July 1, 2021


Beneficial 5 Yoga Postures for Male Fertility

Yoga is highly beneficial by promoting peace of mind and unity between the mind and the body. In addition, a lesser-known but fairly important point of yoga is its restorative powers. While many situations will require the guidance of a medical expert, some conditions can be greatly mitigated, if not fully cured, with yoga.


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Infertility in Men

Infertility in men is one reason that stresses them out and may even cause an emotional struggle between the couple. Sometimes, impotence may even begin to cause mental difficulties such as anxiety and depression, and even vice versa is feasible. Erectile dysfunction is a vital problem that affects productivity in males. A man cannot either obtain an erection or maintain the erection of the male reproductive Organ.


Yoga and Fertility

We believe in the power of yoga and, as research has shown, this is an excellent way to boost your overall health.

In fertility yoga, the body is put through a range of exercises meant to aid fertility. These poses positively stimulate the endocrine system. This system is made up of glands responsible for the production and dissemination of hormones throughout the body.

Yoga isn’t an overnight remedy for infertility; however, whenever rehearsed typically and proficiently, it can just boost your chances of having a child; it’s anything but a complete cure for infertility.

Best Yoga Postures for Male Infertility Problems

  • Setu-Bandhasana

Setu Bandhasana

Also termed as bridge pose, this yoga posture help rejuvenate and loosen your body and brain. In addition, it improves blood pumping to your heart and other parts of the body, positively contributing towards enhancing the sperm count.

To Do: To make this pose, first slept flat on your back, turn your legs so your heels are as nearby to your buttocks as they can be, then elevate your pelvis off the floor, have your shoulders and upper back on the area. Remember to breathe firmly.

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  • Agnisaar kriya

It is identified as one of the most beloved and most beneficial poses in yoga for sperm health. It is one of the oldest, and the essential yoga poses that help increase sperm count. Also called belly flipping, the yogic cleansing method improves blood circulation and eliminates unwanted toxins from your body.

To Do: Stand upright, keep your legs a little aside, bend ahead and put your palms on your knees, exhale firmly while dragging your stomach inwards, keep your breath after the exhale for 5 seconds, breathe in and give your stomach expand. Repeat ten times per set.

  • Naukasana


The boat pose stimulates the abs and hip flexors and expands the back and torso. Yet, it lacks a sufficient amount of kernel durability and balance. For men, this pose is stated to intensify physical health by animating the prostate gland. 

To Do:

  • Rest on your back and put your arms on your side.
  • Begin breathing long and lift the chest from the floor on exhaling.
  • Start extending your arms and elevate the legs.
  • Identify that your body must live in a vertical line.
  • Try and retain the boat pose for as long as you can, and then gradually release it.
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  • Sarvangasana

Reversals are supposed to be some of the fundamental postures in yoga. Inversions like the shoulder stage have been observed to elevate blood circulation, calm nervures by exciting the parasympathetic nervous system, overcome anxiety and panic, and encourage immune functioning. All of these advantages can improve intimate health – Erectile Dysfunction in men. You can Pick Fildena 100 and Fildena 50 For receiving Improvements in ED Problems.

To Do: Lie down on your back with hands by your side. Take a deep breath in and raise the legs at a right angle. Place the hands under the hip bone. Elevate your buttocks and back to remain raised up on your shoulder. While exhaling, slowly take the body up with the help of the hands-on back. At the same time, keeping the legs straight, breathe deeply while maintaining the posture. Gently turn to the initial position. For this, drop your knees to the forehead—Takedown your hands to the ground, palms standing down. Take your spine down gently. Drop the legs to the floor.

  • Dhanurasana


This pose is excellent for your back, abdominal tissues, arm and thigh tissues. It develops blood circulation and can take about an enhancement in the overall sperm volume.

To Do: To hit the bow pose right, lie down on your belly. Then, start lifting and twisting the knees after the back. And, try to stretch out to the ankles as you start elevating the hips and the chest from the ground. Till also move your neck behind and hold the pose for some seconds.


These are the five best yoga poses that a man must regularly perform to boost fertility. Yoga, along with healthy nutrition, is an exceptional way to enhance and keep your immune system, helping you to promptly shake off any infections and bugs that might be moving around. Having a robust immune system is also great for incident-free fertilization and pregnancy.


Other benefits of yoga include an alteration in circulation, which is another significant factor in general fertility. Performing yoga daily could promote your sex drive by boosting your libido, too. If you Seek Alternative Treatments, then Fildena 120 and Vidalista 40 helps to Cure ED Problems. In addition, good circulation improves heart health, helps you maintain good body heat, and can even improve your mood, enabling the ready circulation of endorphins whenever you exercise.

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When picking to take up yoga, do not be set off by those internet photographs of amazingly slim and compliant people. While some expert yoga practitioners certainly can achieve such positions with ease and grace, beginner yoga starts at a much simpler level. Easy, gentle stretching and toning exercises will help you build your flexibility, health, and muscle tone.




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