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August 10, 2021



Be it a girl or a boy everyone wants white teeth to show while they are talking and smiling. Human teeth change their colour as days pass by, it turns from white to yellow or brown. Teeth whitening Wimbledon there are many dental clinics where you can go for help or you can try to maintain on your own without taking help from the dentists. Every year lakhs of young adults spend money on dental treatment just to make their smiles look bright. Over time smoking cigarettes, red wine, and drinking coffee create stains on our teeth.


  • How do the teeth whiten procedure work?

It is a treatment to make human teeth look whiter than before. There are two ways for it: bleaching and non-bleaching products. Some doctors use the term ‘bleaching’ and some say ‘whitening’, it is one at the same thing. When it comes to bleaching products that the doctors will be using will have bleach in them. Other products that are for ‘whitening’ will remove food and debris in between the teeth without using bleaching products. All the bleaching products have peroxide (carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide) in them and these products can remove stains present both on the surface and deep inside. It will make the teeth become a shade lighter than their present shade.

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  • What are bleaching products?

Bleaching products are active ingredients present in the tooth whiteners and these days it is available in the local drugstore of London. Hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent whereas carbamide peroxide breaks down into hydrogen peroxide. The bleaching products that the dentists use is much stronger than the ones available in the store. All their whiteners have 35% to 45% peroxide and the store ones are only 7% peroxide. The other ingredients which they use have glycerine. Sodium hydroxide, Carbopol along with some flavour.


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Still, the best suggestion is to take the help of a dentist for whitening. If you are from London then visit the SW 19 Confidental, they will take care of your problems. Here the dentist comes up with the best whitening options for their patients and makes a treatment plan just to avoid any kind of complications. Professional whitening at the dentist’s office takes an hour to get over. In this treatment, the dentist applies a tooth whitening gel that has 25% to 40% hydrogen peroxide, and then it aims a heating lamp towards the teeth three times at an interval of 20 minutes. In between, he will keep applying gel at very regular intervals. Some of the dentists practicing in London use lasers for this whitening treatment. The doctor will give a barrier that will keep the patient’s tongue, gums, and lips away from the whitening gel so that the gel stays on the teeth for a long time. For best results, the dentist might give whitening trays for home use if the patient needs to use bleaching solutions.

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  • How to whiten teeth at home?

Over the years teeth, whitening kits have become very popular, easy to use, and obviously inexpensive. These kits contain lower amounts of peroxide than the products that the dentists use. On the other hand, some people get the best results by using them. People are free to use them but it is best to discuss with a dentist before using them for the safety of the tooth enamel. These products are also effective to get rid of deep stain marks that have been there over the years.

  • The whitening trays: The whitening trays are one method that people can use at home for making their teeth white. Sometimes the dentists recommend using home whitening kits because it contains a higher percentage of bleach which gives better results. He might also make custom moulds of teeth and fit the application on flexible plastic. All the fitted trays make sure that the bleach stays in close contact with the teeth, they also prevent the saliva from diluting the solution. This also minimises the amount of bleach from leaking out or irritating the gums. The kits that are available in the rug store do not fit the teeth properly and the chances of leaking are quite high. Tooth bleaching products are added to the trays before using or inside the syringe. A dentist is free to adjust the bleach concentration according to the requirement of the patient. He will also apply to desensitize agents before and after the procedure.
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  • Whitening strips: one of the most popular ways to whiten teeth is to use strips. This is actually a thin, flexible plastic that has a low concentration of bleach products. These strips are placed on the teeth carefully so that it takes the shape of the teeth. People can use these while doing any kind of activity, and the application is for 30 minutes and not more. Some say that strips are more effective than whitening toothpaste but it can cause gum irritation or some kind of sensitivity on the teeth. Strips are less effective than any custom-fitted trays because the saliva can seep through the strips.


  • Whitening rinses: Well, this is a new product that turns the teeth white. On top of that, it also brings in fresh breath by reducing dental plaque and eradicates gum diseases. The products also have peroxide that helps to turn the teeth white. Use it as mouthwash and you can use it twice a day before brushing the teeth. The manufacturers say one needs to use this for 12 weeks to get the results.


  • Teeth whitening in Wimbledon are completely safe and painless thanks to the dedicated effort of highly qualified dentists and skilled support staffs at the Confidental Dental Clinic. The practice has reputation for providing the most stunning results. Moreover the results come fast and the dazzle in your teeth is guaranteed to last pretty long. The practice offers only the most effective treatments from renowned brands that are popular all over the world. At Confidental Dental Clinic we readily accept patients who have extra sensitive teeth for this modern cosmetic dentistry treatment. Given our level of expertise, the chair-side treatment hardly lasts an hour on average. Moreover we also provide home whitening kits that produce fast and lingering results.
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Still, if you want to visit the dentist and take professional help then visit the SW 19 Confidental. They have more than a thousand patients who come to their clinic only for this treatment. Moreover, the success rate is more than 98% and the patients refer the clinic to their friends and family members. They have the best dentists and dental hygienists working for the clinic so be sure you will get what you want.



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