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Application of Design Thinking in India

Our economy is boosting rapidly, and so are our businesses. Intellectual leaders with creative thinking have become very demanding. So the demand for courses on design thinking is huge.

Application of Design

If you want to be a leader and use your creativeness to solve business problems with crisp ideas, you should definitely go for a design thinking course in India. There is no ample scope of progress and innovation in design thinking, and it will always be in fashion.  It is a very dynamic field. You will have to be on your toes with the market scenario and technological changes taking place and be active in making desirable changes for the success of the organisation’s vision.

How to start?

If you have no clue how to get started in design thinking, consider sharpening your brains. You need to be very energetic in your approach, develop interpersonal skills and think of the future. It also includes proper management of your resources like time management, finding loopholes with a sharp eye and actively engaging your research skills in improving business decisions before the need arises. 

Design thinking ranges from manufacturing the products/ service, creating the product, and logistics until customer satisfaction. It is involved in all the phases of the supply chain. Every organization is looking many years ahead of its current position and is ready to look beyond predictable. When a strong leader’s ability to foresee growth, strategic decisions are updated at a running pace. If it were not so, the swift change in the digital means and concept of work from home could not have succeeded amidst the COVID-19 lockdown. The recent development is in the space of artificial intelligence removing manual work drastically. 

Why is Design thinking needed?

Change is the only constant, as is said. To survive in the ever-changing condition, it is necessary to take active decisions. Competitors are always ready to swallow your business down if you don’t respond to the market. Examples of Nokia and Kodak cameras show how essential it is to modify your products, or else you’ll be wiped out of the market before you can amend your errors. It is like a titanic ship where you have to be proactive or else you’ll remain a history. 

In many cases, the core strength of the business also has to change to sustain itself in the market. For example, if I phone didn’t increase their sizes as the competitors, maybe there would have been a reduction in their sales. 

A proper methodology needs to be followed for your ideas to work. A well-researched idea, wiWithor to the product’s launch, is a must to identify and a well-researched idea rectify the errors so that customers receive a power-packed defect-free product.


Even if you are a beginner, with the help of practice examples and assignments, you can learn a lot about design thinking. You can check the design thinking course in India from Great learning and get insights for an upcoming, high-demanding career opportunity.

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