starring well-known actors such as Park Seo Joon, Go A Ra, Kim Taehyung, and Choi Minho.
  • Following that, Park Hyung Sik made his directorial debut in February 2017. It was with Strong Girl Bong-soon, Park Bo-young, and Ji Soo. The success of this drama series resulted in more endorsement offers for Park Hyung Sik.
  • Park Hyung Sik co-starred in Two Rays of Light in December 2017 with Han Ji-min. In April 2018, Hyungsik appeared on Suits as Mike Ross’s Korean counterpart.
  • In June of the same year, the actor was named the exclusive model of: (the South Korean version of Royal Chaos). It is a female-oriented mobile game created by FriendTimes. Then, in November, the singer-actor returned to the stage with the stage production of Elisabeth.
  • Park Hyung Sik made his feature film debut in 2019. It was with the legal drama Juror 8. Hyungsik received the award for “Best New Actor” for his work on this project. The actor received this honor at the 39th Korean Association of Film Critics Awards in November 2019.
  • Park Hyung Sik enlisted for his mandatory military service on June 10, 2019. The singer-actor enlisted in the Nonsan Army Recruit Training Center.
  • It is situated in the South Chungcheong Province. There, Hyung Sik received his basic military training. Following this, Hyung Sik served as an active-duty soldier in the Capital Defense Command’s military police department. The singer-actor officially completed his military service on January 4, 2021, and was discharged on the same day.
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