July 11, 2021


Good habits and remedies to counteract heartburn and acidity

Heartburn and acidity of the stomach are defined in medicine with the term heartburn.
It may also happen that this discomfort is not exclusively limited to the stomach but that the esophagus is also involved since the gastric juices are able to pass through the cardia (i.e. the valve that separates the stomach from the esophagus) and go up towards the tall. When this happens the gastric juices can also reach the throat causing severe irritation and inflaming the mucous membranes and at that point one is forced to take drugs such as maalox plus in chewable tablets with antacid action .

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What is heartburn?

When we talk about heartburn, usually accompanied by stomach acid, we often refer to an occasional phenomenon, especially after a particularly heavy meal.
Under these circumstances the stomach is overproducing gastric acid.
However, when this discomfort occurs frequently, we no longer speak of occasional heartburn but of gastroesophageal reflux, a disorder that can become chronic. Reflux is characterized by the regurgitation of gastric acids which lead to that annoying burning sensation.

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The main causes of heartburn

As we have said, heartburn can appear occasionally following a particularly abundant meal or based on poorly digestible products. It can occur more frequently if you have an unregulated diet or if you eat poorly tolerated foods.
In these cases our digestive system is healthy and symptoms mainly depend on the overload of work that the stomach has to do in order to digest.

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There are also cases in which heartburn is linked to the presence of some pathologies. Among these we have already mentioned gastroesophageal reflux but it can also depend on gastritis, the presence of a gastric or duodenal ulcer, hiatal hernia, Helicobacter pylori infection, etc.

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Heartburn remedies

If heartburn occurs occasionally and not too often, antacid drugs can be used to neutralize acidity locally.
However, there are some behaviors that can help prevent heartburn and stomach acid from appearing after meals.
In particular, it would be better to avoid remaining seated or indulging in an armchair or sofa in a position that compresses the stomach.
Another important advice is to follow a healthy and correct diet combined with a healthy lifestyle. And when we talk about proper nutrition, we are not referring only to what we eat but also how we eat: it is important to chew slowly, eat in a comfortable environment and not expose yourself to the cold immediately after meals.

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As for what to eat, it would be advisable to avoid all those foods that favor stomach acidity or that in any case can be subjectively difficult to digest. It would be advisable to avoid fatty foods, especially of animal origin, and overly elaborate dishes. It is also best to avoid packaged products rich in preservatives. Acidic, spicy and very spicy foods should also be avoided.
In addition, it would be advisable to avoid drinking alcohol, fruit juices, carbonated or exciting drinks, such as coffee and tea which stimulate the secretion of gastric juices and, therefore, stomach pain.

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Finally, one should also stop smoking since nicotine stimulates the production of acidic juices and compromises the tightness of the cardia.

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