August 10, 2021


Airbnb Clone App : Corner The Rental Booking Market With A Well- Developed App like Airbnb

Who doesn’t love traveling to places? Well-planned and scheduled trips add more enriching memories to us. This will help us cherish every moment of our vacation. Planning and scheduling holidays were once considered as a ‘Travel agent’s cup of tea.’ 

Over the years, the concept of OTA came into existence where people can book their tickets and accommodation online. In addition, user-friendly booking apps were launched to make people comfortable in booking their stays. One such example is Airbnb that acts as an aggregator to help people find their sophisticated stays. 

In this era of millennials, backpacking has become quite common. People are showing vivid interest in traveling to places. In such situations, these apps play a pivotal role in their itinerary planning. You can earn your contacts from various service providers and bridge their gap with the accommodation seekers through an Airbnb clone app.

How has Airbnb gone the extra mile to establish itself in the business?

We, as individuals, have our separate preferences for our vacations. While planning our trips, we are apprehensive about two things- where to go and where to stay? We all are extra conscious about our accommodations. Reaching a destination and later on finding hotels to stay in is quite daunting. 

Airbnb initially started as It is a vacation rental platform for helping travelers schedule their stays. The platform is known for letting people find accommodations right from top-rated hotels to homestays. In recent years, homestays have become an experimental desire for travelers to stay with the host communities. 

The property owners or hotels can partner with Airbnb and list their properties in the app. Along with the property details, the photographs of the properties will also be listed for the users to select effortlessly. In simple terms, it bridges the gap between the accommodation owners and tourists. 

While planning a vacation, these rental apps have become an essential need for all of us. Especially for the avid travelers, Airbnb is a perfect alternative for hotels. It targets three sets of people to canvas their apps. They are the host( property owners), guests ( the ones who stay in a property on a rental basis), and freelance photographers who can capture the properties to list them on the app. 

How a need to build a vacation rental app emerged? |

How can you generate revenue from an Airbnb clone app development?

The Airbnb clone is a ready-made vacation rental application developed similar to the Airbnb app. Through an Airbnb app clone, you can develop a platform for travelers to find their stays among various property owners. When we discuss a business plan, it is quite obvious that revenue streaming options will become the later topic. With an Airbnb clone, you can generate revenue through the following ways, 

  • Commission charges for enabling a peer-to-peer network

As discussed earlier, the Airbnb clone script will follow an aggregator model. Your app will act as a mediator between the property owners and the travelers. So, when they approach and get their services, you can employ commission charges from them. When travelers book their properties, the hosts and the travelers will pay their commission fee to your app. 

  • Advertisement fee 

Advertisements are the easiest way of earning revenue these days. As a vacation rental app, you can develop tie-ups with hotels to advertise their brands in your app. So when the users click those advertisements, they will get redirected to the hotel website. For such advertisements, you can charge a considerable fee from hotels. 

Enchanting features to incorporate in an Airbnb app clone 

Your well-planned Airbnb clone app development should have the following features, 

  • Log-in/ Registration process 

The users can download the app and register themselves with the app. They can either sign in with their phone number or through their email address. If they maintain a social account, that also they can sign into the app. 

  • Profile creation 

Once registered with the app, the users can create their profiles. In their profile, they can give their username, contact number, email address, gender, permanent address, etc. The users can edit this information at any time they wish. 

  • Advanced search option 

The search option should enable the users to search their accommodations by entering their specific cities, towns, and duration of stays. They can also filter the options according to their wish list and then search for them. 

  • In-app chat 

The in-app chat option will enable the users to chat directly with their host. This will help them to clarify all their queries with their host. The hosts could also give a clear-cut view of their properties to the guests. 

  • Swift payment options 

The app should have more than one payment option for the users to pay according to their feasibility. When we say travelers, they can be from any part of the world. So, to make them comfortable, they can pay through any currency.

  • Notifications 

The Airbnb clone app should let the users stay updated and engaged with the app. However, the app will notify them about their bookings through frequent messages via SMS. 

How much does it cost to develop an vacation rental app like Airbnb?

There are no fixed upfront costs for developing an vacation rental app like Airbnb. The cost of app development is determined by several factors that you choose for your app. Some of the factors are the features, app platform, UX/UI design, customization standards, technology stacks used in developing the app, total hours spent by the developers in developing the app, and many such factors. If you opt for additional technical support, the cost will increase considerably.

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On a concluding note,

Mobile phones have become an essential gadget for all of us. Moving according to the trend is human nature, and people are now attracted to vacation rental apps. While traveling, they play a major role in many ways. Travel booking apps and rental booking apps help people plan their vacations more reliably. So you can get your ball rolling and launch your Airbnb clone to encourage people to stay in their comfort zone.


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