July 8, 2021


Digital Age Verification and the Gambling Sector Frauds

Gambling has always been a very controversial business. It is a source of entertainment that has always been frowned upon. However, it is still a growing industry and is a very profitable business. The researchers suggest that the gambling industry is perceived to reach US$647.9 billion, and it is increasing annually at a percentage of 5.6 through 2022-2027. This is why it is extremely important for this industry to have strong age checkers, so minors do not get access to these activities. Gambling can be addictive and addiction at a very young age can prove harmful to the personalities of teenagers.


Gambling is a quick way to earn easy money but it’s attached to major risks. Casinos offer various attractive offers to attract more and more gamblers while overlooking their age. This can get them in a lot of trouble with the law. A study conducted by a gambling commission in the UK and the result revealed that 400,000 minors are gambling without a proper check. This is even more worrying as most of these children are below 16. This blog will explain the importance of age verification in the gambling industry.

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Significance of Age Checker


More and more children are using the internet to access social media. It is quite important for the parents to keep a check on their children’s activities and what they are up to on their mobile devices. Since minors are more knowledgeable about the internet and technology than their parents, they take advantage of the situation and get access to all kinds of inappropriate stuff. This is their age of experimentation, and they all try to get their hands on the stuff that is forbidden. However, it can prove to be fatal as they can fall prey to such evil activities at such a young age that can define their future. Their young minds cannot even grasp the seriousness of the situation. This is why online businesses like gambling must have an age checker to keep minors from accessing such platforms.

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Even the gambling industry can get in trouble with the law as there are strong regulations to maintain the age verification process for such activities. If they do not have a proper procedure for verifying the identity as well as the age of their customers, they can face millions in penalties and permanent closure of their businesses. Gambling is a business related to money and such businesses must take these verification processes seriously. They must verify the identity of the customer as well as check the background to ensure that no money laundering activity is occurring.


Age Verification enables gambling businesses to:


  • Verify the identity of the person
  • Verified players are onboarded only
  • Verify the age of the player and ensure that they are legal
  • Maintain the regulatory compliant needs
  • Be safe from the legal issues and penalties
  • Viewership of inappropriate content is prevented

Age Verification – The Online Solution

Gone are the days of traditional-age verification that took hours and hours for simple verification of an individual’s identity. Now there exist AI-powered solutions that can not only verify the age of the customer within seconds but also verify their identity to ensure no fraudsters are taking advantage of the situation. The online system can help to verify the age for online gaming platforms.

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The presence of the person is ensured through the liveness detection test. The customer has to submit a picture of their identity document along with their selfie. The face of the person is verified against the photo of the identity card and their age is checked against the previously submitted identity documents. The AI-based solution also detects spoof attacks, so this makes this solution more accurate than ever.


Gambling platforms must look into these advanced age verification process.

Techniques Involved in AI-Powered Identity Verification

  • Distortion of image
  • Analysis 3D
  • Sensing Techniques
  • Analyses of Skin Texture


This way gambling industry will not have to face the consequences of the global regulators. The minors will not be able to manipulate the system and get past the age checker and the player onboarding procedure of this gambling platform will be simplified which will result in a reduced customer drop-off rate.

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