November 23, 2021


Darby Rudd Bio, Net Worth 2022, Age, Birthday, Height, Parents, & Career

Very charming Darby Rudd is the girl of the popular American entertainer, jokester, and screenwriter, Paul Rudd, and his lovely TV maker spouse Julie Yaeger. She was brought into the world in 2010 as the most youthful offspring of the couple.

The name ‘Darby’ is a ladylike name gotten from the Irish and North Germanic inception which signifies ‘liberated from envy’. Here are approximately a couple of realities about her!

Who is Darby Rudd?

The US Darby Rudd is a well-known celebrity’s child. Rudd is well-known for being the daughter of Paul Rudd, an actor, and screenwriter.

Who are the Parents are Darby Rudd?

Darby Rudd was born in the United States in the year of 2010. Her ethnicity is British. Paul Rudd and Julie Yaeger are her parents. Paul, her father, is a Golden Globe-nominated actor, producer, and writer, while Julie is a former publicist. She’s also well-known for her work as a counselor and coordinator at McDougall Communication. She is a writer right now.

On February 23, 2003, her parents married. They first met while working on Clueless, their joint project. Jack Sullivan Rudd is her elder brother (born 2006). There is no information available about her academic background. She could be in Middle School.

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Darby’s Genealogy

Paul, her father, is a New Jersey native who was born into a Passaic Jewish family originally from London. Gloria Irene Granville, her grandmother, was a Surbiton-born sales manager, and Michael Ruud, her grandfather, was an Edgware-born historical tour guide.

Michael died in 2008, so it’s been a long time. Rudd’s surname was Rudnitsky at birth.

Darby Rudd’s Salary and Net Worth

Her net worth is unknown as of now. Details on her salary are unavailable because she is not employed in any professional career. Her father, Paul, is estimated to be worth $70 million. His fortune stems from his work as an actor, screenwriter, and producer.

What are Darby Russ’s Height and Weight?

Her eyes are brown, and her hair is brown. Her height and weight are both reasonable. His body stats, however, are unknown.

Rumors and Dissension

She hasn’t been involved in any major scandals or controversies that have sparked media attention. Aside from that, she has managed to keep any rumors at bay.


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