April 23, 2022


Affiliate-manager: what you need to know to hire a professional

A large number of affiliate networks and partners sometimes makes the selection process difficult for an advertiser. They have to hire intermediaries who will look for suitable sites for advertising – affiliate managers. In search of such employees and partners sports betting affiliate program, where there are good conditions for both direct partners and intermediary managers. The affiliate-manager profession is new, there are few specialists and real professionals, but there are a lot of newbies who want to earn money sitting at the computer. If there is no desire to cooperate with a beginner, then you need to know how to recognize a professional.

What an affiliate manager should be able to do

The affiliate manager helps the advertiser to increase the number of customers by placing links on different sites. To do this, he finds partners – leading channels in social networks, bloggers, owners of thematic sites, etc. The manager understands whether it makes sense to place a link on a specific site and whether there will be a target audience on it. In addition to the ability to recognize a profitable placement, a good affiliate manager should have the following skills:

  • development of advertising campaigns;
  • knowledge of English;
  • excellent knowledge of the service sector;
  • communication and cooperation with webmasters;
  • tracking targeted and non-targeted traffic;
  • compilation of promotions;
  • reporting;
  • experience with analytics systems (at least Google Analytics);
  • creation of presentations;
  • knowledge of online marketing.
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It is easy to understand that you are facing a professional. He does not ask where to place your ad, what result you want (the more clients, the better – this is understandable), what direction you have and with whom you are ready to cooperate. He takes promotional materials and finds ways to promote himself. An excellent affiliate manager is ready to get to work right away and does not ask unnecessary questions. He often already has dozens of partners in mind, he has worked with other affiliate programs and knows where he can promote you.

Another sign of a professional is the willingness to work for a percentage of sales. Many beginners agree to receive a percentage only from page visits or for placing ads because this is an easy way to earn money. For the owner of the trading platform, this option is not profitable. It is more convenient to work with payment for purchases. A good manager agrees to this because he knows that he can not only find and interest a potential buyer to follow the link but also take the desired action (pay for a subscription, make a deposit, order an online course, buy a product).

Feel free to agree to cooperate with an affiliate manager who agrees to CPA (pay per action) or CPS (pay per purchase), as he will work in your interests. You do not pay for simple advertising, you only give a percentage of the profits.

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Personal qualities of an affiliate manager

Experience in programming, knowledge of marketing, and the ability to create colorful banners are the necessary skills for an affiliate manager. He must also have certain personal characteristics to be successful in the profession. Sociability – to communicate with webmasters and partners, creativity – to find new ways to advertise and attract customers, stress resistance – to endure monotonous work for a long time, customer focus – to understand the target audience and know the specifics of the promotion. These qualities, together with skills and work experience, give out a professional in a person. To understand that you have a promising specialist in front of you who will easily increase sales, you need to talk with him for about twenty minutes.



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