April 24, 2023


How to Get Personal Loans from the Cash App


Cash App Borrow is a feature of Cash App that offers qualifying users short-term loans of up to $200. Cash App charges a flat rate of €5 for the loan. One must repay within 4 weeks to avoid the 1.25% cash app personal loan fees. If someone is considering using Cash App Borrow, one should fully understand how it works and how much it costs. Read on to see what the targeted Cash App user needs to know about and how to access features.

What is a Cash App?

It is a mobile app that allows users to borrow money from colleagues. One can borrow up to $200 and pay it back easily with a flat 5% fee. Borrowing cash from friends and family can be a lifesaver. Cash App makes the process of borrowing money hassle-free. Great if one doesn’t have access to credit or needs cash quickly.

Can one borrow money from a Cash App?

It depends – not everyone can borrow money from Cash App. The availability of this feature depends on several factors, including credit history and score, state of residence, how often one uses Cash App, and whether one has an activated cash card.

How does Cash App Borrow work?

With Cash App Borrow, one can borrow up to $200. The minimum borrowing amount for a cash app personal loan is $20. One has up to 4 weeks plus a grace period of 1 week to pay off the loan and a 5% flat fee. If one fails to repay the loan within the grace period, one will be charged a weekly loan fee of 1.25% on the outstanding balance. If the user signs up for automatic payments and fails to repay the Cash App Borrow loan on time, Cash App may deduct the loan balance from the Cash App balance or debit card. Cash App can also ban users from their platform until the loan and all funding costs are fully paid.

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This brief overview summarizes the Cash App Borrow loan terms.

  • Loans range from just $20 to $200.
  • The repayment term of the loan is 4 weeks.
  • There is a grace period of 1 week if payment is not made within 4 weeks.

How to use Cash App Borrow

1.   Open the app and log in

It will take a few seconds.


2.   Click on Account Balance

Tap the balance in the left corner to go to the banking section.

3.   Click “Borrow.”

If one doesn’t see the Borrow heading, there is no access, and one is not eligible for Cash App Borrow.

4.   Tap Unlock.

The app will show the borrowing limit. It ranges from $20 to $200.

5.   Choose a refund option

Choose the preferred repayment schedule.

6.   Agree and accept

Read the loan agreement carefully if one wants to take out a loan.

Eligibility criteria

To borrow money from Cash App, one must live in one of the states where Cash App Borrow is available. One must also be at least 18 years old, have good credit, have a valid cash card, and use the app frequently.

Repayment plan

The loan must be paid back in four weeks. The user will receive money immediately, with a flat 5% fee, and late fees may be added if the payment is missed. With cash app personal loans, one can get money faster by borrowing from like-minded people. Cash App is a peer-to-peer platform that allows you to take out short-term loans up to $200 upon qualification.

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How can one use the Loans feature in the Cash App?

Cash App keeps the Cash App Borrow very low, but there are ways to check if one is eligible. The method is as follows.

  • Open the Cash app on the phone
  • Click on the balance
  • On seeing a header that says Borrow, one is eligible for Cash App Borrow

It is the key. It is a scam if one doesn’t see “Borrow” and receives a notification from outside the app. Stay away!


Cash App Borrow loans are only good if one needs the money in an emergency and there are no cheaper alternative credit options. Make sure to pay off the loan before the grace period ends. Cash app personal loans are a great way to fund any emergency, such as a wedding, a medical expense, a vacation, or educating a child in the family. Before signing any contract, read the fine print carefully.



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