December 13, 2021


New York Fashion Week: Top Color Trends for Spring / Summer 2022

In researching New York Spring / summer 2022 fashion shows, I concluded that the color identity assessment categories guarantee that standards are actually categories of historical awareness. This introduced new social challenges and new style options to adapt to the updated style. But now, from the pandemic, people are increasingly tired of focusing on their wellbeing. In reality, celebrities are losing ground. Consumers care less and less about them. Technology and sustainability are the new trends, individualism the new trendsetter.

To put simply, consumers are looking for shades that use bolder hues to convey a calm revitalization while also conveying a sense of calm. Pantone’s Fashion Color Trends Report for spring 2022 for New York Fashion Week proves that colors have an emotional meaning. For days I cannot know consumer habits in a post-pandemic global society. The way of the consumer as humanity quickly transitions into an alienated and all too uncertain future. The interesting thing is that post-pandemic fashion is leaving pre-pandemic style behind. Now, more than ever, the time to update your wardrobe as all items seems out of date before the pandemic.

As I call it; Blue and green are the most important colors to this day. They are the colors of the sea and the sky and the green of the land, the colors of nature. In a world where humanity spends more and more time online, green and blue restore the beauty and power of nature knowing because we have worn or looked at it. In some ways, the spring / summer 2022 color palette is contradicting itself, encompassing muted hues and bold hues, acts of defiance where the most energetic colors shine brightly to raise morale and celebrate rebirth.

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At the top of NYFW, muted pastel tones paired with contrasting color combinations and unexpected color combinations provide an electric boost of energy. Plus, nude becomes the key to spring / summer 2022 – the color looks lighter in combination. Good with highlighter colors like neon yellow/green or neon yellow and pink; these almost fluorescent colors convey the message of strength and victory. Pink will peak in spring/summer 2022. More precisely, pink is no longer a delicate feminine color. On the other hand, today pink is an activism color; pink actually shows its strength in contrast to beige or nude tones, this gives a touch of fresh 2022. Speaking of beige, there are many beige tones, creamy and beige in the spring / summer 2022 collections.


Here, my team and I have highlighted a few selected color trends that Forbes will be the big winners in 2022: bright looks and ties made of jersey and silk that express joy and freedom, in aqua blue and Petrol with woven white tones sharper than sharp.

What my team and I found most promising was that fashion brands and designers are using natural dyes to set the tone on the path to sustainability and success.


Acne Studios 

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Acne Studios is a meeting of handcrafted historical pieces with a hyper futuristic attitude. A collection about identity and instinct, an experiment that has always been the focus of Acne Studios: jewelry chains, necklaces, and pendants are like pulls, while the small crescent-shaped leather bags are fitted with wide, moon-shaped straps. The ergonomic lines of the extra high wooden steps, price available upon request.


Alexander McQueen: 

Alexander McQueen Neon pink silk thread and leather zip-up corset and neon pink viscose skirt Alexander McQueen corset top, $ 2,740 Alexander McQueen skirt, $ 3,790.



The DUNCAN Spring / summer 2022 collection was inspired by designer Michelle Duncan during the winter in Miami. The tropical heat, the bodies of water, and the lively imagery of Little Haiti awakened new hope. In essence, the collection takes an essentially Duncan perspective, but the palette and taste are an entirely new exploration of color and shape in an exotic world of embellishment place:type=6&sort=14&maxresults=10/.


Gabriela Hearst: 

Gabriela Hearst worked for this shirt with the association MADRES and ARTESANAS TEX / YELKA Bolivia, an organization made up of small businesses and made up of women who are dedicated to the production of high-quality handmade fabrics. Each of these self-managed companies can count on a guaranteed market thanks to the commercial management of Yelka Maric, director of the organization and principal entrepreneur. Madres and Artesanas Tex specialize in artisanal production methods such as macramé, crochet, and other styles of knitting. These are mini-businesses that employ up to 200 artisans in high season. Each mini-business is led by an entrepreneur who guides, teaches, and oversees all the processes used in the production of the assigned items, Hannibal sweater, $ 5,390. Siméon pants, $ 6,350.

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