It is essential to choose the best foundation according to your needs and taking into account your skin type and color. So let’s see what types of foundation exist and for which skin types they are most suitable.

In cream

The cream foundation is the foundation par excellence. This is particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin . It has a fairly high covering power and is able to make the skin velvety.

In mousse

This type of foundation has a very light consistency and for this reason it can be applied very easily. It is especially recommended for those with oily skin and therefore tends to become shiny over the course of hours, as it gives a dull and dry appearance.

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Its pressed powder, often enriched with substances that regulate the production of sebum, is ideal for combination and oily skin . The compact foundation is applied using a dry sponge for a light base, or slightly moistened for a more covering effect.

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It is a cream foundation that a special processing makes it compact. It is the best foundation to create a homogeneous, silky and covering base. It is applied using the special sponge.

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The fluid foundation is one of the most modern types of foundation. The result that this foundation wants to give is natural. It is also light on the skin and can be chosen according to the action we want: anti-aging, moisturizing or mattifying. This can be applied with the fingers as if it were a normal cream or with a sponge. Usually, due to the natural effect of the fluid foundation, this does not have a high coverage.

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In stick

It is the favorite of make-up artists since it has a very high covering power. This spreads directly on the face and blends well with a wide, flat brush. Then it must be fixed with the powder. It is a type of foundation that is not suitable for those with too oily skin .


This is definitely the latest addition to the make-up market. Contains all natural substances that are good for the skin, such as zinc oxide. It has a coverage that can be variable according to how much product is applied and according to how it is applied: if you apply it with the brush you get a softer and more natural look, if you apply it with the sponge we will get a more homogeneous complexion and greater coverage. It is essential to choose this product well and not to trust the brands that sell it at low costs.

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The covering foundation is very rich in pigments which allow it to make your skin more uniform even by applying a small amount. Precisely for this reason, the covering foundation is perfect for those who have some extra skin problems and want to hide it by obtaining a homogeneous base without putting layers upon layers of product on the face.


This is exclusively formulated for the summer season , because thanks to the fact that it has sun protection inside and is water resistant it can easily be used even on the beach. It is able to give a very natural tanned look and like any type of foundation you can find it in different shades, to choose the one that suits you best.

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It is a truly formidable product for those who often have tired, gray and dull skin. The application of this type of foundation immediately gives brightness to the face , while giving a very natural effect. Use it in the evening when you want a glamorous and flawless look.


It is a particular type of foundation, because on the skin it gives a beautiful dry and silky effect, which is ideal if your skin is oily and therefore tends to become shiny over the hours, consequently compromising the hold of the whole makeup. Its mattifying effect lasts for hours, ensuring a long-lasting feeling of comfort.

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