April 16, 2022


How to Make Money in an Online Casino: 10 Tips

When players walk into a casino or enter the website of their favorite casino site they have two things in mind: entertainment and winning. While entertainment is guaranteed (that is if you are into casino games), winning cannot be taken for granted. In casinos, some people lose money while others break even or win. Even though there is no guaranteed winning strategy, there are things you can do to improve your odds of winning.

We are discussing 10 tips here with the help of Dutch iGaming expert Jered Beugelink about how to win in online casinos.

Play only at reliable sites

This is stating the obvious, but many players make the mistake of depositing money on a dodgy casino site. Before you sign up on a new casino’s website always do your own research or visit review websites that list the top online casino that accept players from the Netherlands. Make sure that the casino is licensed and that they have a good reputation.

Play games with a low house edge

Every game has a house edge but not all of them are the same. Sticking with low house edge games gives you a higher chance of winning. Examples of low house edge games are video poker, blackjack, and craps. Roulette and slot games come with a higher percentage of house edge and the worst ones on the list are lottery-type games such as keno or bingo.

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Play jackpot games

Many games offer jackpots. If you find two similar games – one with a jackpot and one without – you should go with the one that offers a jackpot. Some slot games may even have network progressive jackpots up for grabs where players have a chance to win millions of euros. However, keep in mind that usually, you have to bet maximum wagers in order to qualify for the jackpot.

Sign up for loyalty programs

If you are a high roller or you deposit regularly you may be entitled to cash-back, bonuses or other rewards. High rollers may even be treated to prices such as electronics, vacations, cosmetics, etc at the best online casinos. Check the promotions section of your casino and sign up if there is a loyalty program in place.

Become a poker pro

This is easier said than done, but poker players are one of the few casino players that can become professional and consistently make money. It takes years though. There are poker schools where you can sign up or get tutoring from professionals.

Apply perfect strategy in blackjack

Players have tried (and often managed) to make big bucks with blackjack in land-based casinos by counting cards. When you play at an online casino, you cannot count cards, but you can apply a basic strategy bringing the house edge under 1%. So, this means that you have a nearly 50% chance of winning!

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Don’t make big bets on a limited bankroll

If you are on a limited budget make small wagers so that you can have as many spins or game rounds as possible, this way increasing your odds of winning. In games like slots, even a €1 wager can bring you a significant win.

Don’t be superstitious

Superstition and gambling way too often go hand in hand. The truth is that online casino outcomes are determined by random number generators and no superstition will influence the outcome in your favor.

If you are on a losing streak, walk away!

We all hate losing and we always hope that in the next game round we will win back everything. This is especially true for men who like to play and like competition more than women. Decide a budget for your gambling session and once it’s gone walk away!

Don’t drink and play

When we are drunk we are braver and do things we wouldn’t do with a clear head. Your decision-making will be compromised and you’ll blow your budget before you know it. Stick to non-alcoholic drinks while playing and save the boozing for later.


A win is never guaranteed in casinos but by following the ten tips we discussed above you can significantly raise your chances of winning.

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