October 11, 2021


Different Ways of Decorating Your Dining Table with Runners

Given that the dining room is among the most important rooms of your house, you will naturally love to make it as attractive and warm as possible. Changing the décor of the dining room from time to time can make it look fresh and inviting. In addition to laying different kinds of tablecloths, it can also be a great idea to use runners on the dining table to make it look distinctive. You can these long and narrow pieces of fabric in different materials, as well as colors, patterns, and textures to give your home a distinct charm. Even though conventionally, runners are laid lengthwise on the dining table, there are many more ways of using them. A quick examination of the way you can use runners to decorate your dining table and express your personality and creativity while working perfectly to add to the aesthetics of your home:

Long Table Runners Place Lengthwise

The conventional way of placing runners is lengthwise across the table with some of it hanging over the two edges. You should choose runners that are long enough for your table. Measure the table and buy a runner that can leave 6-8 inches hanging over each edge. The ideal width of the runner should be such that it covers a third of the tabletop. Placed in this way, the runner serves as the centerline, and you can align your centerpieces and serving dishes accordingly. If you have a broad table, you can experiment with two table runners placed lengthwise along the sides, a little away from the edges but leaving the center vacant. You can achieve the best effect by using runners that contrast well with the table surface or tablecloth.

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Short Runners Placed Across the Width of the Table

Another interesting arrangement is to lay the runners across the width of the table. If the table is small, one runner in the center will suffice, however, if you have a long table, you can lay runners across the width in front of each chair. This interesting arrangement also makes the use of tablemats redundant as you can use a charger to place the dinnerware. An article in The Washington Post recommends the use of felt liner on runners to protect the table.

Short Runners

While convention dictates the use of long runners for formal occasions, you can very well use short runners for casual get-togethers with family and friends. While having a good impact, the use of short runners enables you to show off more of the tabletop. It can be a good thing if the tabletop is beautiful. The proper way of selecting a short runner is to pick one that is shorter than the length of the table.


Runners are extremely versatile and how you use them depends only on your imagination. An interesting way of using runners is laying them on the top of a color-coordinated tablecloth. Choosing a runner that contrasts sharply works the best. If you have a round table, you can lay two runners across each other in an “X” shape for a smart look.

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