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Bio, Net Worth 2022, Age, Birthday, Height, Parents, & Career

Facts of Kim So-Hyun
Full Name: Kim So-Hyun
Birth Date: June 4, 1999
Country: Australia
Height: 5 feet 5 inches (1.65m)
Education: Hanyang University (Theatre)
Net Worth: $17 million
Marital Status: Single
Profession: Actress, Model
Ethnicity: Asian (South-Korean)
Nationality: South Korean

New K-shows is debuting on a regular basis, and the number of K-fans is growing as well. However, there aren’t many Korean entertainers who started acting when they were still children. Kim So-hyun is one of those who began her career at the age of seven. The entertainer, who was born in Australia, is currently South Korea’s best entertainer. 

What is Kim So-Hyun Parents?

Kim So-hyun, an old neighborhood, which was founded on June 4, 1999, is located in Australia. She has a South Korean nationality and is currently 18 years old. She is a citizen of South Korea. Gemini is her zodiac sign. So-hyun is best known for his roles in Moon Grasping the Sun, Missing You, Hello Apparition, How About We Battle, and Radio Sentiment on television.

Kim So-Hyun
Caption: Kim So-Hyun
( Photo: Wikipedia)

So-hyun was born in Australia, where he was raised by South Korean guardians. Her parents worked for an organization, so she spent a lot of time there. Her parents chose to return to their country because her English was impeccable. So-parents hyun’s returned to South Korea when she was five years old.

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Kim was influenced and drawn to acting, and she used to perform in front of her guardians and friends. As a result, when she was seven years old, she had mastered the art of preparation. She is currently residing with her mother and siblings, as her father passed away.

Kim So-Hyuns’s Net Worth

So-hyun has just completed nine films and 32 television appearances. She has amassed a sizable sum of money as a result of these works and tasks. According to 2016 data, her annual salary was more than $2.5 million.

Kim So-Hyun
Caption: Kim So-Hyun with her friend
( Photo: Twitter)

Kim So-total hyun’s assets as of 2018 are $17 million. The majority of her earnings come from television appearances, brand endorsements, and an appearance at an event.

Who is Kim So-Hyun Boyfriend?

So-hyun is a dynamic entertainer with a large fan base all over the world. Despite the fact that she has hundreds of thousands of admirers, is there anyone whom she appreciates or cherishes? Is it safe to assume she’s dating or has a boyfriend?

According to the meeting, So-hyun is not dating anyone and does not have a boyfriend. She even admitted to having never dated anyone. Her ideal companion never showed up in her life.

Height and Weight of Kim So-Hyun

So-hyun is a tall man, standing 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighing 47 kilograms. Her blood group is positive for O. Her eyes are very dark, and her hair is a typical earthy color. Her body’s estimated weight is still a mystery.

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Kim So-Hyun’s Career Line

Kim So-Hyun
Caption: Kim So-Hyun with her Family
( Photo: Twitter)
  • So-hyun started working in a Korean media outlet when she was seven years old.
  • Sidus HQ sent her a proposal.
  • She later got a high-ranking lowlife job, which elevated her to a position of prominence.
  • She was cast in Que Sera and An Upbeat Lady in 2007, and Ja Myung Go in 2009.
  • In any case, she was finally cast in a film in 2010 with Man of Quarrel.
  • She began receiving an increasing number of offers for television and film work at that point.
  • Housetop Ruler is a standout amongst other projects on which she has worked.
  • In 2017, she also appeared in the television hit ‘Troll.’
  • Beginning in 2018, she will play a lead role in the television series ‘Radio Sentiment.’


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