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Give your products a luxurious look with tray and sleeve Packaging

Looking for dazzling packaging to surprise your loved ones and your customers? Or seeking a reliable packaging that can protect your product while giving it a classic appearance? You should get these outstanding slide-to-reveal tray and sleeve packaging. That looks very cute and it just slightly unveils your product that it wins the heart of everyone. These boxes are also known as drawer packaging because of their design as it consists of 2 parts: a tray and a sleeve. They try to move or slide out from the sleeve holding the product in it. Perfect to pack cosmetics and jeweler items as it gives them a luxurious look. You can get these boxes in any shape or size or different material with a non-foldable design for better reliability.

Tray and Sleeve Packaging: Win Hearts with Dazzling Gifts

You can get these classic packaging to present small gifts to your loved ones. This will enhance the joy of your event and your guest will feel special and welcomed. This can be a great way to express your heartfelt emotions. While helping you communicate your gratitude and love to your family and to the ones you love more effectively. These pretty tray and sleeve boxes will treat the sore eye of your family. And this will bring happiness to the faces of beneficiaries and a wow to their lips.

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You can get customized boxes of any shape and size. And according to the theme of your event. To present favors to the guest of your wedding day or a birthday party to show your gratitude for their time. And for being a part of your important day.

Create Unique Brand Presence

These boxes are a great way to give your brand a new meaning and a unique presence in the market. Getting these boxes for your products will boost your sales by attracting more customers. While this can be a great way to communicate your brand message effectively. This will increase your brand revenue with lightning-fast speed. And your customers will love to buy such a product with so much value and a good message to convey.


By getting your product details printed on the tray and sleeve box, you will educate your customers. With better knowledge of the product they are using, they will trust your brand more. And you will receive many benefits from it. Getting your brand name printed on the box is also a great promotional strategy. Which can help to spread more awareness of your brand and more recognition in the marketplace. Which is the key to boost sales and enhanced brand profits.

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Tray and sleeve packaging classic Customizations

Seeking some extravagant custom tray and sleeve boxes for your product packaging? You have the freedom to go for numerous customization options to make your box look extra classy and unique. You will be the boss of your product packaging. Give your box some classic appearance by choosing the latest patterns with beautiful aesthetics and a glossy finish. Tray and sleeve packaging gives you the option to add embellishments to the box. While you can also go for a handle on the top to make it easy to open the box. These boxes are reliable to pack numerous items. And anything you put into the book looks cute without any extra effort.


You can go for a die-cut window on the upper side of the box to give your customers a better view of the value you have added to your product. Give your customers a valuable product in high-quality packaging. While you can get your brand name printed on the box with embossing, debossing, and raised ink techniques. This will give it a whole new appearance and you can also match the printing color with your brand theme. So that your product is the best representation of your brand in the market.

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Classic Lamination

With the technology innovation, you will get classic laminations options. This means you can design your dream box with amazing lamination options. For tray and sleeve packaging you can go for a glossy finish that will give your box a dazzling appearance. Especially when you want to pack jewelry or cosmetics items. In the same way, you can also go for a matt finish with embellishments like flowers, bows, ribbons, and laces. This will give your packaging a personalized look that will treat the sore eye.

Durable Material for Shipping

If you wanted to ship your products overseas. You will need sturdier packaging than simple tray and sleeve boxes. As your product has to bear harsh circumstances when transportation or shipping. So if you want to keep it safe for a longer time and want it to reach your customers intact. You should get a custom tray and sleeve boxes with more sturdy material. This will protect your products from environmental and human harms it faces while shipping.

Does Not Put Strain on Your Pocket

What’s the most reliable factor of this amazingly stylish packaging is that you do not have to pay a fortune to get a custom tray and sleeve boxes. As you can get this packaging even when you are on a tight budget and do not want to spend too much on your product packaging. This is a reliable solution if you are just starting as a brand.

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Being less in price does not mean that the quality of the packaging is not good. You will receive well-founded and highly durable packaging at competitive rates than the market. So set your hand on the most budget-friendly and premium tray and sleeve packaging that will give your brand a whole new appearance. And your products a whole new dimension in the market. This will also reduce the price of your product and your customers will be pleased to buy a high-quality product at such affordable rates.

Recyclable Material

The factor you should keep in mind before you settle for a specific packaging. Is that the packaging you choose to go for your product should be recyclable and reusable? So that you can avoid adding to the environmental pollution.


With the change in the global environment, global warming is increasing day by day. And every human being has to keep their surroundings safe and go for a more eco-friendly solution. These tray and sleeve boxes are best in this regard. As they are made of biodegradable material and they help you to keep your environments safe. Your customers will love the fact that as a brand you are conscious not to pollute your surroundings. And anyone who is green conscious and loves their country or this earth will admire and support your brand by buying more stuff from your brand.

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For Tray and sleeve packaging why Choose Custom Box Makers?

Custom Box Makers will be your reliable packaging partner to provide you with premium quality tray and sleeve boxes. We are equipped with the latest top-notch printing and manufacturing machinery dedicated to providing you with premium quality packaging. You will love the classic and gleaming tray and sleeve packaging that will give your product a whole new meaning. And increases your product worth by giving it a more dazzling appearance. Our skilled personnel hold years of experience helping brands reach their goals. And they feature a diverse portfolio to help you choose the best design for your container. We are willing to meet all your packaging needs and to bring your imaginations into reality.

3D Mockup

The most beneficial factor of choosing a reliable packaging brand to meet your packaging needs. Is that you will receive more benefits than just the packaging. As in this case, you can get a free 3D mockup of your product packaging from Custom Box Makers. That will give you a better idea of how your tray and sleeve packaging boxes will appear after manufacturing. And in case of any doubt and if you do not like anything about the box. You can ask their designers to make the necessary changes. And they would not charge you any extra penny in this regard.

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Fastest Turnaround Time

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the fastest service in the market by offering the fastest turnaround time. While we also make sure that our manufacturing department starts working as soon as you place the order. Our team knows the value of our customer’s time to make sure that you receive your product packaging within 8 to 10 working days. While to let you save a bit more fortune, we do not charge a single penny in terms of shipping cost. We have made hundreds of satisfied clients over years and holds a good market reputation. This means you can count on us to get a custom tray and sleeve boxes at reasonable rates.




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