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Durv Bio, Net Worth 2022, Age, Birthday, Height, Parents

Facts of Durv
Full Name: Dylan Adam McEvoy
Age: 18 years
Birthday: 14 Mar
Nationality: British
Horoscope: Pisces
Marital status: Single
Net Worth: $90k
Height: N/A
Profession: Youtuber
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Light brown
Birthplace: Crawley

Durv is a YouTuber from the United Kingdom. Durv is well-known for his prank calls and bottle flip contest videos, as well as his Q&As and challenge videos.

How old is Durv?

Durv will be 18 years old in 2020. He was born in Crawley, England, on March 14, 2003. Dylan Adam McEvoy is his birth name, and he was born under the sign of Pisces. As a result, there is no information about his parents or siblings.

Similarly, he is of British nationality but has not stated his ethnic background. In terms of his educational background, given his age, he may have completed his high school diploma. However, he has not mentioned the name of his school.

Caption: Youtuber Durv
Caption: Youtuber Durv (Photo: Famous people)

How much is Durv’s Net Worth?

Speaking of Durv’s earnings, he is a social media star who has amassed a sizable fortune. As a result, his net worth is estimated to be around $90,000.

Is Durv’s relationship going on?

Durv may be single right now, based on his relationship status. He has kept his personal life private on social media and has not revealed her relationship status. The 18-year-old YouTuber may be more concerned with his studies and career than with being linked with a girl. However, in the future, he may be paired with his ideal match. He might not have been in a relationship previously as well.

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Caption: Youtuber Durv (Photo: Famous people)
Caption: Youtuber Durv (Photo: Famous people)

How tall is Durv?

Durv is a cute and attractive young YouTuber. He has not, however, specified his exact height, weight, or body stats. Similarly, he has brown eyes and light brown hair.

Caption: Youtuber Durv (Photo: Famous people)
Caption: Youtuber Durv (Photo: Famous people)

Career line of Durv

  • In terms of his professional life, Durv launched his YouTube channel, ItzDurv, in 2016. He featured his first debut video, titled ‘Shoutout Sunday #1- Grow Your Channel!’ Increase the number of active subscribers!’
  • He rose to prominence following the release of his video titled ‘My School Is Deleting My Channel.’ In this video, he explains why his school’s professionals were opposed to his channel and how they approached him to shut it down.
  • That video of him was so popular that it received over 6 million views before his channel was shut down. Following that, he posted videos with controversial titles such as ‘My teacher has a crush on me,’ ‘YOUTUBE sent me the wrong play button,’ and ‘I am dropping out of school at the age of 13’.
  • Similarly, he attracted a lot of attention when he posted a video titled “Wanna join my free gift card giveaway?” In the video, he advertised a giveaway in which he pretended to give XBOX Live gift cards to his subscribers. Following the upload of this video to his channel, one of his followers (name withheld) exposed the YouTuber.
  • The man noticed that the XBOX Live gift card design was similar to an old gift card and proceeded to reveal other card designs that were also fake.
  • However, he is not currently active on YouTube and only has a few fan followers on Instagram. Over there, he posts his daily lifestyle updates. His YouTube account was taken down.
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Controversies of Durv

  • It is difficult to avoid controversies when working in the social media career. However, he has engaged in scandalous and controversial acts that have disrupted both his personal and professional life. He was harshly punished for using clickbait to gain views and subscribers.
  • In September 2017, the Young YouTuber released an official diss track titled “Commentaries End” in which he yelled out Pyrocynical, LeafyIsHere, Memeulous, ImAllexx, and WillNE. This video, on the other hand, received quite a few views before being removed.
  • Furthermore, he was mentioned on a number of other occasions, which ultimately proved the YouTuber’s guilt. He lost several subscribers as a result of these scandals. Later, he agreed to use clickbait to make money and admitted to deceiving people about the “free gift card giveaway.”
  • Nonetheless, he is currently free of controversy and will be persuading his fan base with his good deeds.Durv’s YouTube channel was shut down on May 31, 2017, for violating YouTube’s community guidelines.
  • On April 12, 2018, his channel was reactivated, and he greeted his subscribers with a video titled “Dear YouTube, I’m back…”. He also stated in this video that he is done with gift card videos and will only make videos that the rest of the world wants to watch.
  • His comeback, however, does not go as well as it did before. He has not been able to reclaim the affections of his former supporters. Several people despise him, and his comment section is frequently filled with negative comments. In addition, his videos show the number of dislikes rather than the number of likes.
  • This simply demonstrates the level of hatred he receives on his channel.
  • According to Wikitubia, Durv’s channel was replaced in November 2018 by a different channel called “Trend Hub.” At the moment, the number of subscribers is not visible on this channel, and there are only three videos uploaded to it.
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