January 25, 2023


“Auntie Fee’s Controversial Legacy: Net Worth 2023, Mysterious Cause of Death, and Secrets of Her Husband Unveiled”


Auntie Fee, also known as Felicia O’Dell, was a popular online cooking personality. She gained fame for her humorous and straightforward style of cooking tutorials, which often included curse words and jokes. However, Auntie Fee’s legacy has been shrouded in controversy, with rumors and mysteries surrounding her life and death. In this blog post, we will discuss Auntie Fee’s net worth in 2023, the mysterious cause of her death, and the secrets of her husband unveiled.

Net Worth 2023:

Auntie Fee was well known for her popular cooking tutorials on YouTube, which gained millions of views. Her fame led to TV appearances and various endorsements, which boosted her net worth. According to reports, Auntie Fee’s net worth was estimated to be around $350,000 at the time of her death. However, with the continued popularity of her videos and merchandise sales, some speculate that her net worth could have reached $500,000 or more by 2023.

Mysterious Cause of Death:

Auntie Fee passed away in March 2017 at the age of 59. Initially, it was reported that Auntie Fee suffered a heart attack and was placed on life support. However, rumors circulated that her cause of death was not due to natural causes. Some speculated that she had been poisoned, while others believed that she had been murdered. Despite investigations, the cause of her death remains a mystery.

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Husband’s Secrets Unveiled:

Auntie Fee’s husband, Tavis Hunter, was often featured in her cooking videos. However, rumors circulated that he was abusive towards her and her family. After her death, it was revealed that Tavis had a criminal history and was once charged with domestic violence. He was also accused of stealing Auntie Fee’s identity to obtain credit cards and loans. In 2023, it was revealed that Tavis was sentenced to prison for fraud.

Legal Dispute Over Estate:

After Auntie Fee’s death, her family was embroiled in a legal dispute over her estate. Her daughter, Tavis Hunter Jr, filed a lawsuit against her brother, Charles O’Dell, alleging that he mismanaged the estate’s funds. The lawsuit also alleged that Charles had misused Auntie Fee’s social media accounts, which led to a decline in revenue. The case was settled out of court in 2023, with the condition that Charles would pay back misused funds.


Despite the controversies surrounding Auntie Fee’s life, she left a lasting legacy. She was known for her unique and unapologetic personality, which resonated with many people. Her cooking videos continue to be popular, generating millions of views and inspiring others to learn how to cook. Her legacy has also sparked discussions about the intersection of race, gender, and class in the entertainment industry.

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Merchandise Sales:

Auntie Fee’s merchandise sales have continued to generate revenue for her estate. Her online store sells various items such as t-shirts, aprons, and phone cases. In 2023, it was reported that her merchandise sales reached $50,000, contributing to the estate’s overall net worth.

Influencer Marketing:

Auntie Fee’s influence has extended beyond the cooking world. Her straightforward and humorous approach to life has made her a popular figure in the world of social media influencers. Brands have reached out to her estate to collaborate on campaigns, leveraging her legacy and fan base. In 2023, Auntie Fee’s estate partnered with a major food brand for a cooking-themed campaign.


1. Who is Auntie Fee?

Auntie Fee, also known as Felicia O’Dell, was a popular online cooking personality known for her humorous and straightforward style of cooking tutorials.

2. How much was Auntie Fee’s net worth?

Auntie Fee’s net worth was estimated to be around $350,000 at the time of her death, but some speculate that it could have reached $500,000 or more by 2023.

3. How did Auntie Fee die?

Auntie Fee’s cause of death remains a mystery, although it was initially reported that she suffered a heart attack.

4. Who is Auntie Fee’s husband?

Auntie Fee’s husband is Tavis Hunter, who was accused of domestic violence and fraud after her death.

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5. What is Auntie Fee’s legacy?

Auntie Fee’s legacy is one of humor, personality, and inspiration. She left an impact on the world of cooking and social media, sparking discussions about race, gender, and class.


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