August 2, 2021


Best Mini Fridge: Top Picks of clear glass mini fridge 2021

What is the ideal size for a mini fridge? Can you store food and vegetables in them? When looking for a refrigerator for your dorm room, garage, outdoor bar, or bedroom, a full-size model may not be suitable. This is where a clear glass mini fridge can offer a convenient solution.

A clear glass mini fridge is no more than a quarter the size of a regular refrigerator. You can find sizes on the market ranging from 1.6 cu ft. to 5.5 cu ft.

Today, we’ll go over everything you need to know about mini fridges, how they compare to other compact refrigerators, and reveal our picks for the best mini fridge models on the market.

Who is a mini fridge for?

A mini fridge can be used by just about anyone. They are versatile, small enough to be placed just about anywhere, and can hold just about anything you need to keep cold. Mini fridges are quite popular with college students who need to keep food and drinks cold in their dorm rooms.

The small size of these refrigerators allows them to be used in smaller dorms without taking up too much space. A mini fridge also makes a great addition to entertainment rooms, children’s rooms, or offices where you may want to keep additional snacks and drinks. And if you need to store skin care products, a mini fridge can help provide cold storage in a compact size.

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Who isn’t a mini fridge good for?

While a mini fridge is a great appliance to have, it’s not always the best option for everyone. For example, some people may think that a mini fridge will be a good option as an over-the-counter wine storage unit. While this sounds like a good option, you may not like the fit and finish and should opt for a wine fridge.

Mini fridges do not offer all the same features as full-size refrigerators. For example, if you want to store vegetables, you’ll want a fridge with humidity and airflow monitoring to keep your vegetables fresh. Most mini refrigerators also do not offer ice makers. While you can use ice trays in mini-fridges with freezers, there will not be adequate space for an automatic ice maker.

What is considered a mini fridge?

Although the term “mini fridge” can be used to describe any smaller refrigerator, it actually refers to a specific type of refrigerator. Mini fridges range in size from 1.6 to 5.5 cu ft. To put this in perspective, 1.6 cuft equals about 60 cans of soda, while 5.5 cuft translates to about 150 cans of soda.

Mini refrigerators come in a few different varieties, including cube-shaped, medium-sized, and undersized. Let’s take a closer look at each one to give you a better idea of what differentiates each type.

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Cube-shaped mini fridges

A cube-shaped mini fridge is one of the most common types for students. These refrigerators are compact at approximately 1.6 cu ft or less, and are typically found in dorm rooms. These small refrigerators are perfect for storing a small amount of food, beverages, and even cosmetics or skin care products.

Their small size makes them fairly universal and they can be used in a variety of different environments. Although small, they can still store up to 60 cans of soda. Some mini cube refrigerators also have a small freezer for storing small trays of ice or freezable.

Over-the-Counter Mini Refrigerators
Last, but not least, is the low counter mini refrigerator. These refrigerators are typically used for built-in applications in a kitchen, bar, or outdoor kitchen. This is the most popular type of mini fridge and reaches about 5.5 cu ft, making it the largest mini fridge available.

Since these refrigerators are used as built-in appliances, they are available in more stylish and functional options. They are usually made to have one or two doors, with the two-door options having an upper freezer compartment. However, if you are considering one of these refrigerators for beverage storage, we suggest opting for a wine refrigerator or under-counter beverage cooler.
Factors to consider when shopping for a mini fridge
When buying a mini fridge, there are a few factors you’ll want to keep in mind. Let’s break down the most common factors to give you a better idea of what to look for in your next mini fridge.

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Freezer vs No Freezer
A freezer compartment can be a make or break piece in a mini fridge. Mini-fridges that include a freezer are offered in either single or double-door configurations. Single-door mini-fridges with freezers have the freezer section built into the refrigerator. Two-door mini-fridges with freezers have a separate compartment for the freezer.

One disadvantage of single-door applications is that these refrigerators are less efficient compared to their two-door counterparts. This is due to the fact that the door is opened so frequently to access the refrigerator.

Items you want to store

Knowing what you want to store in your mini fridge is another big factor, as you will want a fridge that can adequately store everything you need. The number of cans, food containers and other items you plan to put in your fridge will directly reflect the size and type of fridge you need to buy.

Some items that are good to store in a mini fridge:

Skin care products
Some items that are not good to store in a mini fridge:

Long-term food storage
Noise Level
It is important to take the noise level into consideration when shopping for a mini fridge. This is measured in decibels (dB) and should be a deciding factor for those looking for a refrigerator that will be kept indoors. If you just need a fridge to keep in the garage or in an outdoor kitchen, this may not be as big a concern.

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The price of a mini fridge depends heavily on the factors mentioned above and will ultimately be the make-or-break factor if you are on a budget. The price range of a mini fridge increases with the size and the amount of features it offers. The best mini fridges are priced accordingly:


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