August 21, 2021


How Are Marathi Keyboards Interesting to Use?

Marathi Keyboard Apps are widely regarded as the most authentic Marathi language app available. These apps adapt to your personal style to convey your thoughts and expressions. It provides a smooth and fluent texting interface, either by the translation from English to Marathi or by translating the text to Marathi by entering in the same Marathi keyboard. These diversified emoji keyboards include a large number of stickers. It even recognizes and predicts your favorite emoticons and texts, allowing you to always send the appropriate responses to your friends. It also allows us to forward Marathi texts and phrases in a variety of funny and interactive fonts, making the conversation extra vibrant and exciting.

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Ø  Why users will fall in love with Marathi Keyboard?

  • Using all of its innovative features, Marathi keyboards help keep our loved ones happy and sprightly.
  •  With accurate phonetic transliteration and voice-to-text highlight, you can captivate your friends and family and elicit action in your conversations.
  • The holistic approach of the Marathi typing app allows users to personalize their communication in our regional Marathi language and uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically predict Emojis, Memes, Stickers, and GIFs with Marathi text.

Typing Marathi on your Android or Apple keyboard has never been easier or more exciting! Take advantage of free-trending Marathi stickers and a plethora of emojis to spice up your conversations!

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Ø  Amazing Features in the Marathi Keyboard App

  •  The best input tool for quickly converting text into Marathi by fast typing in Marathi or transliterating from Marathi to English.
  • Use AI technology to seamlessly switch between Marathi and English predictions.
  •  Voice Typing – Speak and the keyboard will type for you using the speech to text feature.
  • Glide Typing — to type faster, slide your finger from letter to letter.
  • Word Correction — detects typos and suggests appropriate alternatives.
  • Using a selfie or a picture, create and share your lifelike cartoon head using the headshot feature.
  •  A large selection of emojis, emoticons, and Marathi stickers.
  • Open the Sticker/GIFs/Emoji section by clicking on the sticker icon in the suggestion bar.
  • Use the Keyboard to insert expressive emojis/emoticons into your chats.
  • Display your emotions with a plethora of emojis, emoticons, and Marathi stickers.
  • Choose from a library of beautiful themes or create your own using your photos.
  • Long-press BigMojis from the emoji panel to share them.
  • Distribute Marathi text in both elegant and funky fonts.
  •  Use this Keyboard to send texts with stickers and GIFs.
  • Quickly download the most recent movie, popular sticker, and entertaining story packs.

Ø  Beautiful and Customised Themes

  • Choose a beautiful theme from the library.
  • Create your own theme using your photos.
  • Explore and have fun with Live Themes
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Ø  Latest and Stylish Fonts

  • Send text in a variety of stylish and current fonts to make conversations more enjoyable.
  • Use the most recent and fashionable font text in emails and other social media platforms.
  •  Use stylish fonts to create beautiful text for a variety of other purposes.
  • Over 30 cool fonts to choose from — You can also make your text bold, italic, underlined, or strikethrough.

Ø  Personalised Content with Marathi (मराठी) Keyboard

  • Hilarious, fun stickers & GIFs
  • Use your own selfies or photos of friends and family to create a one-of-a-kind bobblehead caricature.
  •  Enter your favorite Marathi language to get stickers and gifs.
  • Create a theme with your own photo or select one of the many default refreshing themes available.
  • To get the same GIF, type your message and press the GIF button.
  •  Personalize your Marathi text messages with a plethora of stylish fonts.

Ø  Why is Marathi (मराठी) Keyboard Every Marathi’s Favorite?

  • Proudly Indian
  • Made with love by Marathis
  • Super-Fast Typing
  • Effortless Voice Typing
  • Highly Customisable
  • Fun caricature headshot of yourself and your friends
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Trusted by Millions of Users
  • Highest Level of Privacy
  • Reliability
  • Add contacts and make funny stories
  • Type in Cool Fonts
  • Customized Keyboard Themes
  • Daily New Jokes, Shayari, and more
  • Real-time Emoji Suggestions
  • Real-time Sticker Suggestions
  • Funny Marathi animated GIFs
  • Added Clipboard Support
  • Customizable photo themes
  • Dedicated Emoji row
  • Beautiful and personalized BigMoji’s
  • Marathi typing without internet
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These Keyboards will keep you engrossed like a feel-good novel and will help you stand out among your WhatsApp, Messenger, or any other chat groups. It will increase your effectiveness, strengthen your bonds with your friends and family in Marathi, and provide you with a sense of accomplishment. Download Marathi Keyboards from Google Play and App Store to join the Marathi () Keyboard family and make your conversations more heartfelt and meaningful.


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