July 9, 2021


Detox diet, how to get back in great shape in 7 days

The 7-day slimming detox diet allows us to quickly lose excess pounds and get back in shape after partying.

As the name suggests, a 7-day slimming detox diet allows the body to detoxify by improving digestion and metabolism, thus also promoting weight loss.

The benefits of a 7 day detox diet

This particular type of diet can be followed once or twice a year, in particular, before and after the holidays since it allows us to detoxify the body from accumulated toxins. In addition, we will improve our overall health, especially the appearance of hair, skin and nails. In addition, a 7-day detox diet gives us energy and vitality and will also be particularly useful for alleviating the symptoms that occur at the change of season: fatigue, moods tending to gloom, allergies.

As already pointed out, a 7-day detox diet will be able to invigorate the immune system, decrease the level of inflammation in the body and drain excess fluids that cause swelling in the abdomen, legs and ankles.
To get the best results with this particular type of diet it is good to carefully observe some general dietary rules that we are going to list below.

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What to eat can you eat?

Once it is clear what its benefits are, all that remains is to answer the most important question: what to eat on a 7-day detox diet?
The rules to follow for a proper detox diet are quite simple, but they must be followed carefully in order to maximize its benefits.
In general, it is necessary to avoid animal proteins, which will be replaced with proteins of vegetable origin and fibers. Antioxidants must be introduced and both sugars and fats reduced to a minimum.
Of course, you need to drink a lot of still water: we are talking about at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day. It is important to start in the morning, even before having breakfast by drinking a glass of water with lemon juice.
Three portions of green leafy vegetables of your choice and seasonal fruit must be consumed every day. During the 7-day detox diet, in addition to fresh fruit and vegetables, foods such as lean meat then chicken and turkey, grains, fish and foods that contain fiber, such as wholemeal bread and buckwheat will be preferred.
It is not only important to know what to eat in a 7-day detox, but also how to eat: chew every food well, in particular eat calmly without stress or above all without distracting yourself by doing anything else. In the same way, you absolutely must not forget to do some physical activity according to your preferences: for example, you can walk at a brisk pace, jog, or aerobic gymnastics. Rest is also important: try to sleep around 8 hours a night.

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Menu type of a 7 day detox diet

Here is an example of a typical 7-day detox diet menu. However, it is important to remember that preservatives and additives must also be eliminated and, in general, foods with a high fat content and those containing gluten, in addition to fried foods.
As already mentioned above, you must also add at least 8 glasses of water a day and consume plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant foods: especially foods rich in vitamin C and carotene.
Unsweetened smoothies are also allowed.

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Monday and Tuesday

At breakfast we suggest you a skimmed yogurt with whole grains, to avoid sugar, a slice of wholemeal bread or an omelet with onions, tomatoes, mushrooms and garlic
lunch with tuna salad without dressing or a portion of lean red meat, a lettuce and tomato salad, a fresh fruit.
For dinner, chicken stew accompanied by vegetables of your choice

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Wednesday and Thursday

For breakfast, a grapefruit, pomegranate and celery smoothie and 4 almonds or a coffee without sugar accompanied by 2 slices of wholemeal bread with light cheese.
For lunch, a roasted fish fillet accompanied by a portion of cooked vegetables, a fresh fruit or alternatively a dish of boiled cauliflower
For dinner, baked fish seasoned with olive oil, chopped tomatoes, mustard sauce, juice lime and dried rosemary.
or a plate of spaghetti with raw tomato and onion, a fruit or even vegetables of your choice cooked in a steamed pan accompanied by a light cheese.

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Friday and Saturday

For breakfast a glass of skimmed milk, a hard-boiled egg and a banana or a coffee without sugar and two slices of wholemeal bread with light cheese.
For lunch, a salad of your choice, for example based on spinach, tuna, tomato or a roasted chicken breast accompanied by a portion of pumpkin purée, a fruit of your choice.
For dinner, rice salad with lentils, cooked vegetables and a fresh fruit or a baked salmon accompanied by vegetables of your choice.

Sunday: conclusion of the detox diet in 7 days

For breakfast, a coffee without sugar and two slices of wholemeal bread with light cheese.
For lunch, a plate of boiled cabbage or a salad of lettuce and a fresh fruit.
For dinner, a lentil and pumpkin soup or a tomato salad, a spinach omelette and a fresh fruit.

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