July 27, 2021


Cannabis Prices Around The World Per Pound For You To Know

Cannabis prices worldwide; What is one pound of cannabis worth?

According to the 2019 report, the cannabis market is estimated to be worth USD 344 billion. Many countries still consider cannabis to be illegal in spite of the massive amount that is being produced. Those countries have legalized the production of medical marijuana, which has a big impact on weed prices. 

New clients or new to cannabis will always ask: What is the price of a pound of cannabis. Let’s get down to business and let me explain to you how you can receive the perfect price for your cannabis no matter where you are.

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Cannabis Measurement Made Easy

As eager as we are to see the price right away, here is the catch: you cannot buy weed without buying weed seeds as well. If you could see the weight measurement, it would be better. The first thing you need to know about a pound is that it’s equal to 16 ounces – and it’s abbreviated as “lb.” 

  • The equivalent of 16 ounces is 448 grams or 1 pound.

To ensure that your pound of cannabis, once purchased, has a heavy weight, let’s discuss how weed weight is evaluated. An ounce of cannabis is what you are receiving. In order to accurately measure a pound of marijuana, the scale must be used. 

Say you are purchasing a pound (or a fraction thereof). A scale, ideally by the gram, tailored specifically for measuring smaller weights is therefore necessary. Scales designed to measure heavier weights are not as accurate as smaller ones. There may not be an accurate measurement of how much cannabis is being handled. I will show you how to get a proper amount of marijuana for your dollar.

 Cannabis Price Per Pound

You’re looking forward to this part, so let’s find out:

There’s no doubt that it’s an age-old question, and your motivation for selling marijuana has everything to do with how much a pound of cannabis will cost you and how much profit you will make. Comparison shopping will help you find the best price. However, since cannabis has been legalized in so many states, its value has spread across the country. The cost of weed needs to be compared between Colorado and California, which are the two states that produce the most cannabis. 

The price of these products is stable throughout the year because of competition. According to statistics worldwide, 16 ounces of weed will cost $846 in Colorado. Canada, by comparison, sells 16 ounces of premium cannabis for $1500. Based on comparison of the best available data, the standard cost of weed is somewhere between 846 and 1500$ per pound. There can be differences between the prices of different countries, however. Similarly, it is normally around $2,000 to $3000 in the United States.

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Global Cannabis Market Price

The following is a table that shows the price of cannabis around the world per gram, which will provide you with an advantage when you decide where to purchase cannabis, no matter where you are:

Highest price per gram according to 2020:

  • Japan – between 50 and 70 dollars
  • In the USA, between 17$ and 22$
  • From 4$ to 8$ in Canada
  • 14-28 dollars for the UK
  • It ranges from 8$ to 21$ in Australia
  • The China market is 5$-35$
  • Approximately 5 to 35 dollars for India
  • From 5$ to 10$ in Bangladesh
  • -Russia- between 5 and 32 dollars
  • In Nigeria, you can expect to pay between 5 and 20 dollars
  • 10$ to 20 dollars in France

Considering quality and availability, information provided at different locations varies. In this article, ., so you will be able to buy your favorite cannabis product at the best price.

Cannabis prices are affected by several factors

In the past, you have been able to compare prices when you purchase cannabis. Cost can be positively affected by a number of factors, including:

  • Regulatory system
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The price of eight buds in Colorado is just $23+, which includes tax since marijuana is legal in that state. You will surely have to pay a high cost if weed is illegal in the state or country where you live. Furthermore, if authorities catch you while purchasing, you may be arrested.

  •  Products of excellent quality

Your product’s quality determines the price. High-quality medical cannabis costs a lot. Different strains and grades of weed exist. The higher or more down they contain CBD/THC content and a pleasant smell, the higher or more down the value is.

  • The tax system

To some extent, this will raise your selling price. Colorado taxes cannabis at 2.9%. Taxes on medical weed are 10% for retail and 10% for sales. Washington, USA, imposes a 37% sales tax on retail sales. Taxes on goods and services vary significantly around the globe, usually between 1.69% and 9.45%.

  • On the black market

Costs are greatly impacted by this. Black market sales are the first point of contact for most consumers. The weed they smoked before legalization set the standard. In order to attract more customers, the operators can cut the price locally.

  • Location-based demand and supply

The price of a property can vary depending on its location. You will undoubtedly pay a high price if you live in San Francisco or Dubai. In some cases, some shops may offer you a discount, but if there are fewer cannabis shops around, you then need to be prepared to pay more.

Medical cannabis price forecast

The demand for medicinal products, including medical cannabis, is expected to grow. By 2024, experts predict 630,000 medical cannabis patients, up from 260,000 in 2018, according to analysis provided by researchers and developers. In six years, the market price should reach 2.6 billion dollars if demand climbs from 210,000 pounds in 2018 to 510,000 pounds in 2024.

Final thoughts

One of the common things to consider when it comes to cannabis is its cost. Weeds vary in value according to the area in which they are grown. Furthermore, after reading this one, you will have every specific detail you require. As you know more about the factors that affect its price, the more refined you are at choosing the right weed. Alternatively, you can buy seeds at Homegrown Cannabis Co. and grow it at home.

The results of a 2019 survey of 420 consumers within the U.S. suggested that fewer people place price on the list of the company’s most valuable attributes compared to environmentally friendly business practices, social responsibility and giving back to the community.


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