August 10, 2021


Take Hidden Screenshots With AddSpy App Of Target Mobile

Sometimes we need hidden screenshots evidence of the other person’s blunders. It could be mostly for improvement. Specifically, this is designed for parents and employers. And even includes the category of husband and wife. Amazing technology has developed in the smartphone world which is called screenshot. It was part of a fully digital world.

But how do you take a screenshot of the opposite person’s smartphone? This is where the Spy Screenshot feature in AddSpy comes in handy. This permits the user to take a screenshot of his device without telling the other person.

Can you find a way to take hidden screenshots of your child, boyfriend, co-worker, or boyfriend as proof? Or are you looking for a way to track their mobile phone activity?

You can take hidden screenshots remotely of a person’s browser history, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, SMS, Camera, Tiktok, WhatsApp With AddSpy.

How Work AddSpy Hidden Screenshot?

How Work AddSpy Hidden Screenshot?
How Work AddSpy Hidden Screenshot?

The AddSpy Spy Screenshots feature is very easy to use. It works exactly like a personal device. Everything else you need:

  • AddSpy Premier Application Account
  • Smartphone or tablet with internet connection
  • Installing the AddSpy App on the Target Android Device
  • It takes the screen of the target Android device every 15 seconds.
  • Upload all the took screenshots to the user’s personal account.
  • Screenshots can be scheduled from the Control Panel, and users can set a time of 15 to 60 seconds for the screenshot.
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Pictures taken with this function can be saved in the Control Panel for future use. Shooting with other equipment is not difficult. But to be precise, the controlling person must know that he is being monitored. It is necessary.

How To Use AddSpy Hidden Screenshots on Android Phones?

Are you looking for a way to take screenshots of your child, friend, boyfriend or co-worker as proof? Do you want to use the app to spy on the people you love or the person you suspect? Do you want to follow someone’s phone anonymously and take screenshots of their activity, browsing history, texting, live location, phone streaming, front and rear camera? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you need to download the ultimate AddSpy Phone monitoring app to spy on someone secretly and take screenshots without their knowledge. Sometimes it is necessary to check their phone to see the activity of your child, friend or colleague, to know who they are talking to and to take screenshots for future reference.

  • You need a constant internet connection
  • Spy Screenshot Get the license key from AddSpy Support.
  • Download and install the AddSpy Hidden Screenshot app on your target Android phone.
  • Instantly, insert the license key in the target Android phone and this will automatically go into secrecy mode and start taking hidden screenshots privately from the target phone screen.
  • AddSpy Dashboard assists you to take distant screenshots of your target phone continuously and without limits.

How Hidden Screenshots Help You?

  • This allows you to take unlimited hidden screenshots.
  • Gives a user-friendly interface.
  • You don’t need to be technically experienced to use Hidden Screenshots AddSpy app.
  • Save as much data as you want and offer unlimited storage.
  • You can also create hidden screen recordings from your target phone.

Top-Notch Hidden Screenshot Features

For Parents

Parenting styles have changed a lot over time. This is because rational children have replaced the lives of traditional parents. AddSpy is the best app to take hidden screenshots on Android, unsurprisingly it’s all about protecting your kids from all kinds of things that need attention most of the time. Because of this, it is best if you choose AddSpy to protect your child.

Taking spy screenshots on an Android phone is relatively easy. Even AddSpy will not use any root process for your target Android device. Downloading Hidden Screenshots is easier than you think. It only takes two minutes to download and install on the target Android phone. It also enables you to listen to their voice.

For Business

If you are downloading AddSpy on your target employee’s Android gadget phone, it is the best AddSpy feature that prompts you to take unlimited screenshots anytime or anywhere.

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AddSpy provides multiple options to download hidden screenshots for proof in your phone and allows you to find out about the target person in such a smooth and short time. If you want to know more about your loved ones, chosen people, or colleagues, it is better to have them all installed on your target device.

Other Exciting Features Available with AddSpy Distant Hidden Screenshot Capturing

AddSpy Remote Screen take includes over 150 features of some of the most impressive phone spies. Monitor all messages, calls, and media transferred through WhatsApp and other instant messaging apps including IMO, Instagram, Facebook, Line, Skype, Kik, WeChat, and Viber. Get instant message updates with date, time, and sender information. Here is a list of some other features that are sure to win your heart.

Some Features

  1. Hidden Call Recorder: Record all incoming and outgoing calls and then download your recordings or listen directly from the control panel.
  2. Spy Photos: Pictures, audio files, and other multimedia files are a great way to locate any Android user’s cell phone. AddSpy Mobile Spy gives you access to all the mentioned features at the click of a button.
  3. Snapchat doesn’t hack polls: Visit your child’s Snapchat to remotely view all messages and media files.
  4. Skype Messenger Spy: With AddSpy Mobile Spy, it’s now easier to monitor all Skype conversations, including multimedia files, across devices.
  5. WhatsApp Messenger Spy: With WhatsApp Spy, you can easily exchange all SMS and multimedia messages like videos, pictures, voice recordings through WhatsApp Messenger.
  6. GPS Tracker: AddSpy Mobile Spy notifies you about the current location of the targeted Android smartphone.
  7. Distant Capture Hidden Camera: Remotely activate your mobile phone’s camera to take photos or videos uploaded to your web portal.
  8. Email Spy: Yahoo Mail, Outlook Mail, and Gmail are the most popular forms of official communication. People use these email services to share different types of spam emails. You can keep your family safe with the AddSpy Mobile Spy App to keep your family safe from all dangers. Employers can install AddSpy Mobile Spy on their employees’ cell phones to track their emails, while parents can install the iPhone Parental Monitoring app on their kids’ Android devices to hide emails from their emails.
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