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Larisa Dolina – biography

Larisa Dolina was born on September 10, 1955 in Baku, in the family of Alexander Markovich and Galina Izrailevna Kudelman. Two years later, she and her parents moved to Odessa. My father worked all his life as a glazier at a construction site, his mother was a typist. Having started her singing career, she took her mother’s maiden name.

She graduated from a music school, cello class. I got carried away by jazz. While studying at school, she sang in restaurants. In the 10th grade, she passed a competition and got into the Odessa Philharmonic. She became a soloist of the vocal sextet “Wave” at the pop orchestra “We are Odessites”. Then she worked in the youth ensemble “Armina”, in the State Pop Orchestra of Armenia under the direction of Konstantin Orbelian, in the State Pop Ensemble of Azerbaijan, in the “Sovremennik” orchestra under the direction of Anatoly Kroll. Together with Kroll, she prepared the “Anthology of Jazz Music”. She performed at the Jewish Chamber Theater. For three years she lived in Leningrad with her first husband. After the divorce, she left for Ulyanovsk and began to work in the “Diapazon” ensemble. Then she created her own team “Escort”. The quote is taken from “DesireMovies

Larisa Dolina: “At sixteen I had a rate of four fifty per concert. My destiny is to pay for everything and achieve everything on my own. But I’m not complaining. I like independence. I’ve been trying to get it for too long. Spent many years. More than others. But she remained honest with herself. I have a generally spotless reputation. Sometimes I even want to think of something like that about myself. ”

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In the second half of the 1980s, she gave up jazz and turned first to rock and then to pop music. In 1984 she sang one of the main parts in the cantata The Story of Doctor Faustus by Alfred Schnittke. Collaborated with composer Viktor Reznik (songs “My Half”, “House of Cards,” Ldinka “). She has created several concert programs, with which she traveled all over the country: “Long Jump”, “Icicle”, “Little Woman”, “I Sing What I Want”, “Weather in the House”, “Dreams of an Extrovert”, etc. She recorded albums: “Song of Neptune” (1986), “Long Leap” (1986), “House of Cards” (1988), “New Day” (1989), “Ice Cube” (1993), “Forgive Me” (1993), “Get used to Larisa Dolina “(1994),” Valley in the Valley of Passions “(1995),” Goodbye … No, goodbye! ” (1996), “Weather at Home” (1997), “Happy Lot” (1998), “Singer and Musician” (1999), “Epigraph” (2000),

Has performed in the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory twice: with the State Academic Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Evgeny Svetlanov (performed world jazz hits) and with the Denis Matsuev Trio (songs by George Gershwin). She recorded soundtracks for the films: An Ordinary Miracle (1978), 31 June “(1978),” HuniePop 2  “(1982),” Princess of the Circus “(1982),” Together with Dunaevsky “(1984),” Winter Evening in Gagra “(1985),” Island of Wrecked Ships “(1987),” Man from Boulevard des Capucines “(1987),” To Kill the Dragon “(1988),” The Bremen Town Musicians & Co “(2000),” Love-Carrot “(2007). She played roles in the films: “The Velvet Season” (1978), “We are from Jazz” (1983) and others. She starred in television projects: “Old Songs about the Most Important” (1996), “The Newest Adventures of Pinocchio” (1997), “Cinderella “(2002),” Happy New Year! With new happiness!” (2003).

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Larisa Dolina: “Everyone already knows that Dolina has a voice. I will not surprise anyone with my voice. And I need to experiment. Therefore, every time I choose new forms, change my image. Become monotonous? I will never allow myself to do that! ”

In 2010, on the stage of the Theater of the Russian Army, the premiere of the musical “Love and Espionage”, which Maxim Dunaevsky composed especially for Larisa Dolina, took place. She performed several roles in it.

On February 27, 2011, at a Moscow concert by jazz artist Al Jarro, the star performed two songs – “Summertime” and “Wonder Where You Are” from her album “Hollywood Mood”. At the concert of the New Wave stars in July 2011, on the first day of the competition, Larisa presented her version of Tina Turner’s famous song “Private Dancer”. And at the closing ceremony, the Valley performed the composition “Before You”, the poems to which she wrote herself. In 2011, the premiere of a new concert program “Dreams of an Extrovert” took place, which the singer considers the best in her entire career. Since 2012, the star has been touring with this program in the cities of Russia and the world. At the same time, she also plays in the musical “Love and Espionage”, which was shown again in Moscow, after an almost year-long hiatus.

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Larisa Dolina: “To be a“ star ”you need to have an iron character! ”

At the end of December 2011, Larisa Dolina’s traditional jazz concert “New Year’s Jazz Carnival” took place in Moscow, in which Igor Butman’s orchestra also took part. In February 2012, the singer takes part in the anniversary concert of Lev Leshchenko. The star sang the anthems of Russia and Canada at the symbolic match between the national teams of Russia and Canada, dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the super series of games of Soviet and Canadian hockey players USSR – Canada (1972), which took place on February 24, 2012. In May of the same year, the Valley with the program “Dreams of an Extrovert” flew on tour to the United States and gave three concerts in Boston, Las Vegas and New York. In the summer of 2012, the singer performed live at her creative evening several compositions – both jazz and popular music, including the final monologue of Claude France from the musical “Love and Espionage”.

Larisa Dolina: “You see, it’s not my life now, but sheer fun. There have been different years – better and worse. But now I really feel like straightening my shoulders. Now, in my opinion, I am in my teenage years! ”

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In the spring of 2013, Larisa became a member of the jury of the first season of the show “One to One!” in the sixth episode on the Russia-1 TV channel instead of Lyubov Kazarnovskaya, and in the summer she was invited to the Channel One TV project “Universal Artist” as a member of the jury. The singer wanted to take part in the show and eventually became the winner of the TV project in the musical genre “Jazz”, gaining 43 points in the final score.

On October 5, 2013, the premiere of the famous Broadway musical “Chicago” took place in Moscow, in which Valley appeared as Morton’s mother. The singer’s performance was highly appreciated, calling it “not just perfect, but over-professional, given the ideal vocal abilities and frank acting talent.” The quote is taken from “Filmyzilla


▪ Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (1993)
▪ People’s Artist of the Russian Federation (1998)


▪ Prize at the All-Russian Competition of Soviet Song Performers in Sochi (1978)
▪ Special Prize at the Pop Song Competition in Tallinn (1979)
▪ Grand Prix at the Festival in Gottwaldov (1981)
▪ Title “Best Singer of the Country” at the All-Union Competition “Profi” ( 1986)
▪ Ovation Award (1994, 1996, 1997)
▪ Golden Gramophone Award (1997, 2005)
▪ Prize of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia (1998)
▪ Title “Woman of the Year” (1998)
▪ Award “Stopud Hit” (1999, 2000)
▪ Olympia Women’s Achievement Public Recognition Award (2004)
▪ Order of Honor (2005)

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A family

First husband – Anatoly Mionchinsky, jazzman, worked in the Sovremennik orchestra (lived for eight years and divorced in 1987)
Second husband – Viktor Mityazov, bass player, music producer (lived for 11 years and divorced in 1998)
Third husband – Ilya Spitsin (08/28/1968), bass player, music producer (married in 1998)
Daughter – Angelina (born 1983), from the first marriage
Granddaughter – Alexandra (09/28/2011)


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