November 26, 2021


Ka Ho Ch Bio, Net Worth 2022, Age, Birthday, Height, Parents, & Career

Redd Foxx’s fourth spouse is Ka Ho Cho, an American entertainer, and professional comedian best known for his roles in Harlem Nights, Sanford and Son, Cotton Comes to Harlem, and All The Fine Young Cannibals.

Cho, who was raised in Seoul, South Korea, married Foxx in Las Vegas. We should look for some more facts about Ka Ho Cho:

Who was Ka Ho Ch married to?

Cho married John Elroy Sanford, also known as Redd Foxx, an American entertainer, and professional comedian. The couple met at Bally’s Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas two years after Foxx’s third separation from Yun Chi Chung. They married in 1991, after dating for quite some time, at Little Church of the West in Las Vegas, with a gathering party at the Hacienda Hotel.

Surprisingly, Foxx died three months after their marriage on October 11, 1991. When Foxx took a break from his practice while filming The Royal Family arrangement, he suffered a coronary episode on the set and died as a result.

Other Marriages of John Elroy Sanford

Cho is Foxx’s fourth marriage, and he has been married several times before marrying Cho. He married Evelyn Killebrew, his first spouse, in 1948 and they were married for more than three years before splitting up in 1951.

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Following a five-year separation, Foxx married his second spouse, Betty Jean Harris, a showgirl, and artist, in 1956, and gave birth to a daughter, Debraca Denise. Their marriage lasted a very long time and ended in 1975.

Foxx’s third marriage was also with a Korean young lady named Yun Chi Chung, a mixed drink server, in 1976, but things didn’t work out between them either, causing the previous couple to divorce in 1981.

Debt owed by a spouse

Foxx was still owed $-3.5 million from his various unpaid duties at the time of his death. Foxx stated during his wedding to Cho that Cho was with him during his most difficult time when his home was seized by the IRS. After Foxx’s death, he had nothing in his will that could be a burden to his family because he had a $-3.5 million obligation.

Foxx’s only child, Debraca, was named after Redd’s house, which sparked a feud between Debraca and her stepmother, Ka Ho Cho. Kaho felt she should be in charge of her better half’s finances. When Debraca took over Foxx’s accounts, Cho blamed her for being careless with Redd’s money and made sure Debraca spent Foxx’s money on herself rather than settling Foxx’s debts.

Presence on Social Media

Cho is currently not dynamic on any online media platforms. Since her better half’s death, she hasn’t been seen on many occasions and has led a quiet life.

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