August 3, 2021


What Is Digital Marketing? Explain The Merits And Specific Methods

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a method that combines conventional marketing with “digital” such as IT technology. Marketing here means the activities of the entire process until consumers select products and services.

A significant feature of digital marketing is that it is possible to carry out marketing more efficiently and strategically by multiplying marketing activities with user behavior data by using IT technology.

digital marketing

Differences between web marketing and inbound marketing

There are words such as “web marketing” and “inbound marketing” that are very similar to digital marketing. What is the difference between them?

First, I will explain the difference between digital marketing and web marketing.

The two terms differ in their wide range of marketing coverage.

Web marketing is a marketing method for websites.

Specifically, a marketing method explores and approaches the information that users are looking for by analyzing the access behavior within the company’s website, such as a website that introduces the company’s services.

On the other hand, digital marketing and the areas handled by web marketing, digital data obtained via lot, store visit data, sales history, and other actual activity data that does not go through the Internet also cover. In other words, digital marketing can say to be Web marketing plus omnichannel.

Next, I will explain the difference between digital marketing and inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing is a user-oriented marketing method that provides helpful information to users on websites and makes them their customers. Non-user-oriented, that is, one-sided marketing from the company side, is called outbound marketing.

On the other hand, digital marketing is a general term for all online marketing methods, including “inbound” and “outbound.”

Omni-channel is a method of increasing sales by linking various channels (mediums and routes for attracting customers), including the Internet and stores that exist. Learn more about drawing ideas.

Why Digital Marketing Is Important

With the extensive performance of smartphones and tablets, users can now access the Internet regardless of time or place.

In addition, since the Internet can access at any time, changes in purchasing behavior such as shopping at physical stores while viewing product reviews on SNS have forced companies to carry out more targeted advertising and PR. I am.

In today’s world, where the natural world and the Internet coexist, digital marketing utilizing digital is indispensable.

About the benefits of digital marketing

We are introducing the benefits and effects of digital marketing.

Can capture various users

By conducting digital marketing, it is possible to attract users who are browsing the official website and young people who are using SNS. In other words, you can have users on a wide variety of channels.

Data can be collected

Performing digital marketing makes it possible to collect user access behavior and knowledge, such as the number of website visits. By analyzing these digital data, it is possible to recognize the needs of each user and provide helpful information to the user.

In digital marketing, it is reasonable to take users’ needs more quickly than in traditional marketing, so it can say that it is a significant advantage to run the PDCA cycle of marketing fast.

Digital Marketing Techniques and Notable KPIs

Digital marketing does use a variety of techniques.

From here, we will introduce the general methods of digital marketing and explain each notable KPI (intermediate indicator for achieving the goal).

SEO measures

SEO measures are measures to display your site at the top of the search engine result page.

The following channels mainly use in SEO measures.

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Infographic (an easy-to-understand and visual representation of data and information)

In addition, the KPI that should note in SEO measures is “organic search ranking.”

The influx of organic search is likely to lead to results, as many users visit your website by searching for a specific keyword.

Content production

Creating content to raise brand awareness and acquire potential customers is called “content marketing.”

The following channels mainly use in content marketing.

  • Blog article
  • Youtube video
  • Infographic
  • Ebook and online catalog

By disseminating helpful information to users on blogs and ebooks, videos encourage conversions and lead to the acquisition of potential customers.

Notable KPIs for content marketing include “page stay time,” “content access count,” and “youtube subscriber count.”

Utilization of SNS

Today, with the spread of smartphones, marketing utilizing SNS “social media marketing” is essential. The purpose of social media marketing is to raise brand awareness and acquire potential customers and improve communication with users and access to the company’s website.

The following channels mainly use in social media marketing.

  • LINE
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Kids that should note when conducting social media marketing include “followers,” “impressions,” and “shares.”

Utilization of web advertising

We mainly use the following web advertisements for digital marketing.

  • Listing advertisement
  • Display advertising
  • SNS advertising
  • Video ads
  • Native ad
  • Feed-type advertising
  • Affiliate advertising

There is a wide variety of KPIs that should note when running web advertisements, such as “clicks,” “impressions,” and “conversion rate.” Select a KPI according to your purpose.

Utilization of email

Marketing by email is called “email marketing.”

Email marketing primarily uses to introduce campaigns and events and to direct you to your site.

Kids that should note when conducting email marketing include “open email rate.”

Critical points for digital marketing

Here, we will describe the critical points for successful digital marketing.

Clarify targets and KPIs

Clarification of targets and KPIs is essential for marketing. This is no exception in digital marketing.

When considering your strategy, make sure to determine the target image you want, how much conversion rate you need, and the number of accesses you need.

Work on the entire company

Successful digital marketing requires collaboration with various departments.

Instead of leaving digital marketing to one department, let’s work on the entire company, such as the system department for website management and the sales department for customer management.

Use automation tools

Automate simple tasks in digital marketing with automation tools. By leveraging automation tools, you can reduce labor costs and site operating costs.

Also, there are now many free tools suitable for digital marketing.

Companies that are understaffed or want to keep costs down should consider introducing automation tools.

Will btob and btoc Change Digital Marketing Strategies?

Btob digital marketing and btoc digital marketing have different strategies.

The purpose of btob digital marketing is to increase the number of inquiries to our sales department. On the other hand, btoc digital marketing aims to get people to purchase products and services without going through the sales department, unlike btob.

Due to these differences in purpose, btob digital marketing requires a marketing strategy that attracts high-quality potential customers from their website and turns them into prospective customers. On the other hand, in btoc digital marketing, texts and images “CTA (Call To Action)” that encourage users to take action are more critical than btob digital marketing.

Digital marketing in the age of AI

Now, digital marketing has made it potential to utilize a lot of user information. On the other hand, special knowledge such as data science requires understanding and analyze a large amount of data.

Therefore, the use of AI will be indispensable in future digital marketing.

Utilizing digital marketing and AI enables user behavior prediction and highly accurate analysis, which were difficult to predict until now. For example, using AI, it is possible to advise on products that users are looking for and related products from data and behavior history.

Let’s actively utilize AI in future digital marketing to improve customer satisfaction and profit margin.


This time, I explained “digital marketing,” a fusion of conventional marketing and IT technology. Digital marketing is a marketing method that expects to develop further due to the existence of AI in the future.

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