November 15, 2022


Complete Guide to Commercial Water Purifiers by Alfaa, a Trusted Name in Water Purification Solutions

Safe and clean drinking water is a basic human necessity. Hence, it is imperative for commercial establishments such as offices, hotels, hospitals, factories and schools to make it available for everyone on the premises. Since most commercial establishments need to treat large volumes of water, it makes good sense to install a commercial water purifier instead of a home purifier which is more suited to domestic use.

Reasons to Invest in Commercial Water Purifiers

Here are four reasons why you should consider a commercial water purifier:

  1. Remove Water Impurities

Untreated water contains viruses, bacteria, microorganisms, suspended particles, dissolved organic compounds, dissolved inorganic ions, and several other impurities. The water supplied by city and town municipalities in India may be also contaminated due to untreated solid wastes, sewage, and industrial effluent. According to a report on the quality of piped water across India, samples from most cities failed to comply with water quality parameters laid down by Bureau of Indian Standards.


NITI Aayog’s ‘Composite Water Resource Management: Performance of States’ report states that nearly 70% of water in India is contaminated and the country ranks 120th amongst 122 countries on the water quality index. These numbers indicate water purification is a must to give everyone access to clean water.

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  1. Reduce Sick Days

Contaminated water is a major risk for the spread of diseases such as cholera, typhoid, jaundice, salmonellosis, Hepatitis A, fluorosis, and several other gastrointestinal infections. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),  drinking water with dissolved impurities can also cause fever, headaches, kidney failure, and chronic diseases such as cancer.

Such waterborne diseases translate into more sick days, loss of work, and higher healthcare costs for your commercial establishment. A water purifier can remove harmful substances from water and  help in keeping you healthy. .


  1. Increase Productivity

One research states that dehydration can adversely impact employee productivity, safety, morale, and decision-making and cognitive performance. A study revealed that adequate water intake at workplaces results in better physical and mental health outcomes for employees, thereby improving their productivity.

A water purifier is the most effective way to ensure that clean and pure water is available to employees to maintain their optimal hydration levels.


  1. Cost-Saving and Better for the Environment


One liter of bottled water costs anywhere between Rs13 and Rs20. Since commercial establishments consume gallons of water every day, bottled water is a huge expenditure. Moreover, it is a known fact that plastic water bottles are bad for the environment. Recent studies have even indicated that bottled water contains excessive levels of microplastics which can be detrimental to human health.

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A commercial water purifier is a budget-friendly, environment-friendly, and health-friendly option.

Tips to Choose the Right Commercial Water Purifier


With several choices available in the commercial water purifier market, the following tips will help you make an informed choice:

  1. Check Water Purification Technology


There are two popular water purification technologies – Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Ultraviolet (UV).


RO technology can remove up to 95% of TDS. RO water purifier is recommended when drinking water comes from groundwater with a TDS level of more than 500 PPM.


UV technology makes waterborne pathogens inactive and destroys their DNA by exposing them to UV light of wavelength 254 nm. It can be combined with pre-filtration for higher effectiveness. A UV water purifier is recommended when drinking water comes from surface water from the municipal corporation and has a TDS level of less than 500 PPM.

Read more about both RO and UV technologies here.

  1. Brand Reputation


Another parameter of comparison is brand reputation. Check how long the brand has been selling the water purifiers in the market, what is the range of its products and whether it holds necessary certifications for acceptable water quality standards. Read online testimonials if available.

  1. After-Sales Service


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A commercial water purifier needs routine maintenance, repairs and replacements to ensure it supplies clean and pure water all the time. Check for after-sales service terms and conditions with the brand before purchase.

Alfaa UV Commercial Water Purifiers

A trusted name in residential and commercial water purification systems, Alfaa UV is known for its range of quality products and reliable service backup.

If you are looking for a UV commercial water filter system, you can consider the following two options from Alfaa UV:

UV C200

With a flow rate of 200 LPH, it has a power consumption of 21 W. Its L X B X H dimensions are 400 X 75 X 420.

UV C500

This has a flow rate of 500 LPH and a power consumption of 30 W. The L X B X H dimensions are 520 X 75 X 800.

Both UVC200 and UVC500 have the following specifications:


  • 3-stage UV water purifier
  • Advanced filtration system
  • Stainless steel purification chamber
  • Can be easily attached to water coolers


UVC200 and UVC500 water purifiers offer the following benefits:


  • Trustworthy and consistent UV disinfection efficiency
  • High quality
  • Affordability
  • Effortless installation and maintenance
  • Minimum space requirement due to compact size
  • Easy adaptability to different site conditions
  • Stainless steel purification chamber
  • Quartz glass technology for superior UV transmission
  • Advanced Filtration System
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Commercial RO water purifier systems are also good options for schools, offices, hotels, and restaurants. Alfaa UV commercial RO water purifier systems have added UV protection. The units are pre-assembled, pre-wired and tested due to which the set up time is minimum. The benefits you can avail are:


  • Conversion of hard water into soft water
  • Removal of harmful impurities and microorganisms
  • Enhanced taste of food and beverages due to purity of water
  • Availability of good quality water for employees
  • Output water meets IS: 10500 standards
  • Huge savings on elimination of bottle water usage
  • Assurance of Alfaa UV’s reliable service backup


You can also explore options in RO commercial water purifiers:


Dewdrop RO


Alfaa Dewdrop 7 stage RO water purifier is a complete water purification solution. It offers the following benefits:


  • Optional SS UV + TDS Control
  • Fully automatic Counter Top/Wall mount RO water purifier
  • Automatic membrane ‘Flush & Wash’ facility
  • Automatic membrane ‘Flush & Wash’ facility
  • Easy removal of hardness, heavy metal contaminants, pesticides, and micro-organisms from the water
  • Free water test, demonstration and installation


The Commercial RO Systems that Alfaa UV offers are available at different LPH (Liter Per Hour) capacity such as 35 LPH, 50 LPH, 100 LPH and 250 LPH.

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Get in touch with Alfaa UV today at +91-86579 23938 to know more


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