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Magomed Tolboyev Bio, Net Worth 2022, Age, Birthday, Height, Parents

Facts of Magomed Tolboyev
Full Name: Magomed Tolboyev
Age: 70 years
Birthday: 20 Jan
Birthplace: Sogratl, Dagestan
Nationality: Russian
Gender: Male
Horoscope: Aquarius
Wife: Lyubov Tolboyeva
Net Worth: $1M-$5M
Height: N/A
Profession: Politician, Athlete, Pilot
Sibling: Four brother(Taygib, Shey Magomed Tojiboyev, Ali Tolboyev, Ahmed Tolboyev) and one sister (Hadizhat Abduzhalilova)

Magomed Tolboyev is a former Russian high-profile Soviet-era test pilot. Magomed Tolboyev first gained public attention as a test pilot for the Buran space shuttle. In Russia, he has worked on both civilian and military aircraft. He, too, is an athlete.

How old is Magomed Tolboyev?

Megomed Tolboyev was born on January 20, 1951, in the Russian village of Sogratl, Dagestan. He is 69 years old and of Russian nationality. And he is born under the astrological sign of Aquarius.

His mother’s name is Djamgarat Alievna, and his father’s name is Omar Magomedovich. Similarly, Megomed’s mother worked on the collective farm, and his father was a chauffeur. Similarly, Taygib’s elder brother was also named a Hero of Russia. He also has three brothers and one sister, whose names are Shey Magomed Tojiboyev, Ali Tolboyev, Ahmed Tolboyev, and Hadizhat Abduzhalilova. He is also a member of the Avar family.

Magomed Tolboyev graduated from EVVAL, Yeisk Higher Military School of Pilots, in 1973. He later attended a number of educational institutions. Similarly, in 1984, he attended the evening department of the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI), specializing in system engineering.

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Magomed also graduated from the CB Group’s Higher School of Social Sciences (Higher Party School) in Germany and completed a training course at the Cosmonaut Training Center. Furthermore, he spent two years at the Peoples’ Friendship University’s graduate school, specializing in Russian history. He is also a candidate for technical and historical sciences.

Magomed Tolboyev
Magomed Tolboyev’s Early Life (Photo:airdata)

What is the Net Worth of Magomed Tolboyev?

In terms of earnings and income, according to popularbio, he has an estimated net worth of $1M-$5M.

Magomed Tolboyev
Magomed Tolboyev Giving Speech (Photo:Wikipedia)

Who is Magomed Tolboyev married to?

Lyubov Tolboyeva married Magomed Tolboyev. They have three children, two daughters and one son. Marina, the eldest daughter, studied in London and graduated from the Metropolitan University there. Similarly, Ruslan, the son, is the CEO of both companies as well as a shareholder in a number of others. Natalia, the second daughter, works as a fashion designer.

Furthermore, the couple met when Magomed was a cadet at the Yeisk school. He was training in Taganrog at the time. They also worked on his future wife Lubov Vasilyevna, a native Cossack woman, in the garrison. They married a year after they met, in 1977.

How tall is Magomed Tolboyev?

Magomed Tolboyev’s body measurements, including height, weight, chest size, and any other sizes, are currently unknown. And Tolboyev’s measurements are still being reviewed. In addition, he has brown hair that is gradually turning white and green eyes.

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 Career line of Magomed Tolboyev

  • Magomed Tolboyev had served in the Soviet Army since 1969. And, since 1973, a pilot in the Soviet Union’s Air Force. He also served in the fighter aviation of the Air Force of the Odesa Military District and the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany, and he was in charge of a portion of the parachute training.
  • Similarly, after graduating in 1981, the Schoolstest pilots MAP USSR sent to the LII them, and since 1984 Magomed has been the commander of the space ship “Buran,” he is given the qualification of a test cosmonaut.
  • He flew combat vehicles such as the MiG-25, MiG-29, and Su-24 as a test pilot. He also worked with a number of new experimental and sports aircraft, studying them and becoming the first to fly them into the sky.
  • In addition, as a result of his flying and testing work, he was able to solve a number of problems related to aviation equipment, such as the development of air combat methods. Furthermore, there were numerous unforeseen situations in his flight practice, but he always emerged with honor.
  • Megomed Tolboyev joined the LII cosmonaut corps and received training at the Yu.A. Gagarin Training Center for Pilots-Cosmonauts. And, during this training, there were a number of one-of-a-kind practice flights. Similarly, he was a member of the USSR national team for aviation sports for many years before becoming a co-founder of “CPC” (“Conversion technologies of space”) in 2002.
  • Magomed Omarovich Tolboev was nominated for People’s Deputies of the RSFSR in 1990. He did not, however, receive the required number of votes. And, a year later, during the putsch, he rose to defend the White House. Similarly, he came close to becoming the President of the Republic of Dagestan, participating in the election campaign and finishing second after the election.
  • He entered politics after graduating from Peoples Friendship University in 1993. Magomed was a member of the State Duma’s first convocation in 1995. Likewise, he is appointed as deputy chairman of the Committee on Industry, Construction, Transportation, and Energy.
  • Magomed Tolboev, likewise, served as secretary to the Republic of Dagestan’s Security Council from 1996 to 1998. And, in this capacity, he oversaw large-scale efforts to prevent military operations in Dagestan.
  • Furthermore, in 1996, Magomed was offered the concept of ending the armed conflict in Chechnya, and he was also a member of the group “New Regional Policy.” Later, he was involved in the formation of a new faction called “Stability.”
  • Furthermore, in 1994, he was a delegate to Dagestan’s Constitutional Assembly, and in 2012, he became a confidant of a presidential candidate.
  • In 2011, Megomed Tolboyev was elected President of the Russian Federation of Rugby. He also enjoys a variety of sports, including tennis, football, volleyball, mountain parachute jumps, and mountain skiing. He was also elected as a candidate for master of sports and competed in freestyle wrestling. Honorary President of the Wushu Sanda Federation in Moscow.
  • Similarly, in 2013, a spontaneous resonance occurred in West Biryulyovo, one of Moscow’s districts. Local residents were also dissatisfied with the fact that the base employs a large number of illegal immigrants, and they even petitioned the authorities to remove the vegetable store outside the Moscow Ring Road.
  • Similarly, the organization of the protest was prompted by the murder of Yegor Shcherbakov by an illegal migrant from the Caucasus, according to the official version.
  • Furthermore, in connection with these events, the locals began talking about Magomed Tolboyev, who was at the time the honorary president of ZAO “New Cheryomushki,” which was controlled by the most well-known vegetable store in Biryulyovo.
  • Then, in 1992, ZAO “New Cheryomushki” was established, and the organization is truly a family affair, with shares owned by cousins. Furthermore, following this incident, the vegetable base, and shortly after the raid, the market was decided to close.
  • Furthermore, the experienced ace spoke to National Service news about the tragic accident, which was an air crash over Egypt on October 31, 2015. And, according to him, each disaster can be caused by one of three factors: crew error, technical malfunction, or external influence.
  • Similarly, as an aviation expert, Tolboyev claims that the aircraft was completely serviceable and that the crew could not be held responsible in this situation.
  • Magomed leaning toward the third possibility, that someone interfered with the aircraft’s operation. Similarly, he claims that the communication failure occurred as a result of the explosion, at a time when the aircraft was high in the air, and that the crew did not have time to report on the ground about the emerging unplanned situation.
  • Magomed Tolboyev also lives and works in Zhukovsky, and his professional activities are connected with the public, testing, military-expert, political, scientific, and sports spheres. Similarly, he currently serves on the President of Russia’s political advisory council.
  • He does not, however, leave aviation, as he is the president of the Russian corporation “Aviation.” He is also the honorary president of the MAKS airshow and the Wushu-Sanda Federation.
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Achievements of Magomed Tolboyev

Magomed Tolboyev deserved a number of honorary titles, including Hero of Russia and holder of the Order of the Red Banner of Labor. By presidential decree in 1992, he was named Hero of Russia for his bravery and heroism in testing aviation equipment. Similarly, Tolboev is a military pilot of the third class, an Honored Test Pilot of the Russian Federation, and a Candidate of Historical Sciences.

Magomed Tolboyev was also awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor in 1989. Then, in 2006, he was appointed as a doctor of historical sciences, with the military rank of Colonel of the reserve. In addition, he was named a “Honored Worker of Transport of Russia” in 2011. Magomed Tolboyev also holds the Order of Merit of the Republic of Dagestan.

Magomed Tolboyev
Soviet-era test pilot Magomed Tolboyev (Photo:erch)


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