June 19, 2022


How to Redirect a WordPress site?

Honestly, most of us prefer a plugin that was made to fix the most common issues an average site has. You don’t want to lose visitors but want to boost traffic? Great, start redirecting to the desired page and avoid the cliche “404” page today. To save your time, we are bringing you another “plugin of necessity” from our kitchen – WP 301 Redirects. This one paid close attention to the user’s experience because obviously, users became more demanding. It will not slow down your site in any way and runs under minimal requirements.

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It never loads unnecessary CSS or JS on the front end. On the other hand, 404 errors can never be smart enough, and there will always be something else your visitors would prefer to see. Instead of frustrating 404 errors, you can now show your visitors exactly what they want to see and make no mistake about it. Google support is there too. When it comes to automatic redirects and bad bots they get to a common 404 page. If you are tired of losing visitors – stay right here. That’s what this premium WordPress plugin is there for. Intelligent navigation and monitoring of your traffic along with SEO support will give you an edge in giving your visitors the best experience.

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There’s more to the extent to which you can maintain control over your redirection. With our WP 301 Redirects, you have full control and will regulate any of the redirections you have in the plan. An average user will appreciate extra care for your site’s image – because a bad reputation comes after links to malicious sites. Verification of all outgoing links will protect you and other visitors from ending up on malicious websites. The plugin will simply recognize if it is broken or malfunctioning. Furthermore, it will make you learn some interesting stuff and help you build better. Then, built-in charts are there to save your time and give you just what it takes to get a legit insight into what’s happening on the site.

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Running a website is not an easy task and it used to require much more technical knowledge. Nowadays, our plugins will make your life much easier by saving both your time and money. WP 301 Redirects take less than a minute to set up, add custom lin, and – no errors! For that reason, more than 100 000 users can certify that today. Not only that, but our WP Maintenance Mode will also let you start your SEO optimization early and give you the best results even if you had very little content on your web. Find out more details at www.wpmaintenancemode.com

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. There is more than a decade of experience in creating powerful and easy-to-use plugins behind us.  Notorious white screens will no longer terrify you either. Check out www.wpreset.comfor more information on the plugin that automatically takes a snapshot of the last good performance and makes sure you always have a safe restore point.



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