September 2, 2021


ERRORHyun Bin Series To Watch If You’re Crazy About The Actor

Hyun Bin is probably the most popular Korean actor today. You can see his face almost everywhere. If you’re a Hyun Bin fan, then you probably want to see all of the television shows he’s in. Below are the Hyun Bin series you shouldn’t miss.

Worlds Within

If you want to know how Hyun Bin and Song Hye-Kyo’s romance started, you need to watch this television series. This show is also known by the title The Worlds That They Live In. It was released in 2008, and it revolves around the personal and professional lives of individuals in the broadcasting industry.

This series was hailed because of the realistic performances of the two leading actors. They also have wonderful chemistry that will keep you glued to your television screens. And if you’re a fan of the two k-drama stars in real life, then this show will surely make you swoon. Indeed, this is probably the most romantic among the Hyun Bin series you can watch.

Secret Garden

This is a rom-com that was released in 2010. It starred Hyun Bin opposite Ha Ji-won, who was the lead in the hit series Empress Ki. This show has won several awards, including the 2010 SBS Drama Awards and the 47th Baeksang Arts Awards. It also won the highest acting honour for Hyun Bin.

This is the show that really showed the world what the talented actor is capable of. In this series, Hyun Bin played the role of a department store CEO while Ha Ji-won played a stuntwoman. Even though the two are from opposite worlds, they fell in love and fought for their relationship. This show will remind you of popular Cinderella-like stories.

Hyde, Jekyll, Me

This TV series is based on the webtoon created by Lee Choong-ho entitled Dr Jekyll Is Mr Hyde. It was shown in 2015 and had 20 episodes. Hyun Bin plays two characters in this series. The first is Gu Seo-jin, who runs the theme park Wonderland. He has everything a man could ever want: good looks, wealth, and intelligence.

The other character is Robi, a gentle person who comes out when Gu Seo-jin’s heart rate exceeds 150. Officially, Gu Seo-jin suffers from a dissociative personality disorder. His doctor, Kang Hee-ae, believes that Robin manifests guilt connected with a traumatic incident. The story’s conflict is the love triangle among Gu Seo-jin, Robin, and Jang Ha-na, a Cirque du Soleil performer who has just returned from the US.

Crash Landing On You

Among the Hyun Bin series, this is, without a doubt, the most popular. This is the one that made Hyun Bin a global superstar. In this series, the popular actor plays the role of Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok from North Korea. The female lead in the series is Hyun Bin’s current girlfriend, Son Ye-jin. She played the role of Se-ri, an heiress from South Korea. This series will make you laugh, cry, and, most importantly, fall in love with the two main characters.

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