August 21, 2021


KissCartoon 2021- Top 9 Alternatives to Watch Cartoon Online Free

Cartoons have always been a great part of everyone’s childhood and they give a sense of joy and entertainment. No matter who you are, or where you are from, cartoons always take you back to a trip down memory lane.

Apart from the cartoon, anime; this is an early form of cartoon and has become quite popular in the modern age as millions of people have been following the anime scene for quite a while now. If you are one of those fans, then the kiss cartoon website must be a household name for you.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the word, kiss cartoon, it is one of the best websites where you can stream and download cartoons and anime without even paying a penny. The website even has a location feature that you can enable to watch your interest-based programs.

The kisss cartoon has all types of anime and cartoons, even the ones that are quite underrated and the ones that are well known as chartbusters, which makes it one of the most popular and successful and is the best option for the people who are in love in anime.

The wide range that is available on the kisskarton website is unparalleled and cannot be found anywhere. Although there are no websites that are quite like this, there are a few that can give this website a tough time as we will be talking about them later on in this blog.

Disclaimer- The information given on this blog is for the sole purpose of educating the audience about the various websites that offer ways to download and watch cartoons and anime online. We do not, in any way promote or support the use of such websites as you can get in serious trouble.

How Can You Spot Duplicates Of KissCartoons?

As the craze for this website grew, so did the number of clone websites that were available on the internet. This in turn made it quite difficult for people to spot the original website of kiss cartoon.

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This somewhat led to the downfall of kiss cartoon as the real kiss cartoon was a gem of a website but many other websites started to make money by taking advantage of the name and the popularity of the real website by using the domain and offering websites that are of the same or a very similar name to attract views.

Even though most people get fooled by this, the real fans of kiss cartoon can tell the difference between the real website and the fake websites. Even so, the fake sites are doing nothing good except for spreading viruses and whatnot.

Now that we know how you can spot the fake websites from the real ones, let us look at the simple way on how we can watch cartoons for free.

How To Watch Cartoons For Free?

There are tons of websites on the internet where you can watch and download cartoons and anime for free. But the thing is, these websites have copyrights which increase the chance of being duplicated.

Everyone wants the right place for their content which is why we want our content to be secure. The same also goes for cartoon streaming websites, which is why it is quite difficult for us to find the content of a paid website for free.

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This led to the kiss cartoon website offering all of the content for free. There is no other website that has the content as this website. The website has so many new videos that you wouldn’t be able to resist watching new content every day.

The most famous content that is available on the Kiss cartoon website is Rick and Morty. It is an animated science fiction sitcom that brings out tons of great misadventures of the two protagonists, Rick and Morty. You can simply download and watch the entire trailer and all of the four seasons of Rick and Morty for free. You also have the option of watching it online.

Since the clones took over, the real website faded away real soon. So how do we access the real website? Read below to find out.

What Happened To Kiss Cartoon And Does Kiss Cartoon Still Exist?

No, you cannot access the realkiss cartoon website as there are no known domains left that can help you to visit the real kiss cartoon. There is only one real kiss cartoon. It has all the original content that you cannot find anywhere else.

Sadly though, the real website cannot be found because of the large number of fake websites that are on the internet. These are often known as the kiss cartoon cons.

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Best Proxy And Mirror Websites Of Kiss Cartoon

If you still intend on doing so, you can try to access the proxy and mirror websites of kiss cartoons that are available on the internet. Given below is a list of all the best proxy and mirror websites that you can access to watch cartoons and anime for free.


Kiss Cartoon: Legal Or Not

Even though the website is great, it doesn’t cover up the fact that the website is not legal at all; considering the domains that are active at present since the real website has been shut down a while back.

To add insult to injury, fake websites can confuse you even more as you might not be able to differentiate between the real ones and the fake ones. Although, one can always try to spot the difference as the real website always offers content in HD while the fake websites do not do that.

Simple Steps on How To Download From Kiss Cartoon?

If somehow you can visit the real website, using a proxy or a mirror website, you can use the steps given below to download cartoons and anime from kiss cartoon. 

  • You will need to visit the official homepage of kiss cartoon and look for the best stuff as there is a lot to explore.
  • Next, you will need to select and click on something, wait for a while until it’s loading. Once it loads, you can simply watch that cartoon or anime in between platforms.
  • You need to be careful enough to not click on any other spam link while you are downloading from the website.
  • Once you have ensured yourself about the authenticity, you can start to download it.
  • If you need to save the video on your device, you can do so with the help of a video downloader or a website. All you need to do is to copy and paste it on the downloader, the same that you do with YouTube whenever you want to download a video.
  • Next, just choose the video quality and start with the download. You can try to opt for a better internet connection if you want to download the video faster.
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These are the steps that can help you to download videos from kiss cartoon with relative ease. The major reason for the popularity of this website was because no millennial loves to spend money on something that he or she can watch online.

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The kiss cartoon simply gave them a way to make that happen as they offered the content for free. The interface of this website was also quite catchy which paid off well in the favor of the website developers as it gained huge popularity in the first few weeks.

Does Ad-Blocker Work With Kiss Cartoon?

The main reason why kiss cartoon was a monetized website is because of the ads that surfaced on this website. It was never getting any money from the visitors, as opposed to popular beliefs.

But you can get rid of all these simply by using an ad-blocker. All you have to do is to add it to your browser while you are watching cartoons on kiss cartoon.

Although, the fake websites of the kiss cartoon render all of these ad-blockers ineffective. You can only control the add-ons, but the malware, spyware, or malicious links that can be sent to your device are not in your control.

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Websites Like KissCartoon/Alternatives To KissCartoon

On a general note, no website can challenge the supremacy of the kiss cartoon but there are a few sites like kiss cartoon that act as a proxy to kiss cartoon. These websites load fast, free content is available on there; and you can even buy premium as there are some paid websites too just in case you think that there is a need for them. You can use these alternatives websites of kiss cartoon.

1. Anime Toon


This is the best website for users who want to watch anime in HD quality. The website has tons of great movies along with a large collection of anime for the users to enjoy. It is regarded by many as one of the best alternatives of kiss cartoons.

2. Crunchy Roll


The website Crunchy Roll has tons of things to offer to the users. This website has a large collection of HD-quality animated movies. This online forum is loved by tons of people because of the collection of toon movies that it has. To top it all, it has a great user interface that helps in navigating the users to the collection.

3. Kiss Anime


This website is another popular anime platform where you can find a wide range of movies in HD quality. The best part about this website is that you do not need to register on this website to get started, just visit the website and play the movie of your choice.

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4. Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network

The priced possession of children. Everyone knows about this amazing platform that has gained huge popularity, majorly because of the great extent to which it has taken anime to. The website allows you to choose and watch a huge collection of anime movies anywhere and at any time.

5. Cartoon Crazy


It is a great platform for you to watch anime and your favorite cartoon for free on this website. It has a total of around 25000 for you to watch movies and cartoons of your choice. People often visit this website to recall their childhood as it is quite popular for toons.

6. 9Anime


Another website that cuts as it offers a large collection of best-animated movies and cartoons. The website allows you to watch cartoons and anime for free without any registration and the best part is, the toons are also available with subtitles.

7. Disney Junior


This website has the best of both worlds when it comes to the toon series for both adults and children. With an attractive and simple user interface; this website makes sure that you can find the anime of your choice with relative ease.

8. Kim Cartoon. To


This website lets you download the cartoons of your choice with relative ease. The website has a great collection of shows and toons that are available in HD quality. All of this makes it a top-notch website for the users to access the movies of their choice.

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9. Cartoons Ons


If you want to watch cartoons and anime in high definition without having to register or without a subscription, then this website was made for you. You can enjoy tons of great cartoons on this website. It is also regarded as one of the best alternatives to Kiss Cartoon.

These are some of the websites like kiss cartoon that you can access the anime and cartoon of your choice.


The kiss cartoon website is the unprecedented king of cartoon streaming websites. You can get a wide range of cartoons and anime on this website to download and even stream online with relative ease.

Although the website is not exactly legal, people still access this website with the use of proxy and mirror websites. Just like TV shows, you can use kiss cartoon proxies to watch and stream for free.

There are tons of other alternatives available on the internet too shall the need ever arise. In a nutshell, if you are a cartoon enthusiast, then this website and you are a match made in heaven.


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