November 18, 2021


Erin Coomi Bio, Net Worth 2022, Age, Birthday, Height, Parents, & Career

Facts of Erin Coomi
Full Name: Erin Coomi
Age: 37
Birthday: January 31, 1984
Nationality: N/A
Horoscope: N/A
Boyfriend: Chris
Net Worth: $800 thousand dollars
Profession: WCAU-TV
Sibling: Leah,
Father: David Como
Mother: Patricia Trautman Como

Workplace Environment Sentiment is viewed as an interruption by many businesses and representatives all over the world, and it can be valid at times. However, there are various fruitful sentiments that advance in the workplace and serve as a motivator as well as a source of strength for each other to perform at their best. Erin Como and Chris Smith are two such examples.

The early life of Erin Coom

Erin Como is a traffic columnist and TV character for FOX 5 Morning News in the United States. She had an unmistakable fascination with facilitating and organizing events since childhood, having facilitated her first event, a talent show, when she was still in school and even facilitated various projects in her school’s ‘Our Telecom company.’

Erin was born on January 31, 1984, to licensed clinical social worker father David Como and mother Patricia Trautman Como. Her father worked as a manager for the Upper East Network in Philadelphia, and her mother was a chief at Head Start. She has a senior sister, Leah, who works as a teacher.

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Erin was four years old when her family relocated from Richmond, Virginia to Bensalem, Pennsylvania. She attended Bensalem Secondary School before graduating from Sanctuary College with a double major in Transmission News-casting and English.

How much is Erin Coom Net Worth?

An anchorperson at FOX receives a standard salary of at least $75,000 per year. However, she is not only involved with one show, but with a number of them, including her own establishment and other events. As a result, it is estimated that she obtains somewhere around $200 thousand dollars, which has yet to be confirmed. She has amassed a rewarding net worth of $800 thousand dollars as a result of the number of shows she has tinkered with and the events she has facilitated.

Who is Erin Coom Boyfriend?

Erin has been dating her colleague Chris Smith for quite some time. Chris is a senior maker at Great Day DC who is committed to him. They have a decent affinity, having a place with a similar TV where she works in front of the camera and her playmate in back.

Chris is frequently seen bragging about his companion and how he has had passionate feelings for her since first meeting her. Erin had been dating someone whose character is unknown, and she was even connected with the equivalent.

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Later, things didn’t work out between them, and they ended their relationship, despite the fact that they were sharing a condo when Erin first met Chris. Erin and Chris used a web recording to educate the world about their relationship.

What is the Height of Erin Coom?

The stunning magnificence is well-known for her attractive physique and substantial stature. Her strong personality and certainty complement her common appeal and stunning good looks. She proudly flaunts her gleaming brunette twists.

She is quite athletic and enjoys staying fit with a varied exercise regimen that includes aerobatics, boards, squats, and dance. She maintains her normal height of 5 feet and 4 and a half inches. Her weight isn’t yet known, but based on her photos, she’s not even close to being overweight, despite her delectable bends.

Career Line of Erin Coom

  • Erin’s career began at WCAU-TV in Philadelphia, where she worked as a supervisor and traffic reporter.
  • Later, she joined Fox and worked for TV channel WTGG, where she was appointed to the shows Morning News and Great Day DC for FOX 5. She had previously worked for FOX 17’s morning show.
  • Aside from that, she hosts a cooking show called “Cooking with Como.
  • ” She had also facilitated various shows and arrangements, for example, ‘Street Trippin’.
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