August 9, 2021


How Much Does It Really Cost to Build a WordPress Website?

If one is planning to build a website on WordPress, then the first question which pops up in the mind of the developer is what will be the cost associated with it. Well, that completely depends on the purpose of building a website like if it is an e-commerce site or for blogging purposes or for any other purpose. Secondly, where will be your website hosted, and also what features one needs on the website. So, there are several factors which decide the final cost of developing a website on WordPress but there are certain fixed costs which one has to pay apart from the customization costs. WordPress Development services India have gained popularity in recent times, and there are a number of start-up/business owners who are interested in getting their websites to be developed on WordPress but of course with a restricted budget.

Now, one thought that would prick in any one’s mind is that WordPress is FREE, and anybody can download and use it. It is an open-source software which is free to be downloaded and installed on any kind of website. WordPress Development company is well aware of the tools one requires to build the website on one of the best Content Management Systems.

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The purpose of building the website is also the factor which directly affects the price of the website:

  • Building WordPress website for small and niche business
  • Building a customized WordPress website
  • Building a WordPress website for e-commerce business
  • Building a low budget website or building a website with numerous features.

BREAKUP OF COST OF A WORDPRESS WEBSITE: is technically free but cannot get the site live until one bear some fixed cost. the details of these costs are mentioned below:

  • Name of the Domain

This basically refers to the address of one’s website on the internet and that is what the end-users will type in the browser to log in the respective website. The domain name should be familiar to the business name, and also it should be short and memorable.

If one is looking for some specific domain name, one needs to register it which lasts for one year. And if one wants to continue with the same domain then they have to renew it every year by paying an annual charge. Some of the famous domain names selected by users are .com, .org, .co, .net etc. Some of the domain names are reserved for the websites in specific countries.

A typical domain name costs around 10$ to 15$ annually. Namecheap, GoDaddy are some of the websites which provide the domain. But if someone is looking for websites specifically for SEO, branding and Marketing then one should get an advanced domain name. S, for this purpose, one can get a domain name from knowEm.

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2) Hosting

Hosting is again one such cost which is bound to happen when developing a website. Having a host is like having a home for your website. So once the domain name is bought, one needs to have a hosting service to publish the WordPress website.

Hosting is the process where the web hosting companies store the files of the developed website and deliver the content to the users which they see on the website. Web hosts also help to maintain the internet connectivity which enables the users to always view and access the site.

There are different types of hosting like,

  • Shared Hosting– Here the resources are commonly shared among different users. The files of more than one website are stored on the server.
  • Dedicated Hosting– Usually large businesses have their own server where all the files are stored. Although it comes with a limitation of scalability.
  • Cloud Hosting– Here, there is no requirement of server as everything is placed on cloud and even easily scalable.
  • Virtual Private Server Hosting– Files of multiple websites are stored on a single server but it is then virtually split into multiple servers.
  • WordPress Hosting– It is an exclusive shared hosting only for the WordPress users.
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If one has a new website then it will definitely have a smaller number of visitors so, one can buy low priced hosting services. But once you are established and start getting a good number of visitors then one has to switch to premium hosting plans like Namecheap, Dreamhost etc.

3) Themes

Themes are the fun part of any website, which one actually visualizes. There are a number of themes available in the market, but one should choose it wisely as per the need and business suitability. Also, free themes have certain issues of compatibility with the plugins and responsiveness of the digital devices.

And if one buys the theme from Themeforest like site then there are high chances of uniqueness of your website and also it will be less sleek and generic. Also, once purchased, it can be used for multiple websites. Also, one must read the reviews before purchasing the theme for a safe and successful purchase.

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4) Plugins

Now, once the theme is set, one can go for plugins as per the functionality they want to add on the website, and which is missing in the selected theme. It sounds similar to having an app in your mobile phone for different functions and services. At the initial stage of the business, the owners tend to keep the investment costs as low as possible, so one can go for the free plugins as it will cover all the basic and some of the premium needs.

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But if one is looking for the advance and some complex functionalities, one can purchase the plugins and enjoy the benefits. Some of the most used plugins are:

  1. Yoast SEO- One of the best plugins to strengthen the ranking of your website on the internet.
  2. MailChimp- It enables your website to capture the address and send out emails to the respective addresses.

Similarly, there are more such plugins which really enhance the workability of the website.

5) Security

Once the website starts getting a decent number of visitors then it has to be managed with some security layer. WordPress has the in-built security plugin which ensures the security of the website. So, whenever the updates are made available, it should be compulsorily installed then and there.

SSL- Security Socket Layer

Once decent traffic is diverted to the website, one should add an SSL certificate. It is one of the essentials to keep your website safe from hackers or any other suspicious online activity. It secures the internet connections and is behind ‘s’ in ‘https’.

The security plugins will not cost much and in fact a well performing website which is unsecured is more prone to hackers’ activities.

The above points can be summarized in below tables:

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Cost Parameter How much?
Name of the Domain Approx. $12 annually
Hosting Approx. $3 – $50 monthly
Themes Approx. $0 – $200 one-time
Plugins Approx. $0 – $1000 depends on requirement
Security Approx. $50 – $550 depends on requirement



The above points state that the actual cost of developing a WordPress website completely depends upon the requirement. If you have a start-up business, you can simply hire a dedicated developers and build websites with innovative features. Once a website starts running in a full-fledged manner then you can go for paid WordPress plugins etc. Thus, the cost estimation all depends on what one is expecting from the website.








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